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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Good Riddance

It was always a fool's errand, dreamt up by foolish Democrats, who thought their limiting a law-abiding citizen to buying one gun a month would somehow stem the flow of crime in America, where there are some 110,000,000 guns currently in circulation, and that it would somehow make some kind of difference.  It was pure idiocy.

And is soon to be a footnote in the history books:
Virginia: House Version of One-Gun-a-Month Repeal Passed in the Senate! NRA-ILA

Last Monday, the Virginia Senate passed Senate Bill 323, legislation to repeal the prohibition of purchasing more than one handgun per month, by a 21 to 19 vote. Today, the state Senate passed House Bill 940, the House companion to SB 323, by the same 21 to 19 margin. HB 940 will now be sent to Governor Bob McDonnell for his signature to which he has already publicly committed to do.

Drafted by the NRA and sponsored by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R-31), House Bill 940 would repeal the prohibition on law-abiding citizens buying more than one handgun within a thirty-day period. Anti-gun opponents have long claimed that gun rationing keeps handguns out of the hands of criminals, but history has shown this law to be ineffective, and to only affect and penalize law-abiding citizens.

No action is needed at this time on your part. However thank you to those members who contacted their state legislators in support of House Bill 940 and Senate Bill 323. [link]
Obama's buddies in Richmond will probably tell you that once Governor McDonnell signs this bill into law crime will run rampant in the streets. They always do. It never does.

So a shameful episode in government overreach is soon to be put to death.

Not a day too soon.

Now apologies are in order.

An Historic Day In Richmond

What the United States Supreme Court puts asunder, the Republican-dominated legislature in Richmond repairs.  This is great news for freedom lovers everywhere.

From an email I received this morning:
Obenshain's Property Rights Amendment Passes Senate

SJ 3 and Companion Legislation Will Protect Property Against Eminent Domain Abuse, Ensure Just Compensation for Lawful Takings RICHMOND -- Today, the Senate passed the Property Rights Amendment patroned by Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg) along with chief co-patron Creigh Deeds (D-Bath), ensuring that eminent domain takings will be limited to true public uses, and that just compensation is awarded.

To pass a constitutional amendment, the amendment must be approved by the General Assembly twice in succeeding years and in exactly the same form. Then the amendment must be approved at the ballot box by the voters.

Senate Joint Resolution 3, the second reference of a proposed constitutional amendment reforming eminent domain, passed the Senate on a 23-17 vote. In related action, opponents of the amendment attempted to derail companion bills SB 240, legislation placing the amendment on the ballot for ratification by the voters, and SB 437, defining lost profits and lost access for purposes of just compensation, were resisted by the Senate.

"The passage of this is a great victory for property owners in Virginia. This has been a long and arduous path, but this fall - Good Lord willing - the voters of Virginia will be given a chance to vote on adding these protections to the Constitution, where they belong. Respect for private property is a foundational principle of free government," said Obenshain. "The Property Rights Amendment will secure property rights against the whims of state and local governments, ensuring that private property can only be taken for legitimate public uses - not economic development or the pet projects of government officials."

"The fight over the Property Rights Amendment was contentious at times, but in the end, a bipartisan cross section of the Senate came together in recognition of the importance of preserving private property," Obenshain added.

Obenshain's SJ 3 restricts the government's power of eminent domain by limiting takings to cases of public use, barring so-called "Kelo-style" takings for the purpose of economic development or other transfers from one private party to another. The amendment also strengthens the definition of "just compensation" to include lost profits and lost access.

"Even when a taking is justified, it is the government's responsibility to compensate the property owner justly, and the Property Rights Amendment and SB 437 will help to ensure that all the landowner's losses are taken into account in determining just compensation," said Obenshain, referring to the Amendment and to legislation defining lost profits and lost access for purposes of compensation in condemnation proceedings. SB 437, the result of extensive negotiations, is supported by groups advocating for eminent domain reform as well as Virginia's leading utility corporations, and ensures that governments and utilities will continue to have the flexibility necessary where projects are undertaken for public purposes.

"Private property is essential to a free society, and it is unacceptable for the government to take your land simply because it thinks it has a better use for it," said Obenshain. "Traditionally, eminent domain has been limited to truly public purposes, but recent abuses necessitated a tighter definition."

