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Thursday, February 16, 2012

When These Guys Talk, I Listen

I don't have any major bone to pick with the NRA (except at election time, but we'll not go there today).  The fine folks within the National Rifle Association do yeoman's work in protecting the rights of gun owners in this country - particularly in Congress, where it's most important - and they are very effective at what they do.  Here's to 'em.

But they can sometimes be too close to the action.  Their message too ... fashioned ... to be totally trusted.

So when it comes to gun issues that impact my right to keep and bear arms here in Virginia, I put more faith in the good patriots at the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  Radical bastards all.  That's why I love 'em.

And when I get an email from one of its members warning me that the VCDL "strongly opposes" the "Castle Doctrine" bills pending in the state legislature (actually one of them is no longer pending; it was defeated in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee yesterday), my ears go up.

For "strongly oppose" they do.

Here are the two bills cited: HB 14 and HB 48.

It seems the opposition has arisen as a result of the language in the two bills allowing for potential mischief to occur in the future in courts around the Commonwealth should a liberal judge take the legislation as written and use it for the nefarious purpose of restricting other freedoms that We the People work tirelessly to defend.

That concern is duly noted.

I've written to my delegate and senator to get their responses to that concern.  You might do the same.

As often happens with the law, unintended consequences sometimes result.  We don't be needin' that.

Your takeaway?  Be vigilant.  There are desperate liberals out there wanting to do you harm.

When Good Ideas Go Off The Rails

A question for my conservative friends:  Is this really a good idea?

House passes ... abortion ultrasound bill.

"The House of Delegates has passed [a bill] that ... require[s] a pregnant woman to submit to an ultrasound before an abortion, punctuating the first half of a legislative session that has been marked by heated debates over divisive social issues."

You guys remember ObamaCare?  Remember those despised mandates?

Planned Parenthood would do a prospective "client" a favor (if counseling her on a life-altering decision is more important to the nation's leading abortion mill than making a buck is, ahem) by showing her what that lump of thing is inside her womb that's about to be aborted.

But the government forcing doctors practitioners to perform that kind of procedure sounds like something Vladimir Ilyich Obama would get his jollies supporting.

Think, fellas.  Think.  Think about what you are doing.

Quote of the Day

From Republican Delegate Bob Marshall:

When it comes to sex, Tim Kaine can’t think straight.”

The mind reels ...

Dear Rick: Don't Go There

It makes good sense - I being the preeminent presidential campaign strategist - for contender Rick Santorum to be concentrating on social issues as the Republican primaries work through themselves.  Guns, God, Gays.  Votes.

But there's a fine line in going down that strategic road.  Cross that line and he does himself long-term harm.

This - as a good example - crosses that line:

Santorum: Birth control ‘harmful to women’

Yes, it was something that he said six years ago.  But it's the sort of pronouncement that will linger in the minds of the tens of millions of women in this country - many of whom used some form of birth control decades ago without negative effects arising - who chose to use contraception, and consider it a wise decision to have done so.

Jerry to Rick: Make the general election against Obama about birth control (or the church or homosexuality or even guns) and you lose to the incumbent.

Jobs, man.  Jobs.  The disastrous economy (don't let them fool you; it's awful and getting worse). Be the man with the plan to turn this country around and you can beat Mr. Clueless.  Open your mouth after August and say anything about how birth control is harmful to women and they are going to beat you - over the head with it.

Helpful advice.

Free of charge.

Birth control is harmful to women.  For the love of God, Rick.

Obama Decides To Protect The Border After All

Well, sorta:

President Obama's border enforcement officials prevented over 13,000 dangerous hair dryers from entering the country, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) trumpeted today.

Jesus God.  What did we do to deserve this?

Did we at least shoot the sunsabitchas?

'The Greater Good'

I did a brief post the other day about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer getting robbed at machete point.  I tied the incident to his rabidly leftist gun control position.

Someone else had a different idea.

"I'm guessing Susan Kelo doesn't care that somebody took Justice Breyer's property."

