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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Flaccavento, Typical Liberal

You may recall Barack Obama's primary reason - back when he was running against George W. Bush -  for altering the way in which health care is delivered in this country.  It was to lower the cost of health care.

Two thousand pages of law and thirteen thousand pages of regulation later, the costs have only gone up.  And are now expected - thank you, Barry - to rapidly escalate in coming years.

Are liberals taking a victory lap for having created such a mess?  Well, yes they are.

But what is their reaction to the mounting news that ObamaCare is soon to make things much worse?

Anthony Flaccavento, 9th Virginia District Democratic candidate for Congress has the answer:

"I have always supported increased access to affordable health care and will continue to work on this issue as Congressman. While this is an important step in the right direction, there is clearly room for improvement, especially in the area of prescription drug costs. We also need to continue to improve preventive care and overall health in America to help reduce costs."

We need ObamaCare II.

To fix ObamaCare I.

Out of which will flourish ObamaCare III.

And IV.

And ...

Renowned economist Milton Friedman predicted this.  In 1978.  Saying:

"I’m going to talk today about the economics of medical care. This in an area, in which we all know there has been a trend toward ever-greater government involvement. One step in this area inevitably leads to another. We have had an expansion of government involvement in the spending of money – Medicare, Medicaid funds, expenditures by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare for other medical purposes have been growing by leaps and bounds. They have gone from a very tiny portion of the total national expenditures on medical care to a substantial portion. If this trend continues, it inevitably leads to completely socialized medicine. I believe that this trend is very much against the interest of patients, physicians, and other health care personnel."

Flaccavento's response to the problems created by the government?

More government.

Yeah.  Let's do more of that which has brought about the mess we're in.

Or not.

The EPA Wrecks Lives

And nobody there cares:

See "What price clean air?"

And weep for your country.

Why Bloomberg Goes After Your Slurpee

It's easier controlling you than controlling those who would do you bodily harm:

There have been 672 shootings in New York City this year as of July 1, compared with 606 at the same day last year — a 10.9 percent spike.

That in the most gun-controlled city this side of Pyongyang.

Expect Mayor Bloomberg to blame Virginia again.  And, for all we know, those evil Slurpees.

It's easier than actually doing something to make his lawless city a safe place to live.

It Must Be Global Warming

It's hot outside.

Therefore Al Gore is right.

But is it hot globally?

How about we ask the British?

It’s wet, cool and dull. It’s not wrong to suggest the first half of summer has been the worst since records began.”