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Monday, August 06, 2012

I Have a Better Idea

Someday a climate specialist is going to calculate the carbon footprint that a locomotive generates.

Someday, too, a psychologist is going to explain the urge some disturbed individuals have that makes them believe that 18th century transportation technology is somehow superior to our current means of conveyance.

Speaking of the disturbed, we have this from the Bristol Herald Courier:

Take a serious look at reviving passenger rail

"[I]n an age of rising gas prices and increasing vehicular and truck traffic, particularly on the Interstate 81 corridor, a serious look at increasing the use of existing rail lines in an overall transportation plan begins to make sense."

Does it?

I have a better idea:


It's cheaper.  And it doesn't pollute the planet nearly as much as those stinky locomotives do.

A win-win.

But why am I trying to reason with the hopelessly delusional ...


Someone associated with the city of Roanoke should be fired.  For having purchased this monstrosity:

Seating capacity?

½ comfortably.  2 if treated like sardines.



"It's the ideal vehicle for a parking enforcement officer, said Ken Cronin, the city's director of general services and sustainability ..."


What's wrong with this tried and true method of tooling around the urban center that does an even better job of saving on that precious carbon footprint?



Available in assorted colors.  And provides for much more soothing comfort than that tin can that the city is paying an arm and a leg for.

To the good people of Roanoke: I don't have a dog in your fight so you can waste your money on whatever brings you joy.

But I have a question: Does that Good Earth Firefly you're going to force some poor ticket-writer to drive come with disability insurance?  Cause you're going to need it when his back gives out.

OK, I'm a Racist

When I read the headline, I immediately assumed the subject would be of Indian descent:

A perfect ACT score for Maryland teenager

But I was wrong.

Though Taariq Mohammed probably ain't your standard white boy either.

A Question Everybody Knows The Answer To

Does it really take a 1,088 word article in the New York Times to answer this perplexing question?

Why D.C. Is Doing So Well

What, pray tell, could be bringing that about?

(Actually, the author of the piece offers all kinds of reasons for Washington's flourishing economy - all of which are offshoots of the Big Kahuna.)

The Big Kahuna:

(Click on the image provided by the Heritage Foundation to enlarge it.  For more on the real reason for Washington's explosive growth, see "Federal Spending Grew Nearly 12 Times Faster than Median Income."  It's no more mysterious than that.  And only ten words.)

It don't take a weatherman - or a New York Times reporter - to know which way the wind blows.

'Green Energy' Still a Dead Horse

Want to see a video of Obama bragging about how his "green energy" initiative has produced "8 to 10 jobs"?

(That's right.  8 to 10.  While 13,000,000 go without.)

Go here.

Want to learn how those 8 to 10 jobs may soon go the way of all the other "green" jobs that our President has "created"?

Go here.

Meanwhile coal jobs are being destroyed, oil drilling rigs sit idle, pipeline workers wait for Obama's moratorium to lift, ObamaCare has halted America's corporations in their tracks, those with investment capital are fleeing to Singapore, and a mind-numbing array of federal regulations have squelched small business hiring,

And Obama brags about 8 to 10 jobs that are here and soon will be gone.

