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Monday, July 30, 2012

Memo To The Flaccavento Campaign:

If you're going to pay for yard signs, at least make them to where passersby can understand them.

Is it @flaccaventocongress?  Or twitter.com/afor9th?

Do we really have to hunt your guy down?

- - -

* By the way, this from Roanoke Times editor Dwayne Yancey cannot be a good omen:

"As of Thursday night, [Congressman Morgan] Griffith had 744 followers, [challenger Anthony] Flaccavento had 129."

Uh oh.

Where The Lofty Oratorical Rubber Meets The Road

In the terror-plagued cities of Israel.

In this election, as it pertains to foreign policy, look for the candidate who is believed:

"Speaking to an often-cheering group of about 400 people in Jerusalem, Governor Mitt Romney gave a speech less notable for what he said than for the fact that the audience believed he was sincere in saying it."

As opposed to the other candidate whose lips move but whose words aren't believed by anyone.

Obama says he's there to support the Israelis.  Moral support anyway.  Support, perhaps, for those who are alive in the end and on their way to the concentration camps.  He'll be there to provide those wonderful words that he spoke the day he received his well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize:

"Peace entails sacrifice."

Just ask the inhabitants of Auschwitz.  The most peaceful part of Poland you'll ever want to visit.

Instapundit Sets The Record Straight

A straightening that former Vice President Dick Cheney apparently needs.

Glenn Reynolds:

She probably wouldn’t have panicked like McCain did: “Before TARP failed as policy, it first failed as politics, with John McCain’s panicky announcement — Sept. 24, 2008 — that he would fly back to Washington to push for passage of the bailout. As I explained two weeks later, this was the decision that ensured Obama’s election.” McCain was in the lead from Palin’s selection until then. Then he tanked, and never recovered.
Can we all at least agree that John McCain hadn't a prayer of winning the election in 2008, regardless who his running mate was? Sarah Palin, the ghost of Ronald Reagan, Flo the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman - it wouldn't have mattered. It was McCain. He was doomed from the git-go.

Palin, if anything, helped staunch the bleeding for a short time. And then the hemorrhage erupted once again.

Cheney should know that. All America knows that.

Can It Get Any Worse?

Can we imprison the likes of Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and end this nightmare?

"When President Barack Obama blocked the Keystone Pipeline, Republicans said the move would encourage Canada to pursue oil deals with China instead of the United States and cede a massive chunk of North American oil assets to the communist nation.

"Now, with China's state-run oil company CNOOC poised to cut a $15.1 billion deal--the largest ever foreign acquisition for a Chinese company--with Canadian oil company Nexen, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are in full backpedal mode."

For the love of God.

I Knew I Could Find Something I Liked About Romney

In Israel, Romney talks Iran, angers Palestinians 

If only he could have angered the Iranians too we would have had a two-fer.

Earth To Drudge:

Take your pill.

Read Justice Scalia's remarks and you'll find that he referred specifically to rocket launchers and cannons.

So calm down, Matt, and let the meds do their thing.

They Ask. I Answer.

Lee Cary, American Thinker:

What Role Will White Guilt Play in the 2012 Election?

My answer:

Not as much as it did in 2008.  A crappy economy, exploding debt, ObamaCare, an apology-first foreign policy, the EPA, and "You didn't build that" will have that effect.

You folks who just had to see Obama become our first "black" President, you got what you wanted.

But is he what you wanted?

How His Heart Must Bleed

Republican Senate candidate from Maine, Charlie Summers, is being shunned by the current occupant of the seat in Congress that he seeks - hopelessly liberal Republican Olympia Snowe.

A gift that Mr. Summers surely hopes that keeps on giving.

On Obama's Visit To Roanoke

And his "You didn't build that" blunder, George Will asks:

"We're told that the president is the brightest president since Madison, the best educated president since John Quincy Adams, and the most articulate president -- politician since Pericles. Why does he spend so much time explaining what he actually meant?"

Maybe, just maybe, he's none of the above? But simply black?

Liberals Are Idiots

Can you imagine a conservative calling someone else who also claims to be conservative - but goes to the movies occasionally - a liberal-loving Judas?


We have the ability to separate out the political leanings of assholes like Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand (in the day), Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Alec Baldwin, et al. from the flicks they appear in.

Liberals on the other hand?

MSNBC's Bible: Thomas Roberts Tags Liberal Chick-Fil-A Eaters With 'Chicken-Eating Judas'

For the love of God.  Is it a prerequisite that anyone working in front of the cameras at MSNBC be a moron?

Sure seems so.

Nice Try, Newsweek


So Romney's a wimp?

As compared to whom exactly?

Is there any wonder why Newsweek is about to fold?

It's About Time

I was beginning to worry that the United States Marine Corps was turning into a bunch of sissies.  What with those effeminate 9mm toys they had strapped to their hips.  Now news comes to us that they are ready to play with the big boys once again:
Sticking to their guns: Marines place $22.5M order for the Colt .45 M1911
By By Maegan Vazquez, Fox News

It’s been called the greatest handgun ever made, and it has barely changed sine 1911, when the legendary John Browning designed it especially for the U.S. Military. And now, the Colt .45 M1911 is making a big comeback, now that the U.S. Marines have placed a $22.5 million order for the Connecticut-made pistols.

The gun, which has been wielded on film by John Wayne and in real life by Sgt. Alvin York and Maj. Audie Murphy, was the standard-issue sidearm in the military for decades, until it was replaced by the Beretta M9 in 1985.

"It just became an iconic part of military and American history," Gerry Dinkel, CEO and president of Colt Defense, told FoxNews.com.