If you don't know who Susan Kelo is, shame on you, but go here.

God to Justice Breyer: How's it feel, stud?

Not At Any Price

Earth To Obama: You can give a Chevy Volt to every customer free with each purchase of a six pack of Bud and they ain't gonna take it.

A $10,000 rebate on a $40,000 car that better serves as a boat anchor that requires an eight hour battery charge for every twenty minute trip to the grocery?

You see FOOL written on the American consumer's face?

- - -

Bottom line: "So, doing the math, we're talking about a $10 billion dollar 'incentive' to get people to buy the Chevy Volt and similar vehicles. Can people be bribed to buy Government Motors' electric car? Even with the $7,500 rebate for each buyer, Chevy sold only 7,671 Volts in 2011."

Ain't gonna happen, dude.

It Was Once My Favorite Show On Television

Now I choose not to even turn to it.  Because ...

‘Glee’ Serves up Bible Mockery, Gay Propaganda for Valentine’s Day

Paula tuned in to watch this disgraceful episode (she likes the singing; so do I) while I was sitting at my computer on the other side of the room as the Christian-bashing and over-the-top homosexual lifestyle promotion kicked in.

I could only stomach so much of it before I got up and walked out of the room.  And Paula mentioned afterward that the show had gone off the cliff with the whole gay thing.

The producers of "Glee" think it their duty - they being our betters - to teach us neanderthals something.  I'll bet, however, their advertising support comes from businessmen and women who would like for their duty to be more concentrated on gaining viewership.

Too bad for them.

Those who propagandize on "Glee" can do whatever they want.  I'll not stop them.  But, like their Hollywood buddies who made all those anti-Bush/anti-Iraq War movies that nobody went to see, they will ultimately regret their decision to denigrate most of the potential viewing audience out here in America.

Alas.  It was once such a wonderful series.  And now it's no better than the worst of them.

Way to go, geniuses:
Glum Ratings Trend for ‘Glee’ as It Heads Into Season Finale
By Bill Carter, New York Times

If Fox executives weren’t asking the question before, they ought to be now: Should we be worried about “Glee”?

Just one week short of its season finale, the onetime blockbuster music show hit its second-lowest rating Tuesday night, fueling speculation that the series, which burned so hot, so fast, is cooling down almost as quickly.

The actual rating for the show — a 2.8 among the 18- to 49-year-old viewers, which Fox defines as a success because of advertiser preference for that group — is not bad in the context of most network shows, especially those that play at 8 p.m. Rather, it is the trend that is alarming for the series. Two weeks ago, the show averaged a 3.7 rating. Last week, it averaged a 3.3.

That amounts to a decline of 24 percent in two weeks, a sign that viewers are quitting the series, even as it wraps up its season. In most cases, shows that face that kind of sharp drop-off do not recover. And “Glee” is already facing a transition, with much of its original cast, including one of its biggest stars, Lea Michele, preparing to graduate and thus move on from the show’s high school setting. [link]
What's the message here?

The producers of "Glee" can show their open disdain for us out here in flyover country. They can call us names and chastise us for that which we believe.

But what they can't do is expect us to pay them for their ridicule and condescension.

Want to talk bad about us? Do so in the unemployment line, smart guy.

* This is all so sad. In the short time that I watched this last episode, I was able to see actress Amber Riley belt out a classic Whitney Houston song ("I Will Always Love You") and couldn't tell that it wasn't Houston herself singing it.   It was that wonderful

Moron Calls Republicans 'Demons'

Maxine Waters: Boehner and Cantor [are] ‘Demons’

Maxine Waters.  God's gift to the Republican Party.

It Wasn't Supposed To Be This Way

It wasn't that long ago ...

How did we go from that to this?
Health Costs, Gov't Regulations Curb Small Business Hiring
Nearly half of small-business owners name these issues
By Dennis Jacobe, Chief Economist, Gallup

Princeton, NJ -- U.S. small-business owners who aren't hiring -- 85% of those surveyed -- are most likely to say the reasons they are not doing so include not needing additional employees; worries about weak business conditions, including revenues; cash flow; and the overall U.S. economy. Additionally, nearly half of small-business owners point to potential healthcare costs (48%) and government regulations (46%) as reasons. One in four are not hiring because they worry they may not be in business in 12 months.

