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Friday, June 01, 2012

Environmentalists Declare War

Congressman Morgan Griffith on the new battlefront that the Left in this country has opened up in its ongoing  effort to destroy our way of life:
"We are going to be preventing new gas plants from being built wherever we can."

That's what the Sierra Club's Executive Director told National Journal in an interview.

I have been saying it for the last two years -- President Obama and his liberal, environmentalist allies despise natural gas just as much as they despise coal and oil. Here's an excerpt from a recent news article that shows just how serious these folks are about killing natural gas.

The media are finally catching up to America's shale natural gas boom, with even Fortune magazine waddling in with a cover story. But the bigger recent news is that one of the most powerful environmental lobbies, the Sierra Club, is mounting a major campaign to kill the industry.

The battle plan is called "Beyond Natural Gas," and Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune announced the goal in an interview with the National Journal this month: "We're going to be preventing new gas plants from being built wherever we can." The big green lobbying machine has rolled out a new website that says "The natural gas industry is dirty, dangerous and running amok" and that "The closer we look at natural gas, the dirtier it appears; and the less of it we burn, the better off we will be." So the goal is to shut the industry down, not merely to impose higher safety standards.

Natural Gas accounts for almost a quarter of our energy production in the United States. Like coal, it is one of the cheapest and most reliable form of energy available today.

That is just the problem though. Coal, oil and natural gas are all cheaper and more reliable than the energy sources being peddled by President Obama's liberal donors. So now he has to shut these industries down.

With energy policies like this, it's no wonder our economy can't get moving again. Every time it looks like the hard-working American people are about to turn the corner, and kickstart the fire of entrepreneurism, this administration throws a wet blanket on it.

I think it's clearly time for a new President - and a new way of thinking about energy in Washington. That's why this election is so important.

I am ready and willing to keep fighting for you. If we stand together, I know we can win this election, and we can put our country back on the right track.
The fight of our lifetime. One we cannot afford to lose.

* Received via email.

Economy Takes a Turn For The Worst

George Allen released the following statement on the latest jobs report:
“Today’s disappointing jobs report is another reminder that the over-regulating, over-spending policies coming out of Washington continue to diminish opportunities for Americans. Far too many men and women are still looking for work or are underemployed three years after President Obama and Tim Kaine said that their $800 Billion stimulus would 'jumpstart' the economy. Chronic unemployment is the result of the failed economic policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine. More spending on bigger government programs is not the answer – the best social program is a job. It’s time for real leadership in Washington that will support pro-job growth policies that empower small businesses and job-creators by lowering tax burdens, reining in regulations, and unleashing America’s plentiful energy resources. As a former railroad worker, current small business owner and cattle farmer said today in patriotic Bedford, 'I want government to get off my back and out of my pocket.”
Spot on.

* Received via email.

McAuliffe For Governor? Again?

This must be a joke:
Democrats line up behind McAuliffe for governor
By Michael Sluss, Blue Ridge Caucus

The Terry McAuliffe bandwagon hasn’t left the station yet, but a lot of Virginia Democrats are jumping on board.

About 400 state party leaders, elected officials and activists have declared their support for McAuliffe’s anticipated 2013 gubernatorial bid. The former Democratic National Committee chairman is expected to make his candidacy official after this year’s presidential election. And unlike 2009, when he finished a distant second to Creigh Deeds in a three-way primary, McAuliffe has pledges of support from activists and operatives in all corners of the state.

“We believe Terry will be a strong nominee who will take back the Governor’s Mansion and help candidates up and down the ballot next year,” said Susan Swecker of Richmond, a Democratic National Committee member who helped organize the effort to line up support for McAuliffe. “His strong business background and big bold ideas will enable him to hit the ground running.”

The show of support for McAuliffe comes two days before state Democrats gather for a party convention in Fairfax County. And it will go a long way toward squelching talk of a another run for governor by U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, a prospect that already seemed unlikely. [link]
I'll tell you what impresses me about this announcement.  It required major organizing skills on McAuliffe's part to get all 400 of his supporters from his historic flame-out in 2009, supporters from all parts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to show up again in the same room.

Because that's all the support he had back then.  400.  If you include the illegals up in Prince William County.

And there's absolutely no evidence that he'll have any more now.

Maybe it was the autographed photos of Hillary he was handing out that got them together.  Who knows.  It sure had nothing to do with Democrats looking at coattails ...

Takin' It To 'Em

Romney: I'll call your Bain Capital and raise you one Solyndra:

Maybe this guy - unlike McCain - knows how to punch back.

Without Enemies Like These ...

... we'd have to invent them just for the entertainment value.

Here's one of the Democrats' shining stars, Sheila Jackson Lee, on a bill before Congress that would have made it illegal for Planned Parenthood to kill a child simply and only because that child was female (it's called sex-selective abortion).  Enjoy the hyperbolic nonsense, if you can follow it:

I think the next act will be dragging women out of patient rooms into the streets and screaming over their bodies as they get dragged out of getting access to women’s health care,” she said. “That’s what I feel like is occurring today with the legislation that is on the floor. Thomas, first of all, there is bipartisan and unilateral and unanimous support that we should not have agenda-based abortions for the sake of getting one gender over another. That’s a human, humane and humanitarian issue that none of us quarrel with.”

Feeling a little whiplash?

Nobody quarrels with legislation that she opposes.  Or something.

This is better than watching Swedish bikini mud wrestling on Spike TV, in't it?

John Edwards Verdict Is In!

And I don't really care ...

Elizabeth Warren, Clawing, Screaming ...

... gets closer to telling the whole truth.  That truth being that she lied to get a lucrative job at Harvard Law School by gaming the higher education "diversity" game.

Here's the latest in her come-to-Jesus journey:
Warren says she told schools of heritage
By Mary Carmichael and Stephanie Ebbert

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren acknowledged for the first time late Wednesday night that she told Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania that she was Native American, but she continued to insist that race played no role in her recruitment.

“At some point after I was hired by them, I . . . provided that information to the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard,’’ she said in a statement issued by her campaign. “My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.’’

Warren’s statement is her first acknowledgment that she identified herself as Native American to the Ivy League schools. While she has said she identified herself as a minority in a legal directory, she has carefully avoided any suggestion during the last month that she took further actions to promote her purported heritage.

When the issue first surfaced last month, Warren said she only learned Harvard was claiming her as a minority when she read it in the Boston Herald.

Warren’s new statement came after the Globe asked her campaign about documents it obtained Wednesday from Harvard’s library showing that the university’s law school began reporting a Native American female professor in federal statistics for the 1992-93 school year, the first year Warren worked at Harvard, as a visiting professor. [link]
This is painful.

The woman lied on her resumé in order to land a job (like that's never happened before).

And she's been caught.

Still trying to cling to any shred of her original story, she now comes across as pathetic.  And hopelessly lost.

Stick a fork in her.  She's done.