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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just What We Need, A U.N.-Loving Leftist

You folks in Virginia's 9th Congressional District would do yourselves well to learn the term "sustainability" as the United Nations defines it.  Key term: "Save the planet."

Knowing what little I know about the term and those who espouse its tenets, I wonder if the planet can endure such "saving" much longer.

But there he is.  A Democrat has emerged to take on Republican Morgan Griffith in the upcoming Congressional election in November.  An honest-to-God sustainabilityist.

From today's Roanoke Times:
Democrats pick Douglass, Flaccavento to challenge in 5th, 9th Districts
By Brian Kelley and Lerone Graham

In the 9th District, Democrats held their convention in Dublin, where Abingdon sustainability consultant and farmer Anthony Flaccavento secured the nomination in his bid to challenge another freshman Republican, Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem.

Flaccavento was excited about the nomination, and said that the party appears energized, based on the convention being a packed house.

"I think the Democrats are getting the wind back in their sails," he said.

Flaccavento said he feels that his entrepreneurial background and the ability to both start and finish projects gained the confidence of his party. Now that he has been formally nominated, Flaccavento said he plans to aggressively connect with people in the district to learn their thoughts and concerns. He has more than 400 volunteers for his campaign so far and Flaccavento said he wants to reach out to all demographics of people to make himself known.

"I think it's going to be exciting. We're going to be a very well organized campaign," he said. [link]
Yeah. Whatever.  He's found a bunch of mindless, moneyless, misguided tree-huggers in Abingdon to nail campaign signs to the area's trees for him.

So what do we know about this "sustainability consultant" other than the fact that he has a good southern last name?


But what do we know about "sustainability"?

Fortunately for us - unfortunately for him - a whole lot.  Something you all in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia might find interesting - the "sustainability movement" and the "climate movement" are one in the same.  Cap-and-trade anyone?  For coal, to Mr. Flaccavento, is little more than a foul-smelling four-letter word.

And this: If you think that $8 CFL lightbulb is the one thing that is going to save the planet, you'll love the sustainability movement.  I'm guessing that part of this Anthony Flaccavento's consulting schtick is to advise everyone to "go green."  Well, as we've learned, "going green" means your green - green as in money - is gone.  Fossil fuels?  Don't make them puke.  $800 a month electric bills?  Just think what you're doing to save the planet Al Gore's estates and lifestyle.

So we have us a "greenie" running for Congress.  In the reddest Congressional District in the entire freaking United States of America.  Our District.

Bring it on, big guy.  We weren't done with Rick Boucher and we're all still itching to get back to that debate about the damage that his kind - your kind - has done us.

A suggestion for Mr. Flaccavento: Can you get the Bristol Herald Courier to publish a photo of yourself with Barack Obama's arm around you, giving you a big squeeze?

That strategy worked out well for this guy:

Last seen wandering in a daze along some hiking trail in Damascus ...

Where Is Fauquier County?

And how can someone living there even think he can represent the interests of Southside Virginia?

As odd as such a scenario presents, that's the plan virginia's Democrats have devised to unseat popular 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt.

Can you say ... WING AND A PRAYER?
Democrats pick Douglass, Flaccavento to challenge in 5th, 9th Districts
By Brian Kelley and Lerone Graham, Roanoke Times

Democrats on Saturday nominated a retired Air Force brigadier general to challenge freshman Republican Rep. Robert Hurt for the 5th District seat in November.

At the party's district convention in Lovingston, some 220 Democrats chose John Douglass, who lives and farms in Fauquier County, to challenge Hurt, a lawyer and former state legislator from Chatham. The 5th District runs from Northern Virginia to Southside, with Charlottesville and Albemarle County in its center. It includes Franklin County.

The full contingent of delegates "were on their feet most of the time [Douglass] was talking, clapping and screaming," said Fred Hudson, 5th District chairman.

Douglass had an unobstructed path to the nomination after an earlier challenger dropped out of the race. [link]
I know. I know. Morgan Griffith didn't live in the 9th District when he ran to unseat Rick Boucher two years ago. He lived yards (!) outside.

But Fauquier County? Does anyone in Southside even know where that is? It's up there to the Left of Washington D.C.. Politically and geographically.

I can picture it now. Someone has gotten this old dude a map and is going over it with the Democratic nominee ...

This is Danville over here. And way down here is Martinsville. Ever heard of NASCAR? And around here is where tobacco used to be raised. You own a Confederate flag by any chance? They wear Goodwill clothes down there. Do you have any tattered clothing? A straw hat maybe?  Could you remove a tooth or two so that you fit in with the crowd down there?  And this is ...

