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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, Please

Get over it:

Louis Farrakhan warns of racial hatred that could lead to attempts to kill President Obama

Another slave trader.  Someone who's made a mint talking bad about whitey.

Your sun set about forty years ago, dude. Go away.

Hillary Apologizes To the Taliban ...

... for Republican criticism:

Hillary: These Republicans are inflaming the situation in Afghanistan by criticizing Obama for apologizing

We're still waiting for her to say something about those dead American soldiers.

We're waiting ...

We're waiting ...


It's not only a mess.  It's going to send us into bankruptcy.  And ...

Gallup: 72% of All Americans and 56% of Democrats Say Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional

Not that the Supreme Court will really take constitutionality into account when it gives Obama's signature piece of legislation its seal of approval.

It Goes Beyond a Groveling Apology

While Americans are dying at the hands of our ally - Afghanistan - our enemies are being released from Gitmo with a warm hug and a kiss.  What is up with this?
Do Not Reward Taliban Treachery
Investor's Business Daily

As the Taliban assassinate U.S. military officers and poison troop chow in Afghanistan, the president secretly plans the release of Taliban prisoners from Gitmo.

Whose side is this commander in chief on? Just days before members of the Taliban took credit for infiltrating the Afghan Interior Ministry and murdering two American officers, the Obama administration was finalizing a secret deal with the terror group.

"If all goes as hoped," reported Reuters, "U.S. and Qatari negotiators will meet soon to nail down final details for transferring Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo prison — a momentous step for President Obama, the Afghan war and perhaps U.S. foreign policy as well."

The deal reportedly includes a political office for the Taliban in Qatar and possible power-sharing for the banned terrorist group in Kabul. What does the U.S. get out of the deal? More treachery and bloodshed. [link]
Expect an apology from Obama for our having warehoused those poor, misunderstood terrorists to be forthcoming.

For the love of God.

Actually, I Can't Either

Why do these guys get so off message, opening the door for flaming liberals to make these statements?

Diane Sawyer 'Couldn't Believe' Santorum Challenged JFK on Separation of Church and State

When I read it, I couldn't believe it either. Why would Santorum pick a fight with an American icon (whether deserving of the title or not) who's been dead for six decades?  Surely it was something Santorum said long ago.  Or his comment about Kennedy was taken out of context.  Or it was misconstrued.

But no.  He meant it.

Focus, man. Focus. You make it too easy for lowlifes like Dianne Sawyer.