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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Have I Been Telling You All Along?

Global warming, like acid rain, like ozone holes, like old-growth-forest-depletion, like "green energy," like electromagnetic fields, like the evils of trans fats and now sugar, is a fad.

And, like all fads and faddists, those really, really committed environmentalists are abandoning the cause and moving on to newer calamities with which we must all really really deal.  The future of our planet is at stake, don't ya know.

What to expect from this bunch next?

God knows.

But you can count on this: Whatever it is, it too shall pass.

Me?  They lost me at cow farts.

Al Sharpton Gets One Right!

Sharpton Takes Credit For Zimmerman Murder Charge

- - -

A murder charge brought by Ms. Pollyanna Prosecutor a little too gleefully.

We Keep Doing What Don't Work

Every time the U.S. government threatens to impose more sanctions on Iran if Ahmadinejad takes his nuclear bomb research to the next level, the little twerp laughs and ramps up his nuclear bomb research.

The latest?  Obama is threatening ...

... to impose more sanctions on Iran.

What's that raucous laughter I hear?

Tweet of the Day

Apparently, I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine.

Uh, OK. Consider Me Outraged.

Yeah, it was wrong for those dozen or so Secret Service agents to go off (on their own time) and get tangled up with a bunch of Colombian hookers.  National security and all that (even though Obama hadn't yet arrived in country when the party was going on).  Yeah, it was wrong.

But I remember a certain President of the United States playing around with young women-not-his-wife in the freaking White House and yet he's considered by the press to be the best President evah and that dalliance to be just a manifestation of a silly quirk of his.  He liked young chicks and he didn't particularly like Hillary.  Oh, well.

So the Secret Service is in big trouble.  And the press is going apey.

Yeah.  Okay.