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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VA Democrats Pull a Wisconsin

The only thing "Dick" Saslaw and his bed-wetting Democrats in the Virginia Senate didn't do yesterday was take their toys and flee to Illinois.  But, like their brethren in the Cheesehead State, they decided the charge given them by their constituents - rather than make for a more perfect Commonwealth - was to sit down, do nothing, and whine:
Democratic Temper Tantrum Grinds Senate to a Halt

Senate Democrats on Tuesday made good on whispered threats of obstructionism, and used what was normally a routine Senate vote on judicial elections to grind the entire chamber - including committee meetings - to a halt.

"Democrats have been warning quietly for weeks that they would block all new judicial appointments and the state budget in an effort to overturn the will of the voters at the ballot box," [RPV Chairman Pat Mullins] said. "The irony is thick - Democrats move to block judicial appointments just as they clog the court system with frivolous lawsuits."

"Just like their counterparts in Wisconsin and Indiana, Senate Democrats have decided that if they can't win at the ballot box and don't have the votes to prevail on the floor, they'll simply blow up the process," he said. "But elections have consequences, even if Democrats don't like them." [link]
The only saving grace in this despicable saga is in the fact that Saslaw and his buddies - as long as they refuse to do the job they were sent to Richmond to do - can't raise all those different taxes they say they want to raise.

In that sense Saslaw's petulance serves Virginia well.

Otherwise, he and they are - again - an embarrassment.

Memo To Roanoke Times:

I'll believe you're sincere when you get consistent on this (or any other) subject:

"There's something repugnant in suspecting our neighbors of drug use simply because they're out of work. The idea of drug testing the unemployed builds on an effort to test those turning to public assistance. What makes the unemployed more unclean?"


Let me speak for everyone on the planet.  They're not unclean.  But they're no better than the rest of us either.

Truckers are required to be tested for drugs.

Ain't seen that denunciatory editorial yet.

Pilots are required to be tested for drugs.

Ain't seen that denunciatory editorial yet.

I'm required (by my employer) to be randomly drug-tested.   (Am I unclean?)

Ain't seen that denunciatory editorial yet.

What makes those who want us to pay them to stay at home and do nothing so special?

How Fake Is This?

There's a YouTube video making the rounds that's supposed to make us all scared of really badass Chinese soldiers.  Watch "Chinese Soldiers Pass Around LIVE GRENADE In Military Training Exercise."

Upon viewing the piece the first time one is indeed impressed.  If not frightened.

Six warriors (faces blackened for that Jean-Claude Van Damm effect) handing a smoking grenade to one another as it's about to explode? Those guys have nerves of steel!

Only two problems: Watch closely and you immediately notice that (1) that grenade isn't the kind of grenade any of us (civilians anyway) has ever seen before (it looks more like a harmless smoke bomb), and (2) when the "grenade" is passed around the second time, the last Ironman wannabe drops it at his feet - about two yards from where the "resulting" explosion takes place. Which means the explosion didn't result from the "grenade" going off; ignition was controlled by someone elsewhere to take place after the the little wieners leaped out of the way.

Nice matching outfits though.

Yeah, color me scared, Wang.

On the Oscar Nominees

Okay, I'm no authority.  I haven't seen most of the flicks that were nominated for Academy Awards and don't recognize half the names put forward for Academy honors.  In fact, based on what I've read, I'll probably never watch most of the movies that Hollywood considers its best of 2011 (a foreign silent film and not in color?  Are they kidding?).

But I will say this: Regarding the movie, "Bridesmaids," which I watched on DVD, I found it boring to the point of suicidal inclinations, except for one redeeming quality.  Someone had the good sense to cast Melissa McCarthy. She was fabulous. In an otherwise unequivocally abominable pile of poop.

No, I won't be paying to see the movies and I won't be watching the Oscar self-love fest.

Speaking of which, did you catch Obama's speech last night?

Well, I chose to not watch that smelly pile of poop either.

