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Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Your Congressional Candidate

Here in Virginia's 9th Congressional district the Democratic Party has nominated a complete unknown to run against Morgan Griffith come November.  One Anthony Flaccavento.

So who is he?

Well, you read here the other day that he is a proponent of something that James Lovelock - the world's leading environmentalist whacko - calls "meaningless drivel."  That being a scheme that only a United Nations groupie could love - something called "sustainable development."

But beyond that, who is Anthony Flaccavento?

Let's let him define himself.  See "Pets, Poultry, and Plastics," Richmond Times- Dispatch, May 27, 2007.

Or I can summarize his work for you:

Food is too cheap.  You're too fat.  And he has a plan to correct both problems.

And he wants your vote in November.

Good luck with that, sweetheart.

The Product of Small Minds

You've read that old adage: "Those who can do; those who can't write editorials for the Roanoke Times."

The shoe fits.

Check out today's editorial, "Now deal with rising doublespeak."

In this ditty the editorialists there attack people like me who are convinced that the evidence that humans are causing the planet to warm is unconvincing.

First sentence: "Euphemisms usually fail in politics."

Followed by a whole lot of sentences about a euphemism once termed "global warming" but one that quickly morphed into "climate change" when the globe quit warming but the climate - thank God! - kept changing.

Persons who live by the euphemism die by the euphemism.

Nice Ploy If You Can Get Away With It

With shades of Michael Moore:

"Comedy Central host Jon Stewart regularly bashes American multimillionaires for their wealth while ignoring the awkward fact that he’s one of them."

That's where the term "biting the hand that feeds you" comes from.

For what it's worth, Stewart - now one of the richest capitalists on earth - once admitted to Roger Ailes that he - Stewart - was a socialist.

Just goes to show, you don't have to be all that smart to be filthy rich.

The NY Times Lives In an Alternative Universe

Scroll down and you'll find a reference to Mitt Romney, who says the number of unemployed and underemployed in this country is now 23 million.  And rising (Obama will try to convince you that the number of jobs extant has risen for 27 straight months, but what he doesn't say is that the number of workers seeking employment has risen even higher in each and every one of those months, what with immigrants and young people entering the marketplace by the hundreds of thousands).

Despite all that, the New York Times this morning makes a wonderful argument against Alabama's harsh law targeting illegals ... a wonderful argument IF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WERE AT FULL EMPLOYMENT.

The Times:
Alabama law drives out illegal immigrants but also has unexpected consequences

Albertville, Ala. — For years, most poultry workers here were Mexican immigrants, including some who were in the country illegally. But last fall, after a tough state law against illegal immigrants took effect, many vanished overnight, rattling the town’s large Hispanic community and leaving the poultry business scrambling to find workers willing to stand for hours in a wet, chilly room, cutting up dead chickens.

“Even someone born and raised in Albertville may not have the necessary skills or be able to pass a background check,” said Frank Singleton, a spokesman for Wayne Farms, which owns the slaughterhouse. The firm held a job fair that attracted about 250 local residents, but few were hired, and some soon quit, daunted by the demanding work. Since the law took effect, he said, “our turnover rate has gone through the roof.”

Sponsors of the law say it has done exactly what they had hoped, driving tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from the state.

[State Sen. Scott Beason, the sponsor of the law,] said he had “absolutely no doubt” that the law, and the resulting exodus of illegal workers, has started putting more Alabamians to work. Beason noted that the state’s unemployment rate has fallen sharply since last fall, from 9.8 percent to 7.2 percent, and he said the new law was “a big part” of the reason. “I get phone calls from people thanking me all the time,” he said.

Nevertheless, a variety of employers in Alabama said they have not been able to find enough legal residents to replace the seasoned Hispanic field pickers, drywall hangers, landscapers and poultry workers who fled the state. [link] [emphasis mine]
Bullshit.  If employers in Alabama can't find employees, they aren't trying.

This argument might have worked when George W. Bush came into office. But today, with a fifth of America being out of work?


That ol' dog don't hunt no mo'.

Romney Makes Sense

It has for years been bewildering how the brokest nation on the planet can send billions of dollars overseas to keep other governments from going broke.

But there's Obama ...

And there was Bush ...

