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Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Economy Is On Its Way Down ... Again

And Obama's in Richmond today to talk about student loans.

And he'll be giving us all kinds of reasons to reelect him.

His Number One priority as President of the United States?

Don't expect him to say a whole lot about that.

Millions upon millions of Americans are out of work and he's off talking about student loans.

My God.

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Today there is just one person standing in the way of tens of thousands of new American jobs: President Obama.”

The Future Of The GOP

Keep an eye out for this one:

Liz Cheney eyes the political stage

Conservative.  Articulate.  And pleasing to the eye.

Hillary she ain't.


It's that time again that all good environmentalists eagerly await.  A chance to get together, pool their thoughts, make recommendations, and party like there's no tomorrow!  It's chug and puke time once again!

Tens of thousands to fly to Rio to discuss how to limit greenhouse gas emissions

Those protectors of the environment and saviors of the planet know a good thing when they see one.

MSNBC & Its Circus Clowns

I am so glad these people are Obama supporters:

MSNBC's Finney: Romney-Ryan Plan Would Kill Women By Their Mid-30s

For the love of God.  They make the least stable Romney supporter look sane.