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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who Would Have Ever Guessed?

If only the government(s) could build some more prisons down here ...
Roanoke College has released another of its statewide polls, this one dealing with how Virginians view the economy.

The poll finds Virginians are “relatively optimistic” about the future, but that Southwest Virginia is the gloomiest part of the state when it comes to the economy.
Occasionally some politician tells us that JOBS are his/her top priority.

Then they go back to their efforts to force contraception on the Catholic Church.

And employers go back to their efforts to relocate to China.

Food stamps.  Bring on more food stamps ...

Obama Gets His Wish

He wanted prices to skyrocket.  He wanted us using less oil.  He's gotten his wish.

Gasoline consumption in this country, as measured by retail deliveries from refineries to America's stations, has plummeted since he took office (you may want to click on the image to enlarge it):

Look close and you'll see two small dots to the lower right.  They represent the most recent data.

The takeaway?

"Deliveries in November 2011 were 30.9 MGD, a staggering 47% decline."

What does that mean?
If we stipulate that vehicles and fuel consumption are essential proxies for the U.S. economy, then we can expect a steep decline in economic activity to register in other metrics within the next few months.

Such a sharp drop would of course be "unexpected" given the positive employment data of the past few months. But as the data above shows, employment isn't tightly correlated to gasoline consumption: gasoline consumption reflects recession and growth.

In other words, look out below.
My God.

Give It Up For The Environment

Your life, that is.  As in: Give up your life when your car catches fire so as to be able to say that you supported your president in his Electric Car Folly.  (Just make sure you save the Hope & Change bumper sticker before it melts into the plastic bumper.)

Here's some biting tongue-in-cheek to that end:


The Wall Street Journal Has My Back

With regard to Obama's "compromise" with religious institutions on just how much he's going to subjugate them, I wrote last night:
In the rule announced by his administration a week ago "the church" would be forced to provide employees with insurance coverage that includes aborticides and contraceptives.

In Obama's revised rule those churches would be forced to provide employees with insurance coverage that includes aborticides and contraceptives.
The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial this morning, has the same take:
Under the original Health and Human Services regulation, all religious institutions except for houses of worship would be required to cover birth control, including hospitals, schools and charities. Under the new rule, which the White House stresses is "an accommodation" and not a compromise, nonprofit religious organizations won't have to directly cover birth control and can opt out. But the insurers they hire to cover their employees can't opt out. If that sounds like a distinction without a difference, odds are you're a rational person.

The faithful for whom birth control is a matter of religious conviction haven't been accommodated at all. They'll merely have to keep two sets of accounting books.
As I wrote last night, Obama approached his "accommodation" with The Church thinking the dispute was over cost as opposed to conscience (which is understandable since he has no familiarity with the prior concept).  His compromise is the end result.

Obama thought he was being clever with his misdirection.  In truth his actions were pathetic.

The Journal takes the critique a step further:

"Yesterday's new adventure in damage control and bureaucratic improvisation makes the compliance problem much worse. There is simply no precedent for the government ordering private companies to offer a product for free, even if they recoup the costs indirectly. Why not do that with all health benefits and "bend the cost curve" to zero?"

In Fantasy Land Obama can do just that.  Which is where his "it's all free!" decision resides.

ObamaCare was never a serious undertaking.  It was legislating on a whim.

The mess Obama and his crew have left us with is proof of that.