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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

Wisdom comes in small packages:

Story From a Minnesota State Trooper:

I made a traffic stop on an elderly woman the other day for speeding on MN State Highway 210 at Mile Marker 197 just East of McGregor, MN.
I asked for her driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance.
The lady took out the required information and handed it to me. In with the cards I was somewhat surprised (due to her advanced age)
to see she had a Concealed Carry permit. I looked at her and ask [sic] if she had a weapon in her possession at this time.

She responded that she did indeed have a .45 automatic in her glove box.
Something --- body language or the way she said it --- made me want
to ask if she had any other firearms. She did admit to having a 9mm Glock in her center console. Now I had to ask if that was all. She responded once again that she did have just one more, a .38 special in her purse. I then asked her what she was afraid of.

She looked me right in the eye and said, “Not a f---king thing!”
She reminds me of my dear, departed Mom. Lock and load, Granny.

* Click on the image to enlarge it.

Four More Years! Four More Years!

The man wants you to know that things are getting better.

You can believe the man or you can believe the experts who are NOT lying weasels:
CBO projects $1.08 trillion deficit, 8.9 percent jobless rate in 2012
By Erik Wasson, The Hill

The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday predicted the deficit will rise to $1.08 trillion in 2012.

The office also projected the jobless rate would rise to 8.9 percent by the end of 2012, and to 9.2 percent in 2013.

These are much dimmer forecasts than in CBO's last report in August, when the office projected a $973 billion deficit. The report reflects weaker corporate tax revenue and the extension for two months of the payroll tax holiday.

A rising deficit and unemployment rate would hamper President Obama's reelection effort, which in recent weeks has seemed to be on stronger footing. If the CBO estimate is correct, it would mean that the United States recorded a deficit of more than $1 trillion for every year of Obama’s first term.

The deficit was $1.4 trillion in 2009, $1.3 trillion in 2010 and $1.3 trillion in 2011. The largest deficit recorded before that was $458 billion in 2008.

CBO had forecast an 8.5 percent unemployment rate for the end of 2012 in its August report. It now expects the jobless rate to be higher and to still be at 7 percent in 2015.

The higher unemployment numbers are due to lower economic growth than previously estimated. Gross domestic product for 2011 is now estimated to have grown 1.6 percent in 2011, down from the 2.3 percent forecast in August. CBO a year ago had predicted 3.1 percent growth for 2011.

The outlook for 2012 has also worsened. GDP is forecast to grow only 2 percent this year, compared to a previous estimate of 2.7 percent. [link]
That's about as bad as it could be.

Obama, of course, along with his enablers in the press, will blame Congress. And Bush. And the tsunami. And the oil spill. And us racist gun-toters/Bible-clingers.

But who was it not long ago who promised America that he would fix everything, including the rising tides?

Four more years? Four more years of Obama and we might as well close this sumbitch up.

Virginia Democrats Are Clowns

For those on the outside looking in, there's a reason why Democrats are becoming a rare commodity here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It's because, when it comes to the critical issues of our day, they would rather act like six-year-olds and play games.

Exhibit 1: Janet Howell, Democrat, senator, feminist, loon, Fairfax (see her photo to the right, on her best day).
Howell Seeks Gender Equity in Ultrasound Bill
Reston Patch

To protest a bill that would require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion, Virginia State Sen. Janet Howell (D-Reston) on Monday attached an amendment that would require men to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before obtaining a prescription for erectile dysfunction medication.

"We need some gender equity here," she told HuffPost. "The Virginia senate is about to pass a bill that will require a woman to have totally unnecessary medical procedure at their cost and inconvenience. If we're going to do that to women, why not do that to men?"

The Senate will formally vote on the mandatory ultrasound bill on Tuesday. [link]
A rectal exam.  Boy, I'll bet Howell and the three remaining feminists in America got a big chuckle out of that one.

I don't want to give this goof's idea too much attention, but was there supposed to be some kind of legislative equivalence to her amendment? Or was this the equivalent of her fellow feminists' bra-burning escapades of last century (that resulted in a lot of breasts now sagging around a lot of wrinkled feminist knees this century)?

I am bra-less; hear me roar.

This Howell woman thinks she's being cute. We think otherwise.  As Virginia looks to legislators to help us in these troubled times, she's playing games.

Speaks volumes about who these Democrats are.

And about why we reject them in ever growing numbers.

Obama, The Great Orator

Take the script away from him and he's not even up to being a clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This is embarrassing.

As were musings like this, from not so long ago:

"Years from now speech instructors will be playing tapes of his speeches for their students; in fact; it’s probably happening already on many college campuses. Years from now books will be written compiling many of his speeches; some given even before he became one of the most historic of all our presidents. From here on in Barack Obama will be the standard by which great speakers are measured. He is undoubtedly one of the best public speakers ever (especially from a prepared script)."

Then he had to open his mouth without a teleprompter nearby.

Poof. The thrill is gone.

Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

California, the least business-friendly, the most tax-and-regulation-friendly, state in the Union, finds itself short on tax revenue.

How could that be with all the taxes it's levying on its citizens and corporations?

I'll let them figure it out.  I'll not waste my time on them.

But I will provide this:

Controller: [California] to run out of cash in March without action

I'm thinking it's time to raise more taxes ...

Majoring In The Minors

The world economy teeters on the brink.

What to do about it?

The Obama administration has the answer:

State Dep’t Official Discusses Promotion of ‘Human Rights for LGBT People’ Around the World

Hey, you know how I said "jobs" would be my Number One priority?  Just kidding!  Let's focus on gays and lesbians and whatever the B's and T's are!

Meanwhile there are 14 million Americans who can't find work and Europe is one step away from implosion.

But, hey.

For the love of God.  We deserve better than this.

Ah, Yes, The 99%

Two points to consider:

1) It's this bunch that the national Democratic Party wants to align itself with.

2) What does a retired college professor make, by the way?

From "Oakland police, Occupy protesters clash - 100 held":
Speakers at the rally exhorted the crowd to fight economic inequality. The first speaker, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, took perhaps the most pointed stance, urging the crowd to fight the rich.

"Passionate, organized hatred is the element missing in all that we do to try to change the world," said Ortiz, a retired professor from Cal State East Bay. "Now is the time to spread hate, hatred for the rich."
I'm going to take a wild guess and say this retired professor is herself rich. Which makes her either senile or a badass instigator wannabe. Or maybe she's just spending all her free time playing Gears of War and she's let her savage battles against the alien menace go to her muddled head.

Bigger picture though, these are the lowlifes that the Democratic Party leadership in this country wants to align itself with.

May they do so in spades.

"Now is the time to spread hate ..."

Remember that next time they accuse the Tea Party of being made up of really mean people.

Well, That Didn't Work Out Well

I have to believe that when Newt Gingrich announced in Florida last week that he - as president - will be colonizing the moon, I like others, thought he was trying to woo the Cape Canaveral crowd to his campaign.  I don't know if that strategy worked or not, but while wooing that bunch he apparently forgot this bunch:

Women abandon Gingrich, drive Romney victory in FL

52 percent to 28 percent to be exact.