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Thursday, April 05, 2012


While former United Mine Workers President (and Democratic Party stooge) Richard Trumka calls on Pennsylvania unions to support Barack Obama in his reelection bid, the current head of the United Mine Workers of America has a whole different opinion of the man who would destroy the coal industry:
Mine union boss: Coal industry could suffer same fate as bin Laden
By Andrew Restuccia, The Hill

The coal industry will suffer the same fate as Osama bin Laden under new climate regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the head of the United Mine Workers of America said this week.

“The Navy SEALs shot Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington,” Cecil Roberts, president of the powerful union, said during an interview Tuesday on the West Virginia radio show MetroNews Talkline.

Roberts blasted Jackson, the EPA administrator, over the proposed regulations, which would limit greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants. Opponents of the regulations, including Roberts, say the new rules would be the death knell of the coal industry.

New coal-fired power plants would have to install technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions in order to comply with the rules. The technology, known as carbon capture and storage (CCS), “is not commercially available,” Roberts said.

“This rule is an all-out, in my opinion, decision by the EPA that we’re never going to have another coal-fired facility in the United States that’s constructed,” Roberts said.

The union chief used colorful language to underscore his point.

“I noticed this past week the vice president was talking about the campaign and he mentioned that Osama Bin Laden was dead and General Motors was alive,” Roberts said. “He should have gone on to say that the coal industry is not far behind with respect to what happened with Osama Bin Laden.”

Roberts's comments underscore the vehement opposition to the new EPA regulations in coal states whose economies rely heavily on the fossil fuel. [link]
There is a certain irony in the fact that Cecil Roberts brings up the name of Osama bin Ladin. For in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia Barack Obama is about as popular these days as the terrorist-turned-fish food was a few years ago.

I wonder if Mr. Hope&Change will be coming down here once again to tell the locals how many jobs and how much opportunity he intends to bring to this tortured area ... some ... day.

One Should Know When To Keep One's Mouth Shut

You have to give former West Virginia Senator - and renowned Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan - Robert Byrd credit for having had the good sense to repudiate his past and spend the rest of his life trying to make amends for his wicked youthful ways.  He went from being an avowed racist in the 40's to a champion of civil rights just a few decades later.  Not a bad twist.

Now, along comes a Nobel laureate (in literature) with a poem attacking Israel as being the scourge of humankind.  Or darned near.

See "German Nobel laureate Guenter Grass' new poem: Nuclear Israel is a threat to world peace."

Yes, that would be Strike One.  A German (think Aryan) assailing the Jewish State for wanting to destroy world peace?  Call it Die Judenfrage of Günter Grass.

Strike Two?

Not only is he German but Grass served in World War II in Adolf Hitler's Waffen SS.

The Waffen SS of Warsaw Ghetto fame:

Perhaps it would have done SS-Schütze Grass well to have kept his mouth shut?

* Specifically, Grass served in the 10th SS tank division "Frundsberg," which, for the sake of accuracy, was not a part of the destruction of the Ghetto and the slaughter of 56,085 Jews.  At the time he served, his division was stationed on the Western Front, opposing the American invasion of Belgium. Still ...

A Different Perspective


French militant attack underscores need for U.S. vigilance: U.S. official

In truth:

Successful French militant attack underscores futility of reliance on 'Homeland Security': From On High

Headline of the Day

Obama Instructs Journalists On How To Report His Positions

As We Go Into Reelection Season ...

... the playing field has so much changed from last time around.

For the bloom is off the rose:
With 'hope and change,' President Obama misled America
By Reince Priebus, writing in Politico

The candidate of 2008 looks nothing like the president of 2012. Voters have seen through the phony rhetoric, and that will be his undoing.

Barack Obama was elected not just for what he promised to do but also for what he promised to be: a transformational, post-partisan, selfless leader.

Today, he is the opposite — self-interested and hyperpartisan. Rather than being transformational, he has transformed. Gone is the candidate whose rhetoric promised to unite. In his place stands a president whose words sharply divide: Democrats versus Republicans, us versus them. It’s cynical. It’s off-putting. For the millions who hung their hopes on “change,” it’s depressing.

In 2008, crowds cheered when candidate Obama declared, “I don’t want to pit red America against blue America. I want to be president of the United States of America.” By 2010, though, he had changed his tune, saying a Republican majority in Congress would mean “hand-to-hand combat.” Today, he rarely tries to do business with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Democratic operatives in Chicago and Washington are frantically asking, “Where have our supporters gone?” Those supporters are asking, “Where has our candidate gone?” [link]
Obama, it turns out, is just another two-bit Chicago politician.

And a lying weasel.

And an incompetent boob.

Time to send him back to the Big Windy and get someone in the Oval Office who can get this country back on track.

Why ObamaCare Must Die

It is - in its 2,700 pages of gibberish -  the most egregious example of government run amok in American history.

Daniel Henninger makes the point (in "The Supreme Court Lands In Oz"):
We already know that 67% of polled people think the mandate, which compels individuals to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, is unconstitutional. That number might go closer to 100% if people got a look at the law's language.

The [Affordable Care Act] calls the act of purchasing insurance a "required contribution." Naturally, many will wonder if they can get out of this. That depends on the meaning of "required contribution," as defined in "Chapter 48—Maintenance of Minimum Essential Coverage, (e) Exemptions, (B) Required contributions:

"For purposes of this paragraph, the term 'required contribution' means . . .: (ii) in the case of an individual eligible only to purchase minimum essential coverage described in subsection (f)(1)(C), the annual premium for the lowest cost bronze plan available in the individual market through the Exchange in the State in the rating area in which the individual resides (without regard to whether the individual purchased a qualified health plan though the Exchange), reduced by the amount of the credit allowable under section 36B for the taxable year (determined as if the individual was covered by a qualified health plan offered through the Exchange for the entire taxable year)."

In the original "Oz," the wizard voluntarily abandons the yellow brick road, discovers humility and returns to earth. The ending in our version will require an election.
Our government is out of control. And its time to get out the straitjacket. Be there on election day for the grand intervention.

Liberals Are Whacked

May God have mercy.  Does anyone listen to this stuff regularly?

Libtalker Malloy: How Long Before Menstruating Women 'Can Be Shot' for Wearing Hoodies to Buy Tampons?

He was trying to be funny, right?

If so ...