Obama Should Heed This Advice

Because it comes from the man who has intimate experience with such strategies.  He was chief-of-staff to the Vice President who - had George H.W. Bush heeded my advice - should have been gently let go in 1992.  A move that would have certainly won Bush The Elder the election.

Bill Kristol's advice to Barack Obama, 2012:

"[W]e sincerely suggest to President Obama: Dump Joe Biden."

Good advice.

Biden's a goof, by anyone's standard.  And, if the only reason Obama chose him to be the Veep candidate in 2008 was because Obama needed to bolster his foreign policy bona fides, that need, four years on, no longer exists.  And, just as important, Biden provides no plus to the ticket.  What, he's the brains of the outfit?  The moral leavening within the administration?   The darling of some favored constituency?  A ferocious fundraiser?

How about None of the Above?

Biden should go.  Giving the President the chance to bring in a new face, fresh blood.

Had GHW Bush done the same all those years ago - loyalties aside - and ceremoniously dumped his weighty baggage - Dan Quayle - the history books would read a whole lot differently today

How About We Let Scientists Vote Again?

Al Gore is still at it.  He's still wanting everyone to believe  - pleeeaaase - that there is consensus within the scientific community that anthropogenic global warming exists and is a growing problem.  His latest, in billboard form:

"Heartland," of course, is the organization that has the audacity to do what scientists once did not long ago - that being to question hypotheses and to seek and obtain knowledge.

But never mind that.

How about we call Al Gore's bluff?

Notice anything odd about that scientific community?  Notice how silent its been in recent years?

The silence is deafening.

The silence speaks.


How about we ask "every national scientific academy in the world" those questions once again, Al - knowing what we now know about the globe not warming this century:

Do your members, as learned and objective scientists, still contend that the planet is warming?  If they do, how do they support such a contention knowing that empirical data defy such a notion?  And if the planet is not warming - as the facts prove - what role has carbon dioxide - i.e., humans - had on global temperatures?

Put it to a vote, Al.

Or pretend it's 1995 for the rest of your life.

Even in "Groundhog Day," the asshole finally came around.  Time to come back down to earth, man.

When Socialists Meet ...

... what other proposal might they come up with?

At Camp David, world leaders agree on more spending to boost Europe’s economy

Color me shocked.

Elizabeth Warren, Accidental Hero?

That's what Glenn Reynolds is pondering.

And for good reason.

She's made an utter mockery of the "affirmative action" world.

But then it was pretty much a joke long before Princess Fauxcahontas came along.

Why Gov't Is Not To Be Trusted

Because the people running it aren't spending their own money.

A story.  One of millions like it:

So someone decides a small Putnam County public library in Hurricane, West Virginia needed a new router for its four computer terminals.  Did that nameless, faceless government bureaucrat go out with your hard-earned income and buy one of these for $37?
 Or one of these for $22,600?
Need you even ask?

State paid $22K each for Internet routers

Oh.  Yeah.  That's "routers" - plural. The state actually bought 1,064 of these jewels.  Reason totally unknown to any normal human being.

The upside?

That purchase didn't cost the government bureaucrat one thin dime.

So what if you were contemplating sending your kids to college ...

The Obama Kenya Conundrum

One needn't be a "birther" or a conspiracy nut to ask this simple question:

Why did Obama’s agents think he was born in Kenya?

The excuse offered by Obama's one-time literary agency is that it was a fact-checking error.  But how many sources existed back then that might have provided any facts about Barack Obama other than Barack Obama?

I think that agent owes America an explanation as to where that "fact" - poorly checked as it was - came from.

An explanation that, I'm sure, we'll be doing without.

Despite that - and because of that - this is one of those stories that makes you go hmmmmmm.

Where's Andrew Breitbart when we need him?

Mark Steyn:

"So the lunatic theory that Barack Obama doesn’t meet the minimum eligibility requirements to be president of the United States was first advanced by Barack Obama’s official representative. Where did she get that wacky idea from?"


Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break

Give me a break.

Rush Limbaugh On The Ropes

The National Organization For Women - that crazy-left organization often referred to by Rush Limbaugh as "the NOW gang," or "Nags" - is out to get him.  They've launched an "Enough Rush" campaign with the intention of getting him booted from his hugely popular radio show.

As part of that campaign they prepared a mass demonstration in Washington to make real that goal.

That mass protest took place yesterday.

Seven Nags showed up.


As Doug Powers refers to them - and as they'll be forever known - the NAGnificent Seven.

At the same time those seven nitwits were protesting his existence, millions of Americans were tuned into Rush's show.

Guess who gets favorable coverage from the crazy-left media.  Those seven wrinkled old prunes.

Go figure.