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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet The 9th District Congressional Candidate

His name is Anthony Flaccavento. Democratic candidate for Congress. Here in Southwest Virginia. Where the coal industry is under assault, the manufacturing sector is taking a beating, and jobs are fleeing to China and Indonesia.  Where hope is but an empty word that Barack Obama will come down here - now that it's election time - and once again defecate in a speech in Bristol, before making his escape to less stinky surroundings.

Mr. Flaccavento's biggest concern?

Green shit.

Someone somewhere in Virginia's Democratic organization selected this guy to be its candidate to oppose Morgan Griffith here in the 9th District.  Whoever he is, Brian Moran ought to take him out back and shoot him.

- - -

* A special note to Flaccavento's handlers: You'd do your candidate well to take the quote off his website attributed to the most radical environmentalist on the face of the earth.  You wouldn't want voters in Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Tazewell, and Wise counties knowing that your guy is in league with a man who has vowed to get arrested to stop the burning of coal.

Or leave it.  And win Abingdon.

It's up to you.

A House Divided

Obama might very well have enough support in the liberal Northeast, the Rust Belt, and the West Coast to win reelection.  But everywhere else he's almost universally unpopular.  The signs abound.

The latest?

Along with the embarrassing primary election results in West Virginia comes this news:

4 in 10 Democrats desert Obama in Arkansas, Kentucky primaries

4 in 10 Democrats outside the screwed-up Northeast, the dying Rust Belt, and screwed-up California want someone other than Mr. Majestic running the country.

He may win in November.

If so, America will certainly be worse off for it.

Because nothing will change.  Nothing will change.

The Times They Are A'changin'

When I think of the Republican Party that was, I see the faces of Arlen Specter, Dick Lugar, that worm in Rhode Island whose name I've already forgotten (oh, yeah), Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, all the way back to Gerald Ford to Nelson Rockefeller.  Republicans who were different from their Democrat contemporaries only to the degree to which - and the speed at which - they were willing to cooperate with those who have made government bigger, private savings accounts smaller, and individual freedoms rarer.

But today's GOP is evolving.  In a thousand races in a thousand towns and districts, a new breed of Republican is joining the ranks.  Our guys and gals.

The latest:
Kentucky: Thomas Massie Wins GOP Nomination
By Joshua Miller, Roll Call

In a stinging rebuke of the Kentucky Republican establishment, tea-party-affiliated Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie won tonight’s GOP primary to replace retiring Rep. Geoff Davis (R) in the 4th district.

With 72 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press called the race for Massie. He had 44.9 percent of vote, state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington had 29 percent and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore had 17.4 percent.

Davis, along with former Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning (R), backed Webb-Edgington, who had broad establishment support. Conservative Republican Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Mike Lee (Utah) backed Massie.

The district is safe Republican turf, so Massie is almost certain to be a Member of the 113th Congress.

His campaign was given a boost by a half-million-dollar independent expenditure from a Texas-based super PAC reportedly funded by a wealthy college student. But, more than that, the blessing of Paul helped Massie pull out a victory in this northern Kentucky district that one GOP operative described as “tea party central.” [link]
Move over, old-timers. There are new players on the field.

And America will be better for them.

"A stinging rebuke of the Republican establishment."  Music to our ears.

Headline of the Day

Would Obama be president if he had been busted years ago under laws he now condones for doing drugs?

They Set The Rules Of Engagement

So this (from Instapundit) is what we can expect from Obama's press:

"BUT REMEMBER, TALKING ABOUT OBAMA’S CHURCH IS RACIST OR SOMETHING: Another NYT article about Mormons and the presidential election."

Twenty-one million Americans are either unemployed or under-employed.  And the New York Times wants us to be concerned about the freaking Mormon church.

Ain't gonna happen, fellas.  Ain't gonna happen.

For a Famed Community Organizer ...

... this sure doesn't speak well for the leader (?) of the Democratic Party:

"The president didn't come up through Democratic Party institutions, and now he has little organic connection to it."

See a pattern here?

Nobody knows to this day who Obama was before he entered Chicago politics.  Nobody outside his immediate family knows who he is today.  And the political party that he's nominally in charge of has no connection to him whatsoever.

He'll be leaving office (hopefully soon) and will recede into that fog out of which he came.

A strange one for the history books indeed.

It Doesn't Matter

You'd think a business model that allows for those directing the corporation to openly display their hatred for the majority of its potential customers - that segment of the population that isn't liberal - would be seen as being disastrous for that corporation's future growth.

But no.

They hate us.

We tune them out.

Resulting in ...

Big Three Evening Newscasts At or Near All-Time 25-54 Demographic Lows

Yet nothing will change.

"Not with a bang but a whimper ...".

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