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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New York Times Asks ...

... I answer.

How Should Obama Appeal to the Disenchanted?

By slashing America's confiscatory tax rates, eliminating the mountain of burdensome and costly regulations, stopping ObamaCare before it can do any more harm, drastically reducing federal spending ...

... and resigning.

Want to end the widespread disenchantment?  Create conditions such that the American people can - with energy and enthusiasm - work toward the goal of achieving the American Dream once again, rather than conditions such as they are today in which they wait by the mail box for a check from the government.

And go back to Chicago in disgrace.

Or, as Virginia's Governor put it the other day: "Our bipartisan effort [to] enact pro-business policies focused on job creation continues to foster a recovery more robust than elsewhere in the nation."

Asked.  Answered.

Bankruptcy Explained

If you understand that the project was never intended to make money, that it was only in existence to funnel cash from the Obama government to a serious Obama campaign contributor, then this makes perfect sense:

LightSquared files for bankruptcy protection

Everyone got what he wanted.  The company is on its way toward distinction.

Smiles all around.

Obama's Campaign Slogan To Appeal To The Masses


Kinda catchy:

All he needs now is a flag, some armbands, a gas chamber ...

This Is Cute

Kumbaya.  Democrats and Republicans working together.  To make for a few chuckles:

A sense of humor can help sometimes.


From the magazine that gave you a cover story with a nice shot of a woman's breast and a forever-humiliated child's lips attached to it comes this:

Global Warming: An Exclusive Look at James Hansen’s Scary New Math: A new analysis by the NASA climatologist for the first time ties specific weather events to human-induced climate change


The kind of stuff that Macbeth's witches were known for.

But wait.  There is a common thread between the breastfeeding story and that of James Hansen:


Palin Makes Her Mark


Just two weeks ago, the battle for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska was between state Attorney General Jim Bruning and state Treasurer Don Stenburg. Neither inspired the growing base of conservative voters. They were, to be charitable, standard conservative-ish career politicians. Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin shook up the race with a late endorsement of state Senator Debby Fischer. It made all the difference.

Sarah!  Sarah!  Sarah!

Jock Classes Have 'Evolved'

In my day quite a few of the athletes on campus majored in something called "exercise science."  It was assumed, though I never pursued it, that the ... discipline ... was created just so they could major in something and not have to exercise their minds or distract them from the real reason they were in that institution of ... higher ... learning.

These days?

"Applied kinesiology" has given way, it seems, to African and Afro-American Studies.

They don't want their athletes hurting themselves in the process of getting their college degree.  Thus ...

It Could Be Close

As the Arkansas primary nears, the polls show a tight race ...
45% – Barack Obama
38% – John Wolfe
17% – Undecided
... in the Democratic primary.

You know, it's not too late for you all to come up with someone else.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

I hope the national GOP and the Romney campaign absorb this lesson. The left, through their mouthpieces in the media can talk a big game, but at the end of the day there is just no there, there.

But I Thought He Hated The Big Banks

And the rich ...

Obama has up to $1M in JPMorgan Chase holdings

I ... don't ... get ... it.

What Has The GOP's 'War on Women' Brought About??

President Obama’s claim that the GOP is mounting a war on women has proven to be a failure. A month into his assault on the Republicans and Mitt Romney, the new CBS-New York Times poll shows that the GOP presidential candidate now leads among women--and men.

The President and his pals in the media play foolish games, they should expect such results.

* Note: The poll was taken among registered voters rather than "likely voters," but the prior month the same poll had Obama at 49 and Romney at 43 among women. A significant shift.

Chris Matthews Deserves This

Since he's the genius who suggested that Sarah Palin go on the TV show "Jeopardy" and prove to the world that she doesn't know anything.

So who appeared the other night on "Jeopardy"?

MSNBC's brainiac Chris Matthews.

And the rest is history ...

Ah, the sweet smell of public disgrace.