Back to Truman and beyond ...

Well, Mitt Romney says (key word being "says") he'll have none of it:
US won't send checks to Europe: Romney
Associated Press

The United States will not bail out European countries if the eurozone economy falls apart under a spiraling debt crisis, Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney said Sunday.

"We're not going to send checks to Europe. We're not going to bail out the European banks. We're going to be poised here to support our economy," Romney told CBS television's "Face the Nation" program.

He expressed hope that "regardless of what happens in Europe, that our banking sector is able to weather the storm," noting that US banks are on a "much stronger basis" than during the last crisis.

"I wish that over the last three and a half years that the president would have taken action to rebuild the basis of our economy... get it on such a strong footing that the challenges in Europe if they occur wouldn't have as significant impact as they might otherwise," he said.

"But right now, we're dealing with 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed, homes are still bumping along the bottom, foreclosures are (at) very high levels, median incomes are way down; the president's frankly made it harder for our economy to reboot." [link]
I hope he's faithful to his pledge.

Starting with two wars and a Marshall Plan, we've been bailing Europe out for decades.

Well, enough is enough. Let them sink or swim on their own.

We have our own problems to deal with.

Ever growing problems ...

And Speaking of Foreign Aid ...

... we give over a billion dollars a year to this bunch:

Islamist claims victory in Egypt president vote

A virulent anti-American, by the way.

Weren't we fighting a war whose goal was to kill all the Islamists a few short years ago?

Now they're receiving our foreign aid.

My God.  We are paying for the noose with which they intend to hang us.

A Second Look At Rubio

Why can't Republicans walk the walk?
A Tale of Two Conservatives
Wall Street Journal editorial

One test for economic conservatives is whether they are willing to oppose constituent business interests looking for government favoritism. On that score, two recent contrasting votes by Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida are instructive.

Last month the Senate easily voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, 78-20, a vote that was never much in doubt given the backing from business lobbies and the White House. But it's still worth saluting the 20 votes in opposition—19 Republicans and independent socialist Bernie Sanders—and especially Mr. DeMint, a rare case of a Senator voting for principle against the biggest interests in his home state.

Boeing is the largest beneficiary of Ex-Im bank taxpayer loan guarantees and it has a new plant to turn out 787s in North Charleston. General Electric and Caterpillar have major plants in South Carolina and get Ex-Im help too. Mr. DeMint went so far as to lead the charge against Ex-Im, much to the annoyance of Chambers of Commerce in the Palmetto State.

"I gave a speech to 400 Chamber members and everyone was for Ex-Im Bank," he says. "So I asked them: 'How many of you would sign your own name to this loan?' Not a single hand went up." Mr. DeMint says he voted as he did because he's concluded that "we've created a culture in Washington that has almost every major business in the country with its nose in the trough."

That includes the sugar lobby, which last week narrowly defeated a bipartisan attempt at reforming its egregious quota program that gouges American consumers to benefit a mere 5,000 or so farmers. The Senate voted 50-46 to table Senator Pat Toomey's reform bill, but the reform would have passed if not for the votes of 16 GOP Senators.

The usual sugar beet and sugar cane state suspects dominate the list, but one name leaps out—Mr. Rubio, the freshman from Florida who won his seat in 2010 while running as a tea party favorite in opposition to the crony capitalism and government meddling of the Obama Administration.

Mr. Rubio nonetheless voted against consumers and for the big sugar-cane producers, including Florida's Fanjul family. Mr. Rubio thus voted to the left of the 16 Democrats who joined 30 Republicans in supporting sugar reform. Unlike Mr. DeMint, the Floridian was not a profile in courage on this issue, or even a profile. [link]
Expect the price of sugar to remain artificially high.

Expect manufacturing jobs in industries that use large quantities of sugar in their processes (think chocolate) to remain tragically low.

Expect Marco Rubio to babble some incoherent explanation when asked why he would vote for such a thing.

Some day. Some day ...

Then Don Lemon's Stupid Too

Don Lemon Agrees With Sam Donaldson About Conservatives Opposing Obama Simply Because He's Black

That Ring of Truth

Ah, that lovable "99%" crowd (click on the image to enlarge it):

They hate the government they want more of.

I don't know ...