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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Earth To Poland:

Get a life.

Do you really think people are going to think you ran the Nazi death camps in your country in the 40's because some dude in the U.S. White House was too lazy to put a properly constructed sentence together?

Seems so.

But really?.

A Good Line

I chuckled when I read this (after having gotten my blood pressure under control after having written this):

"A Marxist, breast-feeding Cherokee Indian Senate candidate taking a bar exam. At least I no longer have to wonder what I’m going to dress up as for Halloween this year."

That's Michelle Malkin spanking hapless Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

Good stuff.

This Grates

Every time I hear or read of someone making this charge, it makes me want to scream.  The charge?

The United States - and the rest of the free world - "didn't do enough" to stop the Nazis' extermination of Jews in Europe in the 1940's.

I read it again today:

"Among this year's 13 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Mr. Obama posthumously honored Jan Karski. As a member of the Polish underground during World War II, Karski was the first to provide eyewitness evidence of the Nazi extermination of Jews in occupied Europe. In 1942, he sneaked into the Warsaw ghetto and a German death camp, then made it out to London and Washington—no easy task at the time—to call on Western leaders to save the Jews. This effort included a meeting with President Roosevelt. But Karski was ignored. 'No one did enough,' Karski said later. But he did more than anyone at the time."

Karski can be forgiven for having said that.  After all, he's dead.  And, to be sure, he lived the nightmare.

But no one did enough to end the Nazi nightmare?

How much more American blood would have been "enough"?

America didn't do enough.  Bullshit.

* For those wondering, the second photo is of the World War II Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial in Saint-Avold, France, where 10,489 American soldiers - none of whom "did enough" - but all of whom would have otherwise lead happy, productive lives back home had they not made the ultimate sacrifice - are buried.  In all, over 400,000 Americans gave their lives so that this guy could denigrate their service by saying they - in dying - "didn't do enough."

Take it somewhere else.  I have no patience for it.



Washington Post's Strauss, Who Sends Her Kids to Private Schools, Rails Against Romney's Support for Vouchers


MSNBC Delusion

What?  Republicans in Florida are snuffing people?

Seems so.

At least that's what liberal MSNBC moonbat Martin Bashir wants you to believe:

"MSNBC's Bashir: Florida Voter 'Purge' One That 'Stalin Would Admire'; But 'Purge' Amounts to Just 0.02% of Fla. Voters."

Read the article and you find out that, in fact, Florida has "purged" nobody.  The state voting registrar has simply sent out notices asking 0.02% of the (possible) population if the recipients are (a) still alive and (b) legal residents of the United States.

No Lubyanka prison.

No KGB shot in the back of the head.

No Gulag Archipelago.

A letter in the mail.

For the love of God.

Texas Style

I envision W doing a Texas two-step on Barack Obama's forehead:

"President Barack Obama can't seem to stop bad-mouthing the record of former President George W. Bush. But on Thursday, Obama is going to welcome his predecessor and proudly preside as Bush's image and legacy are enshrined at the White House forever."

I'll admit, Bush is a better man than me.  If I had been lied about - repeatedly - for years now - like Obama has about his immediate predecessor, I'd be wanting to lay some hurt on the man.

Here's to the better man.

* Note to Secret Service: That's a figurative "laying of hurt."

Say What?

Every now and then you read a headline that makes you want to not go near the accompanying story.  This is one of those:


I don't know.  I don't want to know.