Opponents of the Amendment sought to amend the ballot referendum bill to prevent ratification of the Amendment by the voters this year, a tactic designed to quietly kill the measure. This motion failing, a subsequent effort was made to recommit the lost profits and access bill, SB 437, to the Senate Finance Committee, which will not meet again in time for further floor action prior to crossover - another transparent attempt to sideline the Amendment. "Virginians weren't going to stand for the same old underhanded tactics this time around," said Obenshain. The motion failed, thanks in part to an outpouring of public support for an up-or-down vote on the Amendment.

The vote tally can be found here.
Those voting against the measure were the usual suspects.

Good work, guys. The people of Virginia thank you.

Maybe Now He'll be Packin'

And change his mind about gun control:

Justice Breyer robbed by machete-wielding intruder at West Indies vacation home

As it turned out, Breyer, choosing not to arm himself, found that his aged and wrinkled finger didn't shoot any further than the intruder's machete.

The intruder robbed him with impunity. And probably laughed at his defenseless victim(s) while doing it.

An unfortunate choice on Breyer's part. In more ways than one.

Headline of the Day

Debt Has Climbed $4.47T Since Obama Released First Budget—Calling for ‘A New Era of Responsibility’

And a close second ...

Obama: Not Raising Taxes is a Form of Government Spending

There's got to be a place on Saturday Night Live for this guy come January. There's just gotta.

And a close third ...

No money for D.C. voucher program in Obama’s gigantic new budget, of course; Update: Meanwhile, White House to boost subsidies for Chevy Volt 

To laugh. To cry.

'We Are All Catholics Now'

Mike Huckabee:

In many ways, thanks to President Obama, we are all Catholics now."

The left in this country has settled on the argument that we're opposed to the president's attempt at subjugating "the church" because we're opposed to birth control.

As usual, they haven't a clue.

Here's to Mike.  And to all my fellow honorary Catholics.

"Those who want the government to regulate matters of the mind and spirit are like men who are so afraid of being murdered that they commit suicide." 
-- Harry Truman --

Earth To Democrats

Keep it up and you'll succeed in making them us:

About one-third of the Greek work force is now in the public sector, and the government has proven unable to boost tax collections.

Greece has reached a point where a majority of its citizens draw checks of one sort or another from the government.  Checks backed by fewer and fewer non-government taxpayers.  An imbalance that cannot be reconciled.

Sound familiar?

Welcome to Athens on the Potomac.

It Don't Get Better Than This

The fella who heads up Obama's journalism team (get your arms around that thought; welcome to America), as it turns out, is mentally insane.  Ya gotta read it to believe it:

Inside Media Matters: Sources, memos reveal erratic behavior, close coordination with White House and news organizations

Explains a lot about the state of journalism in this our modern era.

Oh, My

First John Kennedy (see "JFK nailed White House intern in Jackie’s bed")   and now this:

PBS Documentary Will Revisit Bill Clinton's Sex Problems

If I hear that Obama has been diddling Valerie Jarrett in the Oval Office, I'm outta here.

So What?

I don't see the problem:

Network Morning Shows Give Scant 47 Seconds to Obama Budget

Which is 47 seconds more than Harry Reid will give it.

So who really cares?

Why Isn't The Planet Warming?

Britain's leading advocate for the now-discredited theory that has become the laughingstock within the scientific community has hit upon the answer:

Those of us who don't believe are stupid.

A quote from one of the most ... respected ... environmentalists to walk this frozen earth:
Perhaps it is in the same spirit of liberal constipation that, with the exception of Charlie Brooker, we have been too polite to mention the Canadian study published last month in the journal Psychological Science, which revealed that people with conservative beliefs are likely to be of low intelligence. Paradoxically it was the Daily Mail that brought it to the attention of British readers last week. It feels crude, illiberal to point out that the other side is, on average, more stupid than our own. But this, the study suggests, is not unfounded generalisation but empirical fact.
Ah, yes. "Empirical fact." It raises its ugly head again.

So where have we come upon that term before?

From environmentalists like George Monbiot who told us that it was "empirical fact" that the planet was warming at the very point in time when it wasn't. He and they had so many "empirical facts" to which they clung, and yet, alas, reality just somehow managed to muck them up.

And now it's "empirical fact" that we conservatives are stupid.

Need we go any further?