Companies typically hold back on hiring when the economy is weak and when their operating environment is not providing sufficient revenues or cash flows. This appears to be the case right now, as the economy has been weak for more than four years. Less typical is for many owners to point to such things as potential healthcare costs and government regulations. [link]
Interestingly, every one of the issues cited by America's businessmen and women in this survey is a huge issue when it comes to planning and allocating for the future. Trust me.

And for them to fear that future - for that's what can be read into this survey - (the future that Barack Obama was going to bring "hope" to; see above), it's a sad commentary on the state of the Union, 2012.

Obama is running for reelection. To do so, he'll have to run away from the deplorable record he's compiled to date. And if he wins, you can count on four more years of the same.

Or worse.

May God have mercy should that come about.

You Were Warned

Barack Obama, as many of us kept telling you in 2008, was woefully unprepared for the presidency.  Now, three years and one massive disaster later, he admits it:

Barack Obama on economic crisis: 'We didn't know how bad it was'

Who's this "we," kemosabe?

In fact, many of us who didn't spend our education years snorting cocaine and our adult years writing glowing biographies about ourselves knew quite well the magnitude of the crisis.  And we knew what it was going to take to end it.

But we weren't running for president.  And we didn't declare at the time that we knew how bad it was and that we knew exactly how to fix it.

You did.

And now, three years in, you admit that your campaign bluster was all ... just that.  You didn't have a clue.

You lied.

Come November, buddy ...

Jimmy Carter, Clueless As Ever

He didn't gain status as the worst president in American history easily.  He worked at it.  And succeeded.  So, even though he may be in retirement these days, take his pronouncements to heart.  And continue to believe the opposite of whatever dribbles out of Jimmy Carter's mouth.

Speaking of which ...
Jimmy Carter casts Occupy movement as successful 
By Greg Bluestein, Associated Press

Atlanta (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter said on Wednesday that Occupy organizers have created a "relatively successful" movement because they focused national discussion on wealth disparity despite lacking leadership and a unifying set of goals.

The Georgia Democrat said at an event in Atlanta that Occupy organizers have succeeded in forcing the media and Congress to realize the "chasm is getting greater than leaps and bounds" between the rich and the poor.

"It's been relatively successful even acknowledging there's no leadership, there's no coherence and there's no single list of issues they want to succeed," the former president said of the movement started late last year in lower Manhattan to decry corporate influence in government and wealth inequality. [link]
As usual there are a few things the old dude left out. And a few others that he got wrong.

When Carter says the left-wing "occupy" movement - such as it was - was a success because it got the attention of the media and Congress, he means it got the attention of the left-wing media and left-wing members of Congress.  Rabid leftists who went all orgasmic over the clueless, hapless, directionless losers who sat on their asses in Zucotti Park in Manhattan day after day and whined that not enough was being handed to them in order for them to survive.

And, odd, Carter left out We the People, who thought the whole thing - when not a snooze fest - was highly entertaining, watching the "Survivor Wall Street" antics of the derelicts and malcontents who made up the "movement."  Widescreen TV, popcorn and brewskies were the order of the day.

"Occupy" was a success.  So is "Jersey Shore."  That's that.

So Jimmy Carter is as blind to reality as he's ever been. I take comfort in knowing some things in this country haven't changed.

Obama's Plan Is Working

We owe our president so much:

Gas prices soaring back to painful levels

That word - painful - seems to come into play more and more in place of "hope and change."

A lasting legacy.

Question of the Day:

How long can a person wear Depends without getting a severe case of diaper rash?

Could The Next Generation Live To Be 150?

Wow.  Seventy years of pooping all over oneself in bed and taking supper through a straw.

Boy, I'm looking forward to ... the next generation ... having that to look forward to.