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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Party Of Old White Guys

The advice I'm about to offer Mitt Romney is crass, contemptible, and, probably, racist/sexist.  The kind of advice that Dick Morris would have given Bill Clinton to get his ass out of the ringer in 1998.  The kind of advice that worked.

First, though, let's accept a given.  The position of Vice President of the United States is virtually purposeless (except in instances where it has its entertainment value - google the words "Joe," "clown," and "Biden").

That being the case, Romney would do well to use the opportunity to select a politician to fill the position that might provide him with a point or two in Hispanic or black or female votes (with the expectation that it won't bring anything more).

I know.  American voters are much more engaged than to allow something so shallow to influence their voting decisions.  But really?  (Google the words "Barack," President," and Obama.")

That said, here's my recommendation to ol' Mitt:  Don't do this:

Tim Pawlenty's stock soars in Romney-world

Pawlenty.  A white guy.

What will he bring to the Romney White House?

Brains.  Ability.  Formulation.  Enunciation.  Good looks.

Wow.  Big deal, right?

Yeah.  Big freaking deal.

If elected Pawlenty will join an assemblage of 45,000 really smart and articulate (and good-looking)  government employees offering advice to President Romney.

Big whoop.

No.  Romney needs to use the position to break the mold (google the words "Sarah," "McCain-was-destined-to-be-a-loser-otherwise," and "Palin").  To shake things up.  To get a discussion going in one or more minority communities. (One or more?  Google the words "Condoleezza," "black," "female," and "Rice.")

Names that come to mind:

Allen West.  (Google his name and the first response that comes up includes the words "Atilla" and "Hun.")  So maybe not.

Michelle Bachmann.  Again, she'd be great for the entertainment value.  I love to see liberals wet their pants in anger and frustration.  But she's a bit of a flake.  So no.

Marco Rubio.  Good guy.  Good politician.  Good choice.  But he doesn't seem to want it.

Sarah Palin.  Now that would be bold.  (A bit of a disclaimer: I've offered to give birth to her next child; I love and admire her that much.)  But bold Romney ain't.  So that's out.

Colin Powell.  Colin Powell.  The (non-)politician who my fellow Tea Party fanatics love to hate.  But hey, fellas, we're all going to vote for Romney regardless.  So you (and I) don't count in this deliberation.  We're after independents here.  And - dare I use the term - "open-minded" Americans.  Those who are willing to vote for a candidate because of the color of his skin.  Last I looked...

... our guy would then be blacker than theirs.

Crass, contemptible, and, probably, racist/sexist, isn't it?

I can see the bumper sticker now ...

Like I said, that'll be good for a few points.

And a few points will make all the difference in November.

Mitt: I'll be sending you a bill for the advice.  Just, please, don't do anything stupid (for more on that, google the words "Tim" and "Pawlenty").

The Virginia Tech Massacre Victims' Relatives ...

... need to let it go.

Since when did it become about money and nothing more?

But no.  The plaintiffs in the case will now take their pleadings to the Supreme Court of Virginia where they'll ask for justice ...

... more money.


How Open-Minded Are Liberals?

About this open-minded:

Alice Walker Doesn't Want Her Books Published in Hebrew

Ms. Walker, so you know, is the author of the highly praised novel, The Color Purple, a work whose central theme is about abuse, maturation, acceptance, and, ultimately, forgiveness.  A work of fiction.

Like liberalism itself.


Four More Years! Four More Years!

When will it end?

Fed: Slower Growth, Higher Unemployment in 2012

The real tragedy?  Millions of Americans are poised to go into the booth in November and vote MORE OF THE SAME.

For the love of God.

The Final Tally Is In

Obama's "green" initiative is a colossal failure:

$9 Billion in ‘Stimulus’ for Solar, Wind Projects Made 910 Final Jobs -- $9.8 Million Per Job

And, yes, he's pledging to deliver MORE OF THE SAME if reelected in November.

How Little They've Come To Expect From Him

That was then.  The Washington Post the day after Barack Obama won election to the highest office on the planet:

"The excitement that Mr. Obama generated among his supporters suggests a capacity to inspire and reassure a worried and divided nation. His efficient, disciplined and, at times, ruthless campaign suggests a capacity to manage a government beset by problems of unimaginable complexity. And his combination of intelligence and eloquence, along with his evident instincts for consensus, offers hope that he can provide the leadership the nation so badly needs."

This is now:

Washington Post: Is It Even 'Possible' for Obama or any President 'to Succeed in the Modern World?'

My, how the mighty have fallen.

Nothing Good Will Come Of This

I'd like nothing better than to see our highly political United States Attorney General resign, but history tells us that this move will only stir the muck in Washington:

House panel recommends Holder contempt citation

If he gives up his office - as he should - fine.

But a protracted fight over Executive documents is going to get us nowhere.

- - -

But there is this:

Obama's Executive Privilege Has The Stench Of Cover-Up

I don't think these questions have been properly answered: Who in the Executive branch of the United States government set up and launched the plan to embarrass gun-rights supporters through the deployment of the infamous scheme that's come to be known as "Fast and Furious"?  And who authorized it?

Executive privilege, so you know, can only be invoked if the White House chooses to protect the President and his correspondence from Legislative overreach.  But the President has told us that he never had anything to do with "Fast and Furious."  So how does his invoking executive privilege apply?  Did he have something to do with it after all?

That leaves the big question: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

As the Wall Street Journal puts it:

"How can the President invoke a privilege to protect documents he and the White House are supposed to have had nothing to do with?"

Unfortunately we will never get answers now.