- - -

I should mention this also: Demián Bichir deserves recognition in his work in "A Better Life," another great flick.

Fact Checking Obama's Ass

There was a day when snakes-for-presidents could do it with impunity.

Not no mo'.

With weblogs proliferating these days, there's no way a lying Head of State is going to make the outlandish claims Obama is making and get away with it.
Obama Claim: “Since President Obama took office, oil imports have been reduced by an average of 1.1 million barrels per day.”

Reality: A reduction of imports has happened in spite of President Obama, not because of him. More than half of the reduction is because the ongoing recession and much higher price have made fuel so expensive that consumers are using less of it.

In January 2009, when President Obama was inaugurated, the U.S. produced 5,154,000 barrels of oil a day. By November 2011, the last month for which we have data, the U.S. was producing 5,874,000 barrels of oil a day. This 700,000 barrel a day increase isn’t happening on federal lands, for which President Obama would justifiably claim some credit, but on private and state lands.

The reality is that oil production on federal lands is falling, while production on private and state lands is rising. There is a long term trend of decreasing oil production on federal lands. In fact, oil production on federal lands has fallen by 43 percent over the past 9 years according to the Obama administration’s Energy Information Administration.  And it has dropped rapidly on President Obama’s watch. 
Here's Obama, in his first reelection campaign ad, telling us how great a job he's done on the energy front.

You can see from the facts provided above that he's lying through his teeth.

Obama's record on energy has been a nightmare.  And four more years of Obama will make it that much worse.

You have the power to stop him.  Remember November.

- - -

Then there are Obama's lies relating to our national debt.  Does he think he's dealing with a bunch of fools and Democrats out here?

The Quintessential Act of Feminism

Arming oneself against predation.

* I love this line:

"My first thought is, I can’t believe how loud that was.
"My next thought is, I want to do that again!"

Quote of the Day

From Glenn Reynolds:

"Is it sexist to tell [Democratic New York Senator Kirsten Gilibrand] to grow a pair?"

It's fair to say, Glenn, that she needn't as long as the press is there holding theirs out for her.

Why America Rejects Obama's Socialist Ideal

'As Republicans, our first concern is for those waiting tonight to begin or resume the climb up life’s ladder,' [Indiana Governor Mitch] Daniels said. 'We do not accept that ours will ever be a nation of haves and have-nots; we must always be a nation of haves and soon-to-haves.'

In Obama's world, we should all be have-nots alike.

Americans believe, traditionally, that we should - through "blood, tears, toil, and sweat" - all be comfortable beyond our wildest aspirations, and that we should be able to do for our children more than was done for us.

It's called The American Dream.

A dream Obama and his ilk consider a nightmare.

One thing is for certain, if Obama wins, none of us will have the opportunity to bring it to reality.

It Was Either The 'State of the Union' ...

... or a movie I'd already seen twice ("The King's Speech"; wonderful).

I chose to watch the movie and skip Obama's speech last night.


Hey, who’s up for an hour-long lecture on “fairness”?

Sorry, Barry. I've seen your flick too.  Over and over again.  Starting with "The Battleship Potemkin" that came out in 1925 (for God's sake). And a hundred other left-wing films since.

"The rich aren't doing enough" in a land where the poor are expected to do less than nothing.

Take it somewhere else.  That rerun of yours got tiresome long ago..

Headline of the Day

Obama: "My Fellow Americans, the State of the Union Is Not My Fault."

My Thought Exactly

"Yes, [Massachusetts Senator Scott] Brown is a Republican running in a very liberal state, and yes, today's 'liberals' are not very liberal when it comes to free speech. Politicians sometimes have to compromise on matters of principle. But to our mind this goes so far that the Massachusetts Senate race reminds us of the Iran-Iraq war. As Henry Kissinger is supposed to have said, it's a pity they can't both lose."

James Taranto, "Conspiracy of Silence," January 24, 2012

Sign of the Times