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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Must Give Him Credit

I know of no one who tried to sugarcoat - or dismiss - or defend - Rush Limbaugh's choice of descriptive nouns when he attacked Sandra Fluke's testimony before members of the House of Representatives a few weeks ago.  A lot of us did, however, come to his defense by showing how hypocritical those who screamed for Rush's head were for looking the other way when their buddies on the Left did the same and worse.  Think Bill Maher.  Think Obama's refusal to denounce Bill Maher.  Think Obama's willing and enthusiastic acceptance of a million bucks from hate-consumed misogynist Bill Maher.

Unlike us - we aren't stupid enough to try to defend the indefensible (nor was Rush; he quickly apologized to Ms. Fluke) - by God, a leftie steps up and tries to make a distinction between Rush calling Fluke a slut and Maher calling Sarah Palin "the c-word."  Stanley Fish, writing in the New York Times (see "Two cheers for Double Standards") sees a huge difference between the two.  That difference?

Bill Maher is a good guy and Rush is a bad guy.

So anything Maher says - anything - no matter how hate-filled and incendiary - is acceptable.

And anything Limbaugh says is to be denounced because he's a bad, bad person.

Stanley Fish, so you know, is a frequent contributor to the New York Times editorial page.  And is an American literary theorist and legal scholar.

And he's about as bright as the rest of those who claim to be smarter than the rest of us.

The Projected Cost of ObamaCare Just Doubled

This is just the beginning.  Wait until it actually kicks in.  Expect then for the cost of health care to explode.

Will the president do the right thing and call for its repeal?   Before it's too late?

When frogs grow hair ...

This Is An Absolute

Gov. Mitch Daniels: ‘Terrifying Rate’ at Which U.S. Debt is Accumulating ‘Will Lead to National Ruin’

Sandra Fluke Now The Face Of the Welfare State

Do they really want as their standard-bearer  a gal who demands that her consequence-free sexual activity be cost-free as well?

Guess so.

I can't tell you how supportive I am of that decision.

Words Have Meaning

Obama's right-hand man when it comes to controlling the cost of gasoline, four short years ago:

"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

Obama's right-hand man when it comes to controlling the cost of gasoline, yesterday:

"I no longer share that view."

And don't expect him to share that view until he and his boss are out of office, after having accomplished that mission.  After gas prices have skyrocketed to European levels, and the American economy has gone into deep depression - again.

Then they'll be high-fiving one another in celebration.

Mission accomplished.

The question isn't whether Steven Chu is willing to share his view, but whether he still holds that view.

Expect no answer to that question until November 7, the day after the election.

Here's a Reason To Vote For Obama

He's a better teleprompter reader than Rick Santorum.

For the love of God.

Now, About That Million Bucks

Under the circumstances, this was the right move:
David Axelrod Cancels Bill Maher Appearance
By Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters

Feeling pressure in the wake of the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke controversy, Bill Maher recently said he could say disgusting things about Sarah Palin and other women because he's on HBO and doesn't have sponsors.

Apparently the White House doesn't completely agree, for according to Politico, David Axelrod, one of Obama's right-hand men, has cancelled an upcoming appearance on Maher's Real Time.

Makes you wonder if pressure from Fox News's Greta Van Susteren last week helped the Administration's decision.

Whatever it was, the next step is for Obama to instruct his Super PAC to return Maher's $1 million donation, and for all Democrats currently holding office to refuse Real Time invitations.

Maybe then Maher will get the message that not having sponsors doesn't entitle him to say these disgusting things about women on television. [link]
Cancelling an appearance is one thing. Returning that million dollar campaign donation to this misogynistic creep is another.

Do the right thing, Barry. Send that hate-stained money back.

And then we'll talk about your other friends over at MSNBC who share Maher's attitude toward women.

Virginia Rocks!

While America struggles to regain its economic footing, Virginia grows.  And expands.  And employs ...

5.8% unemployment.

That's about where Obama promised in 2008 that he would take the country.

That's about where Obama promises in 2012 to take the country.

That's about where Obama will promise ...

Here's to Virginia's employers. You guys are the best!

And While The Virginia Economy Grows ...

... that of California craters.

I wonder what the difference is?

Could it be that ...

California has the third-highest income tax in America.

California has the highest sales tax in America.

California has the fourth-highest capital gains tax in America.

California has the second-highest gasoline tax in America.

And, perhaps, California leads the nation in the number of businesses fleeing the state.

Which all makes this less than surprising:

California ranks worst state for business

Oh, by the way, Democrats in the Virginia General Assembly are seeking to make the Commonwealth just like California.  See "Democrats eye gas tax increase." See "Democrat wants to raise Va. cigarette tax by $1.15 a pack." See "Surprise! Democrats Call for Plastic Bag Tax."

Given the chance, and left to the Democrats' devices, Virginia could easily become California.

God help us all when that day comes.

Life Goes On

I can remember when owning a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica was something of a status symbol.  Perhaps because, in part, it would set you back over a thousand dollars to get one on your book shelf.  Imagine how the business model at the publisher's must have been upset when competing encyclopedias started appearing on CD in the late 90's that were free.   And then became easily accessible on line.

Talk about upsetting the apple cart.

So how has the world's finest collection of facts and photos fared?

As you might imagine:
Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print editions
By Caryn Rousseau, Associated Press

Chicago (AP) — Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. said Tuesday that it will stop publishing print editions of its flagship encyclopedia for the first time since the sets were originally published more than 200 years ago.

The book-form of Encyclopaedia Britannica has been in print since it was first published in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1768. It will stop being available when the current stock runs out, the company said. The Chicago-based company will continue to offer digital versions of the encyclopedia.

Officials said the end of the printed, 32-volume set has been foreseen for some time.

"This has nothing to do with Wikipedia or Google," Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. President Jorge Cauz said. "This has to do with the fact that now Britannica sells its digital products to a large number of people."

The top year for the printed encyclopedia was 1990, when 120,000 sets were sold, Cauz said. That number fell to 40,000 just six years later in 1996, he said. The company started exploring digital publishing the 1970s. The first CD-ROM version was published in 1989 and a version went online in 1994.

The final hardcover encyclopedia set is available for sale at Britannica's website for $1,395. [link]
So if you want that nice, shiny set of the finest reference work ever compiled, ya better act fast. Quantities are limited.

Or go here and save the cash for beer.

Speaking of Which ...

And speaking of saving your money for beer rather than tossing it at useless status trophies (see above), how about we taxpayers stop flushing our hard-earned income down Obama's silly hope and change hope-and-a-prayer "green jobs" toilet:

Another Obama cash recipient - another solar company - collapses.

We've sent $400 million to this company that now finds itself on its last legs.

Had Obama not wasted our money, that buttload of money could have purchased 2.624 Bud Lites for every adult male in America*.

Instead we have squat.

Way to go, Barry.  You really know how to ruin a good time.

* Not counting illegal Mexicans who are difficult to count and who drink Dos Equis, not Bud Lite.

Not So Fast, Sweetheart

This from Ruth Marcus is what we call wishful thinking:

The 2016 Campaign, Not The Stale 2012 Race, The Election To Watch

She assumes there will be a 2016.

And that Obama won't have completely and finally wrecked the country we know and love before then.

2016?  I'm concerned that we as a nation won't see 2013.

Whew! It Was Only a Muslim ...

... threatening to blow up the White House.

If it had been one of those Tea Party radicals, the press would have been really concerned.

But a Muslim fanatic?

No story there.

Move on.