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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We're Doomed

When people decide to accept government assistance because work gets in the way of their pastime, we might as well close the door and turn off the lights.

Meet Tracie McMillan.

And ask yourself why you're busting your ass every day while she's kicking back and living off of your earnings.

What Are They Thinking?

I don't know the words young people today would use to describe MTV, the television network.  "Hip" used to fit.  "Cutting edge."  "Cool."

Whatever it is, it sure isn't "Sarah Jessica Parker."

Yet there she was the other night doing a promo for Barack Obama, inviting all the young people who tune in to MTV to ... join her and Barry for dinner?

Who was the marketing guru who thought that up?

What, Madeleine Albright wasn't available?  Nor was Eric Holder?   Eric Holder's great-aunt?

Why not Usher?  Katy Perry?  BeyoncĂ©?

Not available?  Are they Mitt Romney supporters?

And don't even get me started on Cruella deVille's appearance, making the same pitch: Hey, how would you like to have the most miserable time of your life?  Come join me and the dullest man on the planet for dinner.

I don't know who's calling the shots in the Obama campaign, but whoever it is, he or she ought to be.  Shot.

Good grief.  Isn't Sarah Jessica Parker a grandma by now?

Keep Thinking That, Smart Guy

NBC's Gregory Claims Romney Must 'Distance' Himself From GOP 'In Trouble'

I think David Gregory has been watching too much NBC lately.  Maybe he should get out in the real world.

Republicans are in trouble in November.  Keep dreaming, really smart guy.