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Monday, June 04, 2012

Oh, My. The Climate Is Changing. Still.

If human activity is causing the globe to warm in 2012, what caused it to do the same way back in the 1930's?

See "1930s photos show Greenland glaciers retreating faster than today, but nobody thought it was a big deal."

The difference?

The reason nobody thought it was a big deal back then is because scientists in the 30's didn't have all those sophisticated surface, troposphere, and stratosphere data gathering, measuring, and modeling instruments.  Nor did they have intergovernmental bodies to coordinate the study of climate.  Nor a cohesive (pedantic) academy.  Nor the IQ.

And they didn't have Al Gore to make silly movies about inconvenient truths.

So the globe warmed in the 30's, glaciers melted, and nobody soiled his undies in fear of planetary catastrophe.

How much more sophisticated we are today.

The New Media Rock!

Here's a good illustration of the fact that the internet age - along with the new news media that have grown up within it - is crushing the old, plodding dead-tree industry (with some help from a soldier recruited from said dead-tree industry - a reporter).

See "Last minute smear job: Dems claim Scott Walker fathered ‘love child’ 24 years ago; Update: Debunked by reporter."

Turns out, the juveniles at Daily Kos, the usual suspects, ginned up and released a story at the last minute in an attempt to discredit Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, with the obvious intention of getting him defeated in tomorrow's recall election.  Now, in the old days, this kind of last-minute harm would be inflicted, votes would be influenced accordingly, and - a few days or weeks after the damage is done - the press would clarify "the story."  Too late, of course.  Too late as planned by those who launched the conspiracy in the first place.

In this case, though, Twitter went into action and, within hours, the truth won out.  The story was bogus.  Completely bogus.  No harm done.  Except to the reputations of the morons at Daily Kos.  Who are too stupid to care.

Charge leveled, charge debunked, in the blink of an eye.

So here's to the new media!  You guys make us proud.

Will She Bring Dominatrix Paraphernalia?

Normally, perverts must pay dearly for the kind of abuse that would be meted out by this sweetheart of a woman.  But you could be the lucky one to get it for free!  And Obama will be there to watch!

See "Win dinner with Barack Obama and…."

Then watch the video.

Then rent "The Devil Wears Prada."*

And be completely freaked out.

Or, if your leanings are on the masochism side, be sexually aroused by a woman with a well-deserved reputation for being a complete bitch inviting you to dinner, and God knows what else.

* Meryl Streep's best performance ever, for what it's worth.
** I should mention, I know nothing about dominatrix paraphernalia.  Nothing.
*** I know.  This woman isn't wanting a guy like me at her dinner table anyway.  She'd prefer a Jeff Spicoli, or similar nitwit.

The Democrats' Shining Star

Here's a fascinating look at the woman America's Democrats chose to be their party leader.  Watch.  And, if you're a Democrat, be very, very afraid:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Constitutionally Ignorant and Politically Tone-Deaf

Where do they find these people?

Hey, It's Only Tax Money

This, as exposed by the ever-vigilant take-no-prisoners Greg Letiecq, is shameful beyond words.

A politician buying self-congratulations with taxpayers' hard-earned income.

My God.

- - -

Jim Riley is on the case too.

Why Nanny Bloomberg Needs To Be Exiled

Because he thinks of us as nothing better than uneducated, indocile, undisciplined savages.

James Gattuso:
Yesterday’s proposal by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to limit sugary drinks in the Big Apple left a sour taste in the mouths of Americans nationwide.

Criticism spanned the political spectrum, as consumers expressed outrage over the plan to ban sweetened beverages in cups or containers larger than 16 ounces.

The ban, meant to reduce obesity among New Yorkers, would apply to restaurants and delis, movie theaters, stadiums, and even street vendors. On the forbidden list would be all drinks in a container exceeding 16 ounces that contains sugar, unless it is 70 percent or more fruit juice or milk. The plan will be put before the city’s Board of Health for approval, bypassing the city council.

Contempt for consumers is, in fact, at the heart of this proposal. It has a distinct smell of elitism about it. It is built on the fundamental assumption that the Great Unwashed who drink carbonated beverages can’t be entrusted with their own health. These poor unfortunates should not be allowed to waste their money on Mountain Dew; they should be spending it on vanilla lattes as their betters do.

One commentator observed that “it’s notable that a 24-ounce McDonald’s Coke (with 81g of sugar) would be banned, but the much pricier 24-ounce Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino (with 87g of sugar) would likely not, due to its milk content.”
Why doesn't Nanny Bloomberg go after those huge Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Frappuchinos? Because he probably enjoys them himself. It's the stuff only the little people consume that he feels the need to regulate. Just as if he were citizens' ... nanny.  He knows how to control himself.  So his behavior doesn't need to be regulated.  It's us that need his heavy hand of guidance.

Ever wonder why do-gooders like Bloomberg never go after those disposable diapers that are used once, tossed in the trash, and end up clogging the world's landfills? Because the do-gooders use them. Therefore they are worthwhile.  Can't be banning them.

Ever wonder why do-gooders like Bloomberg go after guns because of the death count that results from their misuse but never suggest that the much, much deadlier automobile be banned? Because they have need of the automobile.  Can't be banning them.

It's our choices in life that need to be monitored and regulated.

We are, to Mayor Bloomberg, contemptible, rapacious savages.  Nothing more.  Savages that need to be governed at every level of our existence.

Got a fat ass?  Bloomberg is there to force you to lose it, whether you want to or not.

In the United States of America.  May God have mercy.

- - -

It's worth acknowledging, by the way, that the people of New York City elected - and reelected - this guy to the highest office in their fair metropolis.  So if they're accepting of his totalistic approach to governing their every thought and action, that's fine by me.

As long as they keep him a safe distance from the rest of us ...


If we ever have to have a queen, I want her to look just like this:

Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her Diamond Jubilee.

You go, girl.

* Check out the other photos and video.  Great stuff.

Batten Down The Hatches

It's going to be a wild ride before this day is out.  The incontrovertible warning sign:

Tokyo Hits 28-Year Low Amid Global Rout

Get ready.  It's going to get ugly early.