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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quote of the Day

From Instapundit:

"So in essence, the media — by creating all this 'notoriety' via false storylines not supported by the evidence — have hurt [George] Zimmerman’s chances for fair treatment in court. Nice work, folks."

When this is all over - as that other wrongly accused American once asked - where does George Zimmerman go to get his reputation back?

Romney and Mormonism. Again.

If only the press had been as diligent about Obama's past.

Come to think of it, if only the press would be diligent today about Obama's past.

What do we know about the guy who occupies space in the White House all these years after he became president?


But, by God, we're getting a daily lesson on Mormonism.

Today's offering, from the leftist Politico:

Romney's Mormon faith in spotlight

The alternative is to put Obama's failures in the spotlight.

Or, heaven forbid, Occidental College's curious acceptance of a doped-up high school loser's application for admittance.

Or, for that matter, how a guy can get away with writing a non-fiction autobiography that is fiction.

No.  Let's learn all about the Mormons of 1867.  Again.  The future of our republic depends upon it.

For the love of God.

What Does It Take To Get Into Occidental College?

I have no reason to question Barack Obama's place of birth (except for information that he himself provided his first publisher).  Until someone finds credible evidence to the contrary, I'll assume he was born in Honolulu.

What I find curious about his biography, though, has to do with that part of his life that had him drunk and high - again by his admission - in high school, skipping classes in order to go out back and "choom" weed, keeping himself in a perpetual state of blotto, but somehow being subsequently accepted to Occidental College upon graduation.

How'd that come about?

Were there no academic requirements there?

Did Occidental do a Harvard/Elizabeth Warren and admit Obama simply because he was (half-) black?

The two chapters in his biography don't jibe.

And answers won't be forthcoming.

At least not until 60 Minutes does an exposé the month after he leaves office.

I Feel Sorry For This Democrat

Circumstances very much in his control are twisting him in knots:
Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame
By William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

It's a simple question: Does the Indiana Democrat running for the U.S. Senate support Notre Dame's lawsuit against the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate?

After all, the Democrat in question, Joe Donnelly, is a double Domer, boasting both undergraduate and law degrees from Notre Dame. He represents South Bend in Congress. Last week his Republican opponent, Richard Mourdock, used a visit to that city to declare his own support for the university's effort.

"It's ironic that a graduate of Ball State should be here defending Notre Dame when a Notre Dame graduate, my opponent Joe Donnelly, refuses to do so," said Mr. Mourdock. In response, Mr. Donnelly told the South Bend Tribune that he supports a solution and continues to "monitor the process."

When asked by this reporter for a follow-up, his spokesman emailed a statement in which Mr. Donnelly repeated his call for a solution that would exempt religious organizations, and he said that his alma mater has the "right" to go to court.

It's an indirect statement, and beyond its complaints that Mr. Mourdock is "picking a partisan fight," it goes to considerable lengths to avoid saying simply: I support Notre Dame in its suit and hope the school prevails.

Mr. Donnelly has President Obama to thank for this predicament. The Indiana congressman was among the pro-life Democrats who folded on the health-care bill after a last-minute phone call from a former Notre Dame president, the Rev. Ted Hesburgh—a call made at the urging of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The contraceptive mandate has now put Mr. Donnelly in another squeeze. He claims he wants a solution that would protect religious groups. But he rejects a legislative solution and declines to say outright that he wishes Notre Dame victory in its suit. [link]
Got that last bit? This Donnelly character - trying to be the politician - wants there to be a solution to the problem he's brought upon himself. Just not a legislative solution and not necessarily a solution brought about by the courts.

What, he wants God to intervene? George Clooney? The Girl Scouts?

Squirm, dude. You're deserving of the pickle you've gotten yourself in.

Only The Press Could Get Away With This

Schieffer Calls His Anti-Reagan Book ‘Accurate,’ But Admits ‘It Is Not Entirely True’ 

Well, the press and its favored guy in the White House.

Birds of a feather ...

I Remember This Used To Be Us

Huge Australian coal mine wins conditional approval

Now we brag about the number of laid off coal miners who are provided food stamps, housing assistance, and ObamaCare.