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Monday, July 23, 2012

Most Of The Time

From Georgia Congressman Tom Price, a Republican:

Congressman on Blaming Tea Party for Aurora: The People Are Smarter Than That

I think so too.

Except when they look at some skinny guy from Illinois who has no experience but a nice sermon and they make him President of all the land.

Yeah, they're smart.  Sometimes.

Racism Seethes in Virginia

Well, among Mitt Romney supporters anyway.

That's the pronouncement from a stupid woman who happens to be a Virginia state senator - a Democrat, naturally - from Portsmouth, one Louise Lucas.  A stupid woman who has probably not rubbed elbows with a Romney supporter in her life but knows their inner thoughts and motivations just the same.

Ms. Lucas:

"Racism is alive all across this nation - and especially in Virginia. Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people who don't want to see anybody but a white man in the White House or any other elected position. They don't want President Obama and we know what's going on here. It's all about race, and you know it. So I'm going to say it."

The audio:

For the love of God.  When are bigots like Louise Lucas going to give it up and go home?

Hat tip to WHKT radio and The John Fredericks Show.

It Makes You Want To Cry

You can't escape the mantra when you turn on your TV: The rich need to pay their fair share.

For what?

That question is never asked.

So I'll ask:

Why do the rich - or any of us - need to pay for a woman in Philadelphia who owns twenty cell phones and got every one of them for free.

Correction: They weren't free.  We paid for them:

The rich in this country - along with the Middle Class - are paying more than their fair share.

We need to end the madness.  And rein in the government that so freely gives away our hard-earned income.

The rich aren't paying their fair share.


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