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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bloomberg Has Run Out Of Answers

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado massacre New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls for action.  He wants "unlicensed gun dealers" to be required to perform background checks.

Who is an unlicensed dealer?

You, as it turns out, if you try to sell your used .22 through the local newspaper.  Or over the fence to your neighbor.  Or, one supposes, to your son.  You're a seller?  In the eyes of this madman, you're a "dealer."

More importantly, how strained is this fanatic's argument when he uses the deaths of a dozen people in Colorado to make a demand for reforms to existing laws that would have had no impact on the circumstances that played out that evening.

Criminal background checks?  James Holmes would have passed with flying colors.

Can you say bankrupt, Mike?

Is Obama Delusional?

My God.

"We tried our plan and it worked."

Even his receptive audience didn't buy it - if you listen close.

Beyond belief.

At Least One Of These Guys Is Wrong

Associated Press: Facebook's first public quarter proves solid

Reuters: Facebook revenue growth skids, shares plunge

These people make my head hurt.