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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Expect The Virginia Tech Lawsuit To Disappear

It was never about guns on campus.  Or about some insane student going on a rampage and killing 32 innocent students and faculty members.  It wasn't about "wrongful death."

The lawsuit filed by the parents of two of the victims in what has come to be known as The Virginia Tech Massacre against the president of the university (!) and the Commonwealth of Virginia (!) (as opposed to the estate of the guy who actually committed the heinous act!) was about MONEY.

And now that the money (well, BIG money) has been denied them ...

This was distasteful from the beginning.

Uh, Voters Say Otherwise

As one might expect, the Roanoke Times editorial staff is not happy these day with our state government, with Republicans now being in control of the House, the Senate, and the governor's office, and with all of the above making real "a radically conservative wish list."

The part I don't get?

(Well, actually the part that I most don't get?)

"Virginians who, like the governor, hoped lawmakers would 'come together to make progress on the issues important to our 8 million people' are out of luck at the midway point of the session."

Pardon me, but who was it that put those radical conservative Republicans in charge of the House of Delegates (in overwhelming numbers) and the Senate (in soon-to-be overwhelming numbers) and the office of the head of state?

A question worth asking: Does the Roanoke Times speak for 8 million Virginians or an ever shrinking number of leftist neanderthals, like themselves, who, with each passing day, die and go off into that Great Beyond The Land of Gaia?

Elections speak volumes, fellas.  Time to ponder ...

To My Friends In The Coal Industry

Know thy enemy. He's not always a long-haired Democrat dressed in cargo shorts and Birkenstocks. Sometimes he likes to call himself a Republican:
The EPA’s agenda “isn't about environmental policy, and instead it's about energy policy: Trying to drive coal-fired power plants out of America,” Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) said at an Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing last week.

Meanwhile, the Sierra Club has waged war with its decade-old “Beyond Coal” campaign — aided by $50 million from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg — that leads local fights against coal plants.
If it's not bad enough that this "Republican" is doing his level best to take your guns away from you, he's actively working to take your job away too.

If you're attending the Republican National Convention in August, and he has the audacity to show up, you might want to deliver a message delivered so effectively by Aaron Tippin not that long ago:

Kiss This.

You Can Run But ...

It's no big secret that liberals in this country - where they can - are taxing the stuffing out of "the rich."

So how do the rich respond?

They move.

See "California's high-income taxpayers dropped sharply" as a result of progressive taxation that now smacks of invidia-run-amok.

Texas, here we come.

On the national level, see "More (Wealthy) Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship."

See "Rich Americans Are Fleeing the Country."

What are the liberals going to do, you might ask at this point, when there are no rich people left to tax?

Easy.  They hunt them down wherever they've hidden.

See "Obama Economic Adviser: ‘We Need a Global Minimum Tax’."

They'll never stop.

Until someone stops them.

Or until the entire world comes crashing down.

I'd place bets that the latter comes sooner.

Unprincipled & Unaware

This is what happens when you skip Morals 101 class and spend your time snorting cocaine in the school parking lot:

Lost.  He's hopelessly lost.

Cartoon courtesy of Michael Ramirez.  


It's painful to watch.

Those who believed so deeply in global warming theory over the years have awakened and found their world to have crumbled (under the weight of statistical data).

In response to their entire Weltanschauung having been destroyed, they thrash.  And it ain't pretty to watch.

One pitiful example; it begins with this breathless headline:

Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine

Gosh.  Really?

For those not familiar with it, this is Heartland: The Heartland Institute is a conservative and self-described libertarian public policy think tank based in Chicago, Illinois which advocates free market policies.

The Heartland Institute, like most reasonable people, considers global warming policy to be anti-free market and has done yeoman's work in providing - or passing on - a lot of the statistics that have ripped global warming theory to shreds.

So you can see why those who cling desperately to that now-discredited hypothesis have their undies in a bunch over Heartland.

Which explains the headline above.

But just what is it that the author of "Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine" has "exposed"?

"Heartland Institute’s global warming denial machine is chiefly – and perhaps entirely – funded by one Anonymous donor."

Oh my God. Now that's an exposé!

Someone get this dude a Pulitzer, quick.

The Heartland Institute is funded by an anonymous donor.

Global warming theory is valid after all!

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

- - -

I don't want to quibble with the headline, but the real "heart of the climate denial machine" - inarguably - isn't the Heartland Institute.  It's Climate Depot.

We've Reached The End of the Line

School forces preschooler to order cafeteria lunch because mom’s isn’t healthy enough

Slapping The Hand That Feeds You

Like the rich kid whose father doesn't give him enough allowance for the kind of fun and games to which he wants to become accustomed, and who throws a tantrum because he can't get his way, so too the entire population of Greece is roiled these days over the fact that the European Union (think Germany) won't keep pouring billions upon billions of Euros into its national coffers so as to sustain its unsustainable system of socialist economic profligacy.  Thus:

Greeks direct cries of pain at Germany

Greece is all Germany's fault.

For the love of God.

I'm thinkin' we should take Greece out back, put a bullet in its brainpan, and end its misery and woe.  It's unhinged.  And beyond help.

Economics 101

He should know this by now.  But, alas:
White House's manufacturing math may not create jobs
By Josh Boak, Politico

President Barack Obama is promising new factory jobs that he can’t really deliver — even the companies on his own jobs council have shrunk their workforce. The president has repeatedly made the standard election-year pitch: He’ll foster “an economy built on the American manufacturing, with more good jobs and more products made in America,” as he said last month while standing outside a new Intel computer chip plant in Arizona. To help, Obama has proposed tax breaks and opening new markets abroad.

Intel, though, is an example of what many see as a core problem: As Obama pointed out, the new factory being constructed will employ 1,000 people. But the chip-maker shrunk its overall workforce by about 5,000 jobs between 2000 and 2010, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Though the prospect of creating factory jobs might appeal to voters, most economists agree that realistically, Obama is at best stemming the bleeding. Automation — plus cheap foreign labor — has changed the industrial makeup of the country and displaced millions of assembly-line workers in a way that just can’t be reversed. [link]
The manufacturing sector here in America can still have a robust future. Though not with a heavy-handed control freak as president.

If Obama's replacement come November can free up industry by eliminating a host of stifling regulations, reduce the myriad tax assessments leveled on U.S. corporations, and make unions compete for jobs, this country can regain its preeminent position in the world as its manufacturing powerhouse. Even with Chinese labor being so cheap.

But it won't happen as long as Obama is in the White House. Despite his promises.

Remember "Made in America"? Neither do I. But from the history books we can ...