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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look On The Bright Side

At least they didn't run off and hide in a Motel 6 somewhere in West Virginia and refuse to come back and do the job taxpayers pay them to do:

Democrats sit out Virginia congressional meeting with McDonnell, citing GOP “partisan spin”


Let's thank the Democrats for not doing the cowardly thing.

They did the whining, petulant ten-year-old thing instead.

Here's to ya, fellas.

Roanoke Times Demands Monopoly On Influence

Ya gotta love this.  The Roanoke Times editorial board, in "Voters must take lead in campaign finance reforms," is outraged that "corporations, unions and special interest groups" exert undue influence on political campaigns and are far too opaque.

The Times, like every other newspaper in America, wants to exercise its traditional monopoly on influencing elections.  Everyone else should be regulated till he bleeds.

Me?  I'll believe they're sincere about regulating free speech when the editorialists there call for government regulation of the editorial page of the Roanoke Times.

- - -

This is precious:

"The defeat [of the DISCLOSE ACT in Congress] was particularly disheartening because the bill had already been watered down to appease its critics, and the effective date bumped to 2013, meaning its passage would have offered no relief for Virginia voters already under siege this year from a barrage of lies and distortions underwritten by shadowy tax-exempt groups and their secret donors."

If there are to be lies and distortions, they need to come from the press, you see.

- - -

On a related note, since we're big on "disclosure," how about disclosing the Roanoke Times's publisher's relationship with the abortion industry?  What's she up to these days?

Thanks, Dan

Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times reminds us that Labor Day is coming up.

That's the day that organized "labor" sits on its fat collective ass, drinks beer, and does nothing while the rest of us work to make ends meet.

On Labor Day?  I'll be laboring.

I'm Going To Read Atlas Shrugged Again

I want to know how the story that is the United States of America ends.

You've all seen the Obama pronouncement that "if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that."

As it turns out, that destructive mindset is right out of Atlas Shrugged.

From entrepreneur Jeffrey Carter:
Kind of Timely. Atlas Shrugged. Fiction Meets Reality.

From the book Atlas Shrugged. It’s required reading in my house.

“He didn’t invent iron ore and blast furnaces, did he?”


“Rearden. He didn’t invent smelting and chemistry and air compression. He couldn’t have invented his Metal but for thousands and thousands of other people. His Metal! Why does he think it’s his? Why does he think it’s his invention? Everybody uses the work of everybody else. Nobody ever invents anything.”

She said, puzzled, “But the iron ore and all those other things were there all the time. Why didn’t anybody else make that Metal, but Mr. Rearden did?”

Page One, Chapter Nine.
For those who never read the book, but are curious as to its central theme, the United States collapses as a direct result of the "murder of man's spirit" by government bureaucracy, government indifference, and government-mandated mediocrity and waste.

Obama's everlasting legacy.  The main character in a novel who leads a dystopian nation down the path to destruction.

When Every Second Counts, The Police Are Only ...

Here's to the 2nd Amendment and an armed citizenry.  And to an old dude in Ocala, Florida who didn't wait for the police to come and write up a report on his murder at the local internet cafe´:

40 caliber shell? 15¢.
40 caliber Smith & Wesson? $514.25
Sending assholes who were prepared to do grievous harm to the hospital?


Hat tip to Wizbang.

Want To See Me Sit Out The Election?

A columnist for CNN and commentator for ESPN (?) thinks Mitt Romney would do himself well by picking as his Vice Presidential running mate ...

... Michael Bloomberg.


That decision might do Mitt well if he ever wants a gig at CNN, but to win an election?

This is a promise: That happens and hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans who are fed up with the likes of Nanny Bloomberg walk.

We'll then see how many ESPN commentators it'll take to put Romney over the top.

Caption of the Day

Would anyone be foolish enough to argue the point?

Hat tip to Twitchy.

Why Bain Capital Doesn't Matter

Honestly?  I couldn't care less what Mitt Romney does with his money.  But when someone takes my money, I have a stake in the outcome.

On that note:

"Since March 2009, DOE has received $47 billion in loan guarantee authority, and three of the first five companies receiving guarantees have already gone belly up, including Abound Solar, Beacon Power and Solyndra. Bloomberg reports that half the solar companies that have received loan guarantees have gone bankrupt."

Obama has wasted - wasted - billions of tax dollars.  Including mine.  On shameful pipe dreams.

And I'm supposed to be concerned about how Romney spent his wealth twenty years ago?


- - -

Another day, another reason for me to not care about Romney's investments:

Another federally-backed solar plant closes its doors

To be accurate, that solar plant that closed its doors was American citizen-backed.  It was your money and mine that is now gone forever.

- - -

With our money ...

More than 70 percent of DOE loans under Obama went to Democratic donors and bundlers, Peter Schweizer reported in Throw Them All Out.

That would be billions in loans to friends and relatives.

Off with their heads.

Obama: Let's Not Return To The Past

I'm beginning to think that the past ain't all that bad.  Relatively speaking:

"For the first time in history, a major nation — Canada — has surpassed the U.S. in household wealth. So much for Obama's hope and change. The lesson here is that free markets, not socialism, enabled Canada to soar."

"U.S. household income fell to its lowest level in more than a decade in 2010 and poverty rose to a 17-year high, setting the stage for the debate over jobs and the economy that will dominate the 2012 presidential race."

I'll say this: The past is looking a whole lot better than the present.

And may God help us with the future.


[New York Democrat] Kirsten Gillibrand Opposes Super PAC's, Doesn't Want Obama To Stop Using Them

For the love of God.