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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Understanding West Virginia

It was inevitable that Democratic Party bigwigs would accuse Democrats in West Virginia of racism for their having nearly voted for a convicted crook for President over their Chosen One on Tuesday.  Sure enough:


Such the shock.

But here's what those accusers need to wrap their brains around.  It's not about the color of Obama's skin.  It's about the color of the product that half of West Virginians depend on for their livelihood, coming out of the industry that Obama has professed his intention to destroy.

It's all about BLACK all right.

His threat to further impoverish the good people of West Virginia - mostly loyal Democrats - will have this effect:

How a Felon Beat Obama in 9 W.V. Counties

Obama wants to wage war on coal?

Bring it, tough guy.

The GOP's War On Women

I'm sure our President will find a way to blame them for this somehow:

324,000 Women Dropped Out of Labor Force in Last Two Months--As Number of Women Not in Labor Force Hits Historic High

Remember when - not long ago - Obama's Number One priority was JOBS?

Turns out, through diligent effort, he's made Suzy Homemaker a household word again.

Four more years!  Four more years!  Four ...

Have You Learned Mandarin Yet?

Get with it, Ernie Li Feng:

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover

It's just a matter of time ...

I Am Black

I wrote the other day that it's hard for me to criticize (though not to ridicule) Democrat Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren for fudging her resumé in order to get hired by Harvard Law School when I have advocated that others do the same thing.  Affirmative Action will make the difference?  Hey ...

... I am black.

(Or gay or transsexual or Hispanic or Aleut; depending on which quota the person doing the hiring wants to fill.)

Well, how about we kick it up to the next level.  How about we all join in and really screw 'em up:
Learn from Elizabeth Warren
By Steven Plaut, American Thinker

I think the attacks against Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an American Indian to advance her career, are wrong. To the contrary, she simply did what we all should be doing! She sabotaged America's racist affirmative action regime, or -- the term I prefer to call it -- America's affirmative apartheid.

She should be our role model. We should all do the same thing she did and proclaim ourselves members of whichever fashionable list of preferred "minorities" the racists administering affirmative apartheid happen to be promoting this week. [link]
Let's all be black. And stop the silly quota system America's smarter class has devised for us.

United States v. Sir Mix-A-Lot

There are those out there who think Americans are overweight and require government intervention.

Rumor has it they are Democrats.


That is, the interventionists are Democrats.

But then ...

... so are a whole lot of the interventionees.

After all, the largest, most faithful Democrat constituency out there - black folks - celebrates ...

... Big Butts.

How about they decide what they want and get back to us.

* I have to admit, I've always loved that song.  "I like big butts and I cannot lie ..."

Useless Trivia

Here's some information that will change your life.  Or not.  Remember the name Robert Lincoln?  He was the only son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to reach adulthood.  That may not be particularly remarkable, but this is:
Robert Lincoln was coincidentally either present or nearby when three presidential assassinations occurred.

● At President James A. Garfield's invitation, Lincoln was at the Sixth Street Train Station in Washington, D.C., where the President was shot by Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881, and was an eyewitness to the event. Lincoln was serving as Garfield's Secretary of War at the time.

● At President William McKinley's invitation, Lincoln was at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, where the President was shot by Leon F. Czolgosz on September 6, 1901, though he was not an eyewitness to the event.

● Lincoln was not present at his father's assassination. But, he was nearby and arrived at Ford's Theater shortly after his father was shot. [source]
He's what you call, without doubt, an eyewitness to history.

Headline of the Day

Voters Say We Are All Inmate No. 11593-051 Now

Looks Like He's 'Evolved' Again

A man of conviction if there ever was one:

Obama Officially Admits He Supports Gay Marriage

Well, sorta.  He's okay if states ban it.  Figure that one out.

You'll have to wait for the next round of "evolution" if you want him to actually do something about it one way or another.

- - -

Headline in today's Investor's Business Daily:

Obama 'Evolves,' Marriage Dissolves

Well, not yet it has't. Not till he crowns himself king.

- - -

Michelle Malkin:

"Remember, it’s not a flip-flop or anything like that — it’s an evolution."

- - -

James Taranto:

"It's pretty rich that Obama keeps accusing Republicans of 'social Darwinism' when he's the one who's evolving."

- - -

Bottom line: Unless Obama's opinion "evolves" again - which is likely - he and I agree on the legality of the issue of homosexual marriage.  It's a matter to be left up to the states.

Never let it be said that I oppose every political position the dude has taken.  Obama and I agree on this.

- - -


The Barack Obama of Wednesday denounces the Barack Obama of Monday as a closed-minded bigot.

Don't be playing us for fools, chump.

- - -

A thought.  Much is being made of the fact that Obama's position on gay marriage is "evolving."  Will his position on gun ownership soon start "evolving" - when he thinks it's to his political advantage - too?

We all know it's just a matter of time ...

Who Made Him King?

I do solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty the King, his heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God. 

Barack Obama yesterday:

"When I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf ...

Not even, pal.

Not yet anyway.