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Monday, February 06, 2012

Dogs Are Smarter Than Human Beings

The latest news item to prove the point:
Train strikes Christiansburg woman
By Courtney Cutright, Roanoke Times

A Christiansburg woman walking her dog on railroad tracks was struck by a train Sunday evening, according to a town spokeswoman.

The incident, which happened near Railroad Street shortly before 6 p.m., is being investigated by Norfolk Southern Corp., Becky Wilburn said Sunday. The Christiansburg Rescue Squad and Christiansburg police responded.

The victim is a 38-year-old woman from Christiansburg, but officials have not released her name. She was taken to LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, but Wilburn did not know the extent of the victim's injuries.

The dog was uninjured.
The dog was uninjured because it was smart enough to get off the railroad tracks when the freaking 9000 ton train came thundering down the rails.

The human? You decide.

Right Out of the PETA Playbook

I understand the dictatorship part.

And I understand the protest part.

It's the topless thing that has me baffled.

Does protesting against tyranny bare-breasted make the protest more strident?  Or just more fun to watch.

Or more distracting?

Nice boobs.  But what are they upset about again?

The Party's Over

Some leftist Democrat, writing for Politico, makes a claim that many conservatives here in the USA will - reflexively - want to try and refute.  But I'd be careful if I were they.

Liberal Delaware Governor Jack Markell:
Ronald Reagan’s legacy of constructive bipartisanship

The Republican presidential candidates are eagerly claiming the mantle of President Ronald Reagan. But as we mark Reagan’s birthday Monday, it’s fitting to consider the accuracy of their claims.

Reagan, originally a Democrat, famously remarked that he did not leave the Democratic Party — rather, that the party left him. Similarly, the tea party platform embraced by the Republican presidential candidates leaves behind the best of what Reagan accomplished.

Reagan was, in many ways, similar to President Bill Clinton — though partisans in both parties would hesitate to admit that. Both were former governors who defied political stereotypes. Both worked with political opponents to confront the challenges facing the nation and craft bipartisan solutions. Reagan worked with a Democratic Congress to pass comprehensive immigration and tax reforms. Clinton worked with a Republican Congress to reform welfare and keep moving toward federal surpluses.

The current debate among former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and others could not stand in greater contrast with this shared legacy of constructive bipartisanship. [link]
Reagan worked with liberal Democrats in a sort of constructive bipartisanship? Say it ain't so!

It's so.

Well, we'll talk about how "constructive" it was in a moment.

But the painful truth is - despite the rhetoric that came out of the Reagan White House in the 80's (and despite the invective that was hurled at The Gipper for his dastardly starving of the poor and his blind eye toward the sufferers among us ... blah ... blah ... blah) - liberalism flourished.

That "constructive bipartisanship"?  Here's the truth of the matter: Reagan wanted a robust build-up of our military (you may remember that thingie called the USSR) and the Democrat-controlled Congress wanted billions for social programs (to be heaped upon existing social programs).

Both got what they wanted.

A bipartisanship that produced this (click on the image to enlarge it):

A national debt obligation that still remains unpaid to this day.

So here's where Governor Markell gets it right, and wrong.  He's right that there came about a bipartisan working relationship between Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Congress in his day.  But it was, in fact, a constructive destructive bipartisanship.  Like at no peacetime in American history, our government began writing checks that it couldn't cash, on a scale that was unprecedented.

Today's Republicans - to their credit - in lockstep with the wishes of the American people, refuse to go down that road any longer.

The bases for negotiation (thanks in no small way to the Tea Party) have changed, Jack.  We still look for constructive bipartisanship, but on our terms.  We're going to reduce the size of government, the size of the annual deficit, and the scope of the national debt; we'll negotiate with you on how deep those cuts will be.

Reagan indeed negotiated with the Democratic Party the rate of acceleration of the expansion of the government.  He sat down with his liberal counterparts and said, "here's how much I need, how much do you need?"  And they went from there.

Reagan's day is done.  We're broke.  Beyond broke.  And the government is so massive that it is unwieldy, out of touch, and so costly that it is breaking our country's back and crushing any opportunity for American entrepreneurs to thrive in a very competitive global marketplace.

