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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wall Street Is Booming

If only that boom translated into jobs:

U.S. Firms Add Jobs, but Mostly Overseas

Obama has saddled them with the highest corporate tax rate in the world; maybe he could force them to hire Americans too.  Kind of a corporate welfare program.

Expect Comrade Pelosi to introduce legislation any day ...

Chuckle of the Day

The nation of Colombia is demanding an apology from the United States government.

Because some of our federal employees underpaid its streetwalkers.

No.  It's not a joke:

Colombia's top diplomat demands apology from President Obama for Secret Service hooker scandal

Too funny.

Didn't They Do This Once Before?

Seems so ... right:

Germany announces plans for gun registry

So how'd that Weapons Act of 1938 work out for Germany's Jewish population?

Hey, where's Germany's Jewish population?

Getting The GOP House In Order ...

... by getting rid of the decrepit old furniture:

Palin endorses Mourdock over Dick Lugar in Indiana senate primary

Dick Lugar had his day.  A long, long time ago.

Do You Really Want Four More Years Of This?

From hope to mope:

It didn't have to be this way.

Sooner or Later ...

... all the "green" companies that Obama has been propping up with our tax dollars will fail.

Not that he won't keep their corpses propped up until he's gone and his likeness is on Mt. Rushmore.

The latest to plead potential doom:

After Massive Losses, Stimulus-Backed Company Asks for More Taxpayer Cash

Oh, why not.  It's only our hard-earned income.  What, you had something better to spend it on?

Quote of the Day

From Charles Krauthammer:
The Vice President has been over the last 30 years holds the American record for wrong on the most issues in foreign affairs ever. And the list starts with the nuclear freeze in the early ’80s against Thatcher and Reagan and Cole which is one of the follies of the era. He supported it. He was against aid to the Nicaraguan Contras which in the end brought democracy and ended the Sandinista rule at the time. He was against Reagan’s expansion of the defense budget which bankrupted the Soviet Union and led to the end of the Soviet Empire. He was against Reagan on Strategic Defenses, which is the big advantage that we have now in the missile age.

And look at where he was on Iraq. He opposed the first Iraq War, the Gulf War that liberated Kuwait that everybody agrees was a good thing. He supported the Iraq War which he, not I, which he says was a terrible mistake. And then when the surge happened, he opposed the surge in Iraq which rescued a losing war and ended with our leaving with our heads held high and some promise in the future. [link]
Krauthammer was responding to this speech given by Mr. Biden, a man best known for making a fool of himself on a regular basis.

This Is The Joe Biden We've Come To Expect

I can't help but remember all the derision heaped upon Sarah Palin for being a poor choice for Vice President:

Biden to donors: 'You all look dull as hell'

What a goof.

The Vice President of the United States.