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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Connecting The Dots

Democrats these days are trying their best to shoot down the theory* that the Justice Department ran guns to Mexican drug lords in its "Fast and Furious" operation in order to be able to later tout the fact that "U.S. guns" were finding their way - legally - over the border and were being used to reinforce illegal activity and, therefore, needed to be better controlled.

In other words, theirs was a simple gun control ploy.  To make U.S. law look ineffectual and to call for a host of new gun ban laws.

The Democrats deny it.  The media dismiss it.

But where there's smoke ...
Blood Money: Obama Contributor Ran Fast and Furious
Investor's Business Daily editorial

A campaign contributor who was an architect of the 1994 assault weapons ban was the mastermind behind the Fast and Furious operation that let guns walk into Mexico, including those that killed two U.S. agents.

Shortly after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on Dec. 15, 2010, Attorney General Eric Holder's deputy chief of staff, Monty Wilkinson, received an email from U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke telling him just that:

"The guns found in the desert near the murder(ed) BP officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about — they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store."

It ... brings to light the name of Dennis Burke, a seldom-mentioned Obama campaign donor who oversaw Fast and Furious and helped convert it from a gun-interdiction to a gun-walking program.

Burke, who resigned shortly after the scandal became public, has long been a gun-ban architect for the Democratic Party.

As a lawyer for the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was behind the ineffectual 1994 "assault weapon" ban that sunset in 2004. Burke was also the chief of staff for Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano for a number of years before she became the secretary of homeland security.

Burke also is an Obama donor, a prime consideration in the staffing of the Obama administration. Federal Election Commission records show that on Jan. 9, 2008, while working for Napolitano, Burke contributed $2,000 to Sen. Barack Obama's presidential primary campaign. Since 1997, according to FEC records, Burke has given $16,350 to Democratic candidates.

Burke would leave that Gov. Napolitano post to join the Obama transition team. He was soon rewarded for his many contributions, monetary and otherwise, when on July 10, 2009, the president nominated him to be the U.S. attorney in Arizona. The Senate confirmed him that Sept. 15.

In July 2010, Burke told the Arizona Capitol Times there had "clearly been direction provided already by President Obama and Attorney General Holder as to what they want to be doing." [link]
Obama and his henchmen want you to believe that the "Fast and Furious" program was a simple, straightforward attempt to learn more about drug cartels and the manner in which they go about their business.

This breaking scandal screams a different headline. It was going to be used by the Obama administration to promote more gun control. Had American servicemen not been killed in the effort.

We'll get to the bottom of this story. Without the help of the Democrats and with little help from the mainstream press (they have better things to do; how is Katie Holmes holding up these days?).

The full story will come out. You can bet on it.

* It's still only a theory because U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has been steadfast in his refusal to fully cooperate with those investigating this sordid scandal.  The truth will out eventually ...

Beware Democrats Offering Advice

This borders on the humorous:

Charles Schumer warns Republicans: Pushing for Obamacare repeal will cost you the election

Oh.  Okay then.  Ignore the fact that this guy is the most partisan Democrat on the planet, you Republicans.  Just accept his advice as a heartfelt proposal to get his party sent into Senate minority status.