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Monday, May 07, 2012

We Make Progress

There was a time when the Roanoke Times editorial page bitched and moaned about the fact that the Commonwealth of Virginia wasn't spending enough of our tax dollars on road repairs.  Now its complaint is that the Commonwealth isn't spending enough on new roads as opposed to the repair of  existing roads.

Or something.

See "Gridlocked and gutless."

And scratch your head along with the rest of us who are trying to figure out ...

... what's the beef?

Headline Of The Day

Not that it matters to millions of disinterested and self-interested voters:

Four Years of Obama Undoes [sic] Eight Years of Reagan

The country is in the toilet and millions will vote for 4 more years.

Jesus God.

Headline Of The Day II

He's lost that lovin' feeling:

Obama Launch Rally Crowd Yawns, Picks Noses.

How four years and a failed presidency can change things so dramatically, huh?

Tit For Tat

UN wants the US to return Native American lands

US Wants UN to return 760 United Nations Plaza.

Seattle 'Anarchists' Having Their Fun

It's easier to grasp what it is that motivates those badass "anarchists" in Seattle to wreck the downtown area on a regular basis if you understand that they're not anarchists at all.  They are, in fact, simply MMORPG'ers who have gone beyond being able to separate video from reality.

Knowing that helps explain this.

Without that understanding, the badass gamers would come across as simply being idiots.

Beware The Republican 'Pragmatist'

He's the guy who can be counted on to do the Democrats' bidding when it counts most.

A routine that is greatly appreciated - and is dutifully acknowledged - by them.

And speaking of Indiana Senator Richard Lugar ...

... the guy who is poised to send his sorry pragmatist ass back home - to suburban Washington D.C. - will have none of it.

From "In Indiana, tea party rattles a career of political pragmatism," challenger Richard Mourdock says it like it is:

"Honestly, as I look at our nation’s capital, I feel more frustrated with Republicans than Democrats ... [B]ipartisanship has taken us to the brink of bankruptcy. It is not bipartisanship we need, it is principle."

"Pragmatists" in the GOP - like Richard Lugar - (like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) - could always be expected to go along with the Democrats' destructive agenda - and voice misgivings while doing so (making them "moderates").

That pragmatism is what got this country in the awful mess it's in.

Richard Mourdock is having none of it.  He chooses principle over "getting along."

If only we here in Virginia had such Senators.

We Win

And the true believers in global warming lose:

Did dinosaurs cause climate change? Huge creatures may have contributed to their own demise because they produced so much flatulence, say scientists

If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest a change in title to the editor of that London Daily Mail piece.  The word "scientists," in this case, should be in quotation marks.

To quote Wikipedia:

"In English writing, quotation marks or inverted commas (informally referred to as quotes or speech marks) ... can ...be used to indicate a different meaning of a word or phrase than the one typically associated with it and are often used to express irony."

I'd say a scientist who dreams up a theory without the slightest shred of evidence but with a boatload of wishful thinking is - at least - ironic.

If not downright pathetic.

Ignorance Is Bliss


"The Federalist Papers are not even taught in law schools. If our best and brightest aren’t taught these things, how can we possibly defend our Constitution? Answer: We can’t. It is a crisis of ignorance."

A crisis of ignorance.

A crisis easily predicted when prospective lawyers began spending more time studying Oprah than studying those who shaped our legal system.

A sad state of affairs indeed.

France Has a New Leader

There was a time - back in the 90's - when I was making this claim when referring to President Bubba:

"You don't really know what he believes in. Indeed, I don't think he knows what he believes in."

I was the first in the country to declare Bill Clinton our first existential President.  Check the history books.  At any given time he could be counted on to say just about anything.  No matter how contradictory.  And believe what he says every time he says it.

That's not to say the man was stupid.  Just ... grossly persuadable.

That quote above, though, is said about France's new leader, Francois Hollande.

"You don't really know what he believes in. Indeed, I don't think he knows what he believes in."

For the sake of the French people, let's hope the dude is simply a Bill Clinton.

And not a clueless dork.

A Stat Worth Noting

When it comes to domestic terrorism The Blaze tallies the score:

This is a running total, by the way.  We'll keep it current.

As for those who claim that "the tea party's terrorist tactics" are destroying the country, one must shake one's head in wonder.

What idiots.

To Them It's All About Race

I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that race relations are worse now than they've been since the 60's - the days of Bull Connor and Lester Maddox. Orval Faubus. A sad irony considering the fact that Barack Obama's coronation was to have ended all that for good.

Though that last fact was never a fact at all.  Obama was never going to be a healer.  It was, as is now obvious to everyone, an election ploy.

In truth Obama wears his race on his sleeve.

As does his political party.

That's why this should surprise no one: A Cuban-American, according to Democrats, is not an Hispanic-American.

It's not about healing.  Or coming together.

It's about racial division.

A sad, sad commentary.

A sad time in which we live.

I'll Be Darned

Anderson Cooper (of all people), interviewing a radical leftist Obama supporter on his CNN "Anderson Cooper 360 show, actually takes a spokesman for MoveOn.org to task for his (silly) charge that Republicans are waging a war on women.

See "CNN not exactly buying the War on Wimmenses meme."

A voice of reason.  Was Anderson Cooper ill that evening or something?

In any case, thanks go out to Mr. Cooper for keeping it real.  If only for a moment ...