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Monday, April 02, 2012

The Rabid - and not so bright - Anti-Gun Left

Read the first paragraph of a Washington Post op/ed piece from this morning's paper and tell me what's wrong with it.  I'll give you a hint:

1 + 1 ≠ 2.

I'll give you another hint:

The author, Janet D. Howell, is a Democrat senator from Fairfax.

From "Responsible gun laws in Virginia? Yes, it could happen":
In December, New York police officer Peter Figoski, a 22-year veteran of the NYPD and a father of four, was shot to death while confronting a robbery suspect in Brooklyn. The Ruger 9mm pistol the suspect used to kill Figoski was sold in Virginia to a man who later moved to Queens but claimed that he “lost” the weapon while being evicted from a Virginia apartment in 2009. The man never thought to inform law enforcement that he had “lost” the weapon, and police in New York suspect that, in fact, the gun was illegally sold and trafficked to New York. Gun trafficking between Virginia and New York has caused countless tragedies over the years. 
Misrepresentation? Or is she that stupid?

You decide.

A man living in Virginia buys a gun in Virginia.  He subsequently moves to New York.  The gun he bought moves with him.  It was later used in a crime by someone else.  Does any of that lead to ...

"Gun trafficking between Virginia and New York has caused countless tragedies over the years"?  Where's the "trafficking" part of that scenario?

Is this Howell person alleging that the gun purchaser didn't move to New York and that the gun was "trafficked" without him?  Or that the man moved to New York just so he could "traffic" that gun that he had legally purchased here in Virginia?

It's a stretch, babe.

No, it's worse than that.  It's a complete distortion.

Or is it simple stupidity?

Which brings us back to the fact that the author, Janet D. Howell, is a Democrat from Fairfax ...

Why They Still Can't Fathom ObamaCare's Defeat

This from a contributor to the New York Times is typical of the mindset that debilitates the Leftie legal crowd in this country:

"It seems curious that opponents of the health care law are now looking to the commerce clause, as opposed to the Bill of Rights, as a bulwark of individual liberty."

You read that bass ackwards analysis and think: Is it any wonder that they are totally dumbfounded by the fact that a majority of members of the Supreme Court might actually overturn ObamaCare on constitutional grounds?

I challenge this Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor to name one opponent of Obama's health care monstrosity who maintains that the Constitution's Commerce Clause is "a bulwark of individual liberty."  ONE.

The truth is the exact opposite.

We maintain the fact that there are - or should be - limits to the way that Commerce Clause is interpreted.  And we maintain that Congress - with  Supreme Court acquiescence - and a wink and a nod - has, over the years, abused its meaning and application.  We don't want to liberate the Commerce Clause; we want it corralled.

The Commerce Clause is being used by the federal government to justify the regulation of non-commerce (the insurance mandate), for Christ's sake.

When geniuses like this guy understand the argument, maybe they'll be less shocked by the obvious.  ObamaCare is unconstitutional.  Learn it.  Deal with it.

It's The Sharpton-Jackson Show!

The whole Trayvon Martin Died For Your Sins drama is becoming rather entertaining.  This last weekend?  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton teamed up to do their best Vaudeville act down in Miami, drawing a hearty response from three thousand worked-up African-Americans in attendance, and raucous laughter from the outside world.

Coming out of the rally were lines that will be remembered throughout the ages:

From a former Miami police director: "Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!” ("This cause" being to beat up on a half-Hispanic half-wit, who had a gun, apparently.)

From a superintendent of schools: "He will forever be remembered as a child of Miami-Dade." (Which will come as news to the guy who thought he was his father, the man who is neither Miami nor Dade.)

All yucks aside, there was good news that came from the rally.  Al Sharpton may be staying in Florida for a long, long time.  Says the man who put the "blow hard" in blowhard: "I told the family from day one I would help them [sic]. I will be here until Zimmerman is arrested.” (Or until the next ambulance needs to be chased, whichever comes first.)

A parting thought.  Here in this country of seething racial division and wanton strife, white folks seem to get along with Asians just fine.  Who get along with Hispanics.  Who get along with Indians.  Latinos.  Eastern Europeans.  South Americans.  Caribbeans.  Aleuts.  Pacific Islanders.  Who all seem to get along just fine with  Africans who have emigrated to this country, this country that harbors such animosity toward Africans.  Everyone gets along with everyone.  Everyone gets along and gets ahead.

Except one group.

One group of put-upon Americans.

All the country is out to get them.

Their suffering, as a result, is heartrending.

Oh, to feel their pain.

Which we can't, of course, because we've never been subjected to the lash or shackled to the wall of our slave quarters, like they have.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, life goes on.  Asians getting along with white folks.  Hispanics raising their babies and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Aleuts.  Caribbeans.  African immigrants ...

- - -


- - -

Enter the circus clowns.

Quote of the Day

Marc Morano confronts "Earth Hour" (excerpted):
This is what [the Obama Administration] wants to do, they want to make affordable energy, more expensive.

They are banning coal plants. One of the most moral [energy] choices we have is coal fired power in the world today. 50% of our electricity in [the] U.S. is from coal. It lowers infant mortality, extends live expectancy, brings modern dentistry, modern hospitals.

Both solar and wind have competed with fossil based fuels and they had their rear ends kicked and no amount of subsidies or mandates is going change that. It is certainly not going to happen with the government picking winners and losers through the political process.

When 1.6 billion people don't' have running [water] or electricity, you don't look to put solar panels on their huts made of dung -- you try to bring them carbon based energy.

Cheap abundant energy is the life line of human prosperity and human wellness.

Why are we celebrating the Middle Ages? Why are we celebrating the Dark Ages? Why are we celebrating what N. Korea has already achieved?!

People should abhor Earth Hour. We should be celebrating carbon based energy -- it is the moral choice , one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.
Telling it like it is. Thanks, Marc.


So what happened to that "Occupy" movement that the news media and the Democrats (I know, I know) were so orgasmic about not long ago?

As it turns out, they've declared victory and gone home.

Wherever smelly, lice-infested, clueless losers call home ...