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Friday, February 10, 2012

On Obama's Latest Effort To Subjugate The Church

Let me get this straight.  Barack Obama decides to force all institutions owned by religious organizations in this country to conform to his ObamaCare mandate.

When they object - on freedom of conscience grounds - he lets them off the hook.

By not forcing them to abandon that freedom and by not forcing them to conform to his ObamaCare mandate?

No.  By making their subjugation to ObamaCare free of charge.

In the rule announced by his administration a week ago "the church" would be forced to provide employees with insurance coverage that includes aborticides and contraceptives.

In Obama's revised rule those churches would be forced to provide employees with insurance coverage that includes aborticides and contraceptives.

Only this time he - magnanimous as he is with other people's money - says they don't have to pay for it.

Like it was a cost issue all the time.

Michelle Malkin has it right.  She says Obama's revision isn't a retreat.  It's a re-trick. It’s not an accommodation. It’s an abomination.

A rather pathetic one at that.

Exit question: Has anything in Obama's life - since you got to know him - given the slightest hint that the man knows the meaning of the word "conscience"?  (Hint: the word money does not enter into the definition.)


So which religious denomination has come out in favor of Barack Obama's decision to nullify the 1st Amendment and eliminate freedom of religion?

The United Methodist Church.  Naturally.

In response to Obama's new rule requiring that America's churches abandon their moral beliefs, stifle their convictions, extinguish their consciences, and subordinate themselves to the federal government, the chief lobbyist of the United Methodist Church had this to say:

 "This is a great day for women in the United States."

May God have mercy.

All The Right Moves

It's hard not to be impressed with this:

Gov. Bob McDonnell remains among the most popular chief state executives in any state surveyed by Quinnipiac University, with a 58 - 24 percent job approval rating.

One wonders, with the country struggling but with Virginia doing spectacularly by comparison, who those 24% are.

Holdout sore losers?

Liberals Are Like Circus Clowns

It's fun to watch them jumping through hoops these days.

Hey, remember Guantanamo?  That bastion of evil that warehouses all malevolence known to humankind?

Remember how incensed the liberals in this country were - not long ago - that George W. Bush kept it open for the purpose of torturing those potential innocents who were never given a day in court?

Don't remember that?

Neither do they.  See "Poll: liberals now just fine and dandy with Guantanamo."

That would be a poll conducted by the Obama sycophants at the Washington Post, by the way.

Is that precious or what?

But it gets better.  You know that rabidly liberal editorial page editor of the New York Times?  The one who spouts the party line no matter what?  Well, you might wonder how he legitimately maintains his expressed opposition to the detention of enemy combatants at Guantanamo and, at the same time, shows support for his fellow lefties who now are just peachy with Bush's torture chamber.

By God, he does it.  Though you're not going to believe it.  From his editorial yesterday, "Hurray for Guantanamo Bay,":

"Before expressing shock and dismay, let me clear something up. Mr. Obama never really made a “decision” to keep the prison open. He failed to follow through on the announcement that he would close it, and then let himself get rolled by Congressional Republicans when members of his administration tried to keep the promise."

Obama did not not decide to close the prison.  He just made the decision to not make a decision to close it.

An explanation that was led by "let me clear something up."


I don't know.  You'd think someone who's paid to write cogent horse shit in what once was a very influential newspaper could have come up with something weightier than that.

My. My.  How these clowns do exercise themselves in their tireless effort to keep that lipstick on Obama's pig.

Why Health Care Coverage Is So Expensive

The costs are, in part, driven up by do-gooder politicians like our own Tim Kaine who want all insurance policies to cover everything and everybody.

How does that work?

Well, it doesn't.

Welcome to the USA, where health care delivery is more expensive than anywhere else on the planet.

A look at Mr. Kaine identifies him as a big part of the problem.  As evinced by his latest attempt to have it both ways on Obama's assault on the church.  From Hotline On Call:
Here's what Kaine said in an interview taped on Tuesday with WHRV: "I think the White House made a good decision in including a mandate for contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act insurance policy but I think they made a bad decision in not allowing a broad enough religious employer exemption. This is something that's been talked about a lot today and I have definitely expressed my grave concerns to the White House about that. I support the contraception mandate but there should be a religious employer exemption that is broader than the one they proposed."

Kaine isn't breaking with Obama on the decision to include contraception in the list of preventative services insurance companies need to cover; but he is rejecting the president's decision not to provide a broader exemption for religious organizations.
Tim Kaine, being the snake that he is, carefully crafted a cover-my-ass response to the scandalous effort on the part of the White House to compel religious institutions to submit to Obama's will and renounce their convictions.

But I think there's a bigger point.  Kaine thinks it's a swell idea that insurance companies be forced to cover contraception (with some nebulous "exemptions").  Here's a request to the mainstream press: I would appreciate it if you'd ask Mr. Kaine which medical services, tests, and pharmaceuticals he would not want ObamaCare to mandate.

Insurance is expensive - in part - because politicians have already loaded up policies with all sorts of mandates.  Mandates intended to cover everything and everybody.  The frequency of which has not slowed.

Who's going to pay for it all?  The same guy who's paying our national debt?

It sounds so good, Tim.  But the piper is going to expect to be paid at some point.

It was fun while it lasted but we have reached the end of the line.

The Media Are Biased

And the sky is blue.

It seems like just yesterday that the mainstream press couldn't get enough of the salacious Newt Gingrich "open marriage" soap opera.

But now that a book has come out on the store shelves written by a former mistress of their beloved John Kennedy detailing his own unique style of open marriage, the press ...

NBC's Curry Grills JFK Mistress: Why Have You 'Burdened' People With Truth About Kennedy?

Monica Lewinski might have something to add to this discussion about media-favored presidents being "burdened" with the truth about their extramarital affairs as well.

Very Creative

Is this cute or what?  (You may need to click on the image and enlarge it):