We're willing to sit down with you Democrats and discuss - in harmonious fashion or otherwise - the means by which we put that monster back in its cave.  We're not willing to keep writing checks that our children and grandchildren will be forced to cash.

Constructive bipartisanship?  We're all for it.  But here's where the discussion starts.


OK.  Here's my take on Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show:  It was the best I've ever seen.  Which isn't saying much since most football halftime shows are godawful.  But hers was superb.

That having been said, Madonna showed herself to be every bit of 53 years old.  Where once, long ago, she danced, last night she ... sorta bounced.  Or strutted.  At times she staggered.  The plain truth? Her days of raunch are over.  (At one point, I swear it looked like she was having trouble getting up off the stage floor.)

Yeah, we all get old.

But we don't all pretend to be 20 years old and ... like a virgin ... either.

Here's to her performance.  Now get thee to the nightclub before you pull something.

Not So Super

My daughter called last night to tell me how much she loved the Clint Eastwood commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.  That would be this one:

My take? I told her I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what the point was. 

Clint Eastwood: "It's halftime, America. And the second half is about to begin." 


But the ad was about Detroit (actually, though you'd never know it, it was about Chrysler Corporation).


Detroit of all places? 

This Detroit? 

I like a good flag-wavin' rah rah commercial as much as anyone.  (Who can forget this one from Budweiser?  Or this one?  They still bring tears to my eyes.)

No.  Even Dirty Hairy can't make a success story out of that cesspool known as Detroit.

Nice effort.  Stupid idea. 

When Environmentalists Become $5 Hookers

Always remember - it's not about the environment.

It's about power.

Which, on this planet, flows from m-o-n-e-y.

Which goes a long way toward explaining the Washington Examiner's "Dim Bulb" award:
Dim Bulb: Sierra Club

What: Accepted $26 million in donations from Chesapeake Energy to aid its anti-coal campaign.

Why it's dim: As Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds notes, "Next they'll be taking Arab money to oppose Canadian oil sands development."

Cure: How about a little honesty for starters?
The Sierra Club took $26 million from a power company? Why?

I told you why. It's all about ... power.

Environmentalists Aren't Even Serious

You read stuff like this every day and wonder who's buying the snake oil?

Professor slammed after flying 20,000 miles to Tahiti for climate change lecture

Hey, who wouldn't hold a global warming conference on the beach in sunny Tahiti?

Thing is, this soothsayer with an advanced degree will do it again tomorrow.

And get rich doing it.

And morons out there will continue buying his bullshit.


When it comes to environmentalists, P.T. Barnum certainly had it right.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Obama

Newt Gingrich on the president's effort to control the freedoms of America's religious institutions:

"The fact is what you're saying is there cannot be a genuinely Catholic university, there cannot be a genuinely Catholic hospital, that in fact it will have to be subordinated to the rules of a secular government.

"You're saying basically, 'Oh, you can have the name on it, but you can't actually be a Catholic institution. You can't actually be an evangelical Christian institution. You can't actually be an orthodox Jewish institution because we the secular government are going to impose on you.'"


- - -
Here you have it:

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’

Obama against the church.  That sums it up.

Exit question: Name another American president - in all our history - who has been so blatantly in opposition to organized religion?

I Too Was Amused

I read the op/ed column in yesterday's Washington Post and chuckled.  And was mildly bemused.  There surely was an ulterior motive.  But darned if I could figure out what it was.

I ain't alone:
Harvard Professor Attacks Mitt Romney As "Stealth Tea Party Candidate"

She's a statist academic who's an activist member of the Democrat party. Professor Theda Skocpol takes to the pages of the Washington Post to warn America that Mitt Romney is a "stealth Tea Party candidate":

"Romney has become the stealth tea party candidate, endorsing the essence of the movement while remaining unburdened by its public label. This makes him the ideal tea party candidate for the general-election battle against President Obama."

That's right, Mitt Romney of Blue Massachusetts is secretly some fan of Mises and Hayek!


Romney is to the Tea Party what Obama is to the truth.

Key words on which to focus:

"Harvard professor."

"Activist member of the Democrat party."

"Romney/Tea Party."

Think this Theda character is being straight with us?