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Friday, July 06, 2012

Oh, What's 4.1 Billion Anyway ...

We seem to have a trend here:

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), “little is known” about whether nearly three dozen federal jobs programs for the disabled are actually helping people find work, including programs designed to help disabled veterans.

I don't know about you but I think the honesty exhibited here is refreshing.  Our government is spending billions on a program (make that 45 programs) and nobody in our government has a clue as to whether it/they are serving any purpose whatsoever.

Can't get more honest than that.

And look on the bright side.  At least Obama isn't wasting tax dollars on failing solar companies or ineligible borrowers.  He's wasting them on veterans, veterans more deserving of our wasted dollars ...

For the love of God.  Please make it stop.

Oh, What's Hundreds of Millions Anyway ...

Good grief:

The Agriculture Department’s Rural Housing Service likely loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to ineligible borrowers as part of President Obama’s stimulus package, a report by federal watchdogs has revealed.

This might be upsetting if it weren't for the fact that President Obama’s stimulus package worked so darn well in keeping unemployment in this country from reaching eight percent ...

What's Wrong with This Picture?

In fact, what two things are wrong with this headline?

After Posting $70 Million Loss, French Company Lands $25 Million from DOE

If you answered (a) the United States Department of Energy is throwing millions of hard-earned American taxpayer dollars at a French company (with a promise from the cheese-eating surrender monkeys that they will some day build a plant in California) (multiple exclamation marks gain you extra points!), and (b) the United States Department of Energy is throwing millions of hard-earned American taxpayer dollars at another loser of a "green" company (!), one that is destined to fail like all the rest (!!), you win.

You won't get your wasted tax dollars back, but you gain the satisfaction of knowing you ... won ...

This Is How Screwed Up ObamaCare Has Become

It may be a tax.  It may be a penalty.  It may be chicken soup.

The latest in this bizarre tale about a massive 2,000 page law that few of the members of Congress even read before they voted for it, making it the law of the land?

Chief Justice John Roberts not only wrote the majority opinion affirming ObamaCare in nearly its entirety (including giving it the Court's imprimatur, allowing tax policy to now be a recognized form of punishment), but he also wrote most of the dissenting opinion as well.


Welcome to the world of ObamaCare.