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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now, On To The Big Show

There was never any doubt:
Allen wallops 3 conservative GOP rivals to win Va primary, take aim at Senate seat lost in ‘06
Associated Press

Richmond, Va. — George Allen has brushed aside three conservative Republican rivals in the Virginia primary, setting up a fall battle to regain the U.S. Senate seat he lost in 2006.

Allen received 65 percent of the vote on Tuesday. Tea party leader Jamie Radtke had 25 percent of the vote, while Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson and state Del. Bob Marshall each received about 5 percent.

Allen’s victory sets up a November clash with another former Virginia governor, Tim Kaine, in a campaign closely tied to the presidential race in a battleground state both parties consider vital for victory.

Six years ago, Allen had been heavily favored for re-election and a possible GOP presidential hopeful until his chaotic, gaffe-strewn campaign against Democrat Jim Webb self-destructed. [link]
There are actually two stories offered up here. One having to do with Allen's convincing win (congratulations, Big Guy). The other having to do with ... journalism ... such as it is.

That last paragraph you read above was inserted so that the Washington Post would publish the piece and its publisher would have a cool, refreshing wet dream in reminiscence. The paper where George Allen's election is seen as being a fate worse than Herpes.

Mission accomplished, AP.

Now, let's get down to serious journalism.

(I'll pause a moment to let the laughter subside with that one.  Serious journalism ...)

So let the games begin.

And I Demand Wings & The Power To Heal

Chicago Teachers Union Demands 30 Percent Pay Raise

Bipartisanship Is a One-Way Street

This is what its always been about:

John McCain: My friends, let’s call for an outside special counsel to investigate intel leaks — Senate Dems: Let’s not, but thanks for all the bipartisanship over the years

McCain has always been good at "bipartisanship."  Meaning he's always been there to put Democrat initiatives over the top when called upon to do so.  With a certain air of reluctance to make it look good.

So where have the Democrats evinced any effort at bipartisanship?

Oh.  Yeah.  Bush's "No Child Left Behind."  Bush's "prescription drug Medicare benefit."  Bush's creation of the TSA.  Bush's Patriot Act.  Bush, Sr.'s tax increase.  McCain-Feingold.  "Immigration Reform" 1986.

Liberal initiatives launched by Republicans.  Supported by Democrats.

Sweetness and light.  Harmony.

That's how we define the word "bipartisanship."

When both Republicans and Democrats join hands and promote liberal shit.

Thus the Tea Party was born ...

Blog Post Of The Day

I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE YOU CAN’T beat to death a man you find molesting your 4-year-old daughter.

Ashamed of the GM Bailout?

That ain't nothin' compared to this ongoing travesty:
A Sugar Showdown
A vote to protect 5,000 farmers—or the general welfare.
Wall Street Journal editorial

One reason industry handouts flourish in Washington is that they provide concentrated benefits to a few producers, while the cost is spread widely to all Americans. A case study is the sugar program, which the Senate will vote on as early as today. For the first time in memory, there is a real chance of reining in this agribusiness welfare, which imposes a complicated system of domestic price supports coupled with domestic and import quotas that restrict the supply of lower-priced sugar.

The program provides about $1.4 billion each year to fewer than 5,000 large and mostly prosperous beet and sugar cane producers. But according to a 2011 American Enterprise Institute study by North Carolina State economist Michael Wohlgenant, it costs consumers about twice that amount, mostly in higher food prices. It's a conveniently hidden tax and a regressive one too. When Big Sugar says the program imposes "no net cost" on the budget, they're not talking about the family budget. Americans pay about 50% more than the world price of sugar.

This giveaway survives because sugar cane producers in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii have formed an alliance with sugar beet producers in about a dozen states, from Michigan and Minnesota through North Dakota and Wyoming in the Great Plains. Corn producers also like the import restrictions because the higher the price of sugar, the more demand for cheaper corn-based sweeteners. That's a lot of Senators.

As with every trade barrier—for steel, cars, planes, microchips—sugar quota defenders make a flag-waving appeal to save domestic jobs by keeping out low-priced, and in some cases subsidized, imports from places like the Caribbean islands and Central America. Except that sugar quotas that are designed to keep prices artificially high cause a net loss of jobs.

A Commerce Department study in 2006 found that for every agriculture job that is saved by the program, the U.S. loses as many as three jobs, mostly in the food industry, which has higher costs due to the sugar quota. A 2011 Iowa State study found that eliminating price supports and quotas would create 20,000 jobs for food processors, bakeries and candy makers. [link]
Rule to live by: When the government picks winners and losers, we all lose.

In the case of sugar, one might wonder how supporting the price of the commodity produced by 5,000 lucky recipients of government largesse can kill jobs. Ask Hershey and Brach's and the tens of thousands of former employees of each.

Congress (Republicans!) needs to act now. Kill the price supports and import quotas. And grow jobs.

What a Close-Knit, Cohesive Group

I know the federal Commerce Department is a complete joke, but is this an indication that even the President finds it to be irrelevant?

President Obama had not spoken with Secretary Bryson. This seemed odd. A cabinet secretary is hospitalized following serious traffic incidents and a police citation and the president does not pick up the phone to check on his welfare?

When you run a large business and one of your key supervisors ends up in the hospital with a serious malady, you don't call and offer words of support?

Does The Great Communicator not even communicate with his staff?

What's up with that?

The Religion of Peace

Gotta love them Muslims:

Wave of car bombs kills 63 during Iraq pilgrimage


What You Get For $70 Billion

Obama has taken it and has created jobs with it.

In China:

70% of General Motors' vehicles are now manufactured outside the U.S.. It has eleven assembly plants and four powertrain plants in China alone. That's Communist China.

And you made it happen.

Who would have thought it would come to this ...

Your Justice Department ...

... working for you illegals.

E pluribus unum. In a day gone by.