"You can’t beat a .45 cartridge," Jack Lewis, firearms director for Cowan's Auctions, told FoxNews.com. "Some things are hard to replace," he said.

Colt Defense, based in Hartford, Conn., will supply as many as 12,000 of the 200,000 U.S. Marines with semi-automatic, tan-colored M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistols, and they will include spare parts and logistical support. The gun has long been the weapon of choice for special operations agents, thanks to its reliability and the stopping power of its massive bullets. [link]
Tradition is a good thing.

But more important? You don't want to be using a weapon that chambers a bullet that will bounce off when it hits a bad guy. The .45 don't bounce off.

Here's to whomever made the smart decision.

* I once owned a similar weapon - the Colt Mark IV Series 70, .45 ACP. Wish I still had it. Sold it for two and a quarter. Those are tears you see on your monitor.

** Sorry to all the Marines out there - especially my son-in-law - for suggesting you are a bunch of sissies. You don't need to come here and beat me up. It was simply humor.

Something To Ponder

If there's even a grain of truth to this, which came to me via email, the question arises ...

... Where's the mainstream press?
Written by a female Obama supporter who voted for him for president.

Legitimate Question

This election has me very worried. So many things to consider. I voted for Obama. McCain was a Washington insider and we don't need any more of them. I have changed my mind three times, since then. I watch all the news channels, jumping from one to another. I must say this drives my husband crazy. But, I feel if you view CNN, and Fox News, you might get some middle ground to work with. I started thinking "where does all the money come from for President Obama"? I have four daughters who went to College, and we were middle class, and money was tight. We (including my girls) worked hard and there were lots of student loans. I started looking into Obama's history for my own peace of mind.

Around 1979 Obama started college at Occidental in California . He is very open about his two years at Occidental, he tried all kinds of drugs and was wasting his time but, even though he had a brilliant mind, did not apply himself to his studies. "Barry" (that was the name he used all his life) during this time had two roommates, Muhammad Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, both from Pakistan . During the summer of 1981, after his second year in college, he made a "round the world" trip. Stopping to see his mother in Indonesia , next Hyderabad in India , three weeks in Karachi , Pakistan where he stayed with his roommate's family, then off to Africa to visit his father's family.

My question - Where did he get the money for this trip? Nether I, nor any one of my children would have had money for a trip like this when they were in college. When he came back he started school at Columbia University in New York . It is at this time he wants everyone to call him Barack - not Barry. Do you know what the tuition is at Columbia ? It's not cheap to say the least.

My girls asked me; where did he get money for tuition? Student Loans? Maybe it's none of my business?

After Columbia , he went to Chicago to work as a Community Organizer for $12,000. a year. Why Chicago ? Why not New York ? He was already living in New York . By "chance" he met Antoin "Tony" Rezko, born in Aleppo Syria , and a real estate developer in Chicago . Rezko has been convicted of fraud and bribery several times in the past and in 2011. Rezko, was named

"Entrepreneur of the Decade" by the Arab-American Business and Professional Association". About two years later, Obama entered Harvard Law School . Do you have any idea what tuition is for Harvard Law School ?

Where did he get the money for Law School ? More student loans? His family has no money that's for sure.

After Law school, he went back to Chicago . Rezko offered him a job, which he turned down. But, he did take a job with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland. Guess what I discovered? They represented "Rezar" which is Rezko's firm.

Rezko was one of Obama's first major financial contributors when he ran for office in Chicago . In 2003, Rezko threw an early fundraiser for Obama which Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendelland claims was instrumental in providing Obama with "seed money" for his U.S. Senate race.

In 2005, Obama purchased a new home in Kenwood District of Chicago for $1.65 million (less than asking price). With ALL those Student Loans - Where did he get the money for this property? On the same day Rezko's wife, Rita, purchased the adjoining empty lot for full price. The London Times reported that Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi-born Billionaire loaned Rezko $3.5 million three weeks before Obama's new home was purchased. Obama met Nadhmi Auchi many times with Rezko.

Now, we have Obama running for President. Valerie Jarrett, was Michele Obama's boss. She is now Obama's chief advisor and he does not make any major decisions without talking to her first. Where was Jarrett born? Ready for this? Shiraz , Iran ! Am I going nuts or is there a pattern here?

On May 10, 2008, The Times reported, Robert Malley advisor to Obama was "sacked" after the press found out he was having regular contacts with "Hamas", which controls Gaza and is connected with Iran . This past week, buried in the back part of the papers, Iraqi newspapers reported that during Obama's visit to Iraq , he asked their leaders to do nothing about the war until after he is elected, and he will "Take care of things". What the heck does that mean?

Oh, and by the way, remember the college roommates that were born in Pakistan ? They are in charge of all those "small" Internet campaign contribution for Obama. Where is that money coming from? The poor and middle class in this country? Or could it be from the Middle East ?

And the final bit of news. On September 7, 2009, The Washington Times posted a verbal slip that was made on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. Obama on talking about his religion said, "My Muslim faith". When questioned, "he made a mistake". Some mistake huh?

All of the above information I got on line. If you would like to check it - Wikipedia, encyclopedia, Barack Obama; Tony Rezko; Valerie Jarrett: Daily Times - Obama visited Pakistan in 1981; The Washington Times - September 7, 2008; The Times May 10, 2008.

Now the BIG question - If I found out all this information on my own, Why haven't all of our "intelligent" members of the press been reporting this? Is this a Kettle of Fish?? As Arsenio Hall would say.----"HUMMMMMMM! Does something stink or is it my imagination?" These are legitimate questions for our president.

Rachelle Derrough Provider - M.D., RS - PHYSICIANS FOR WOMEN CoxHealth
Good questions all. Maybe someday someone in the press will ask them.

Where did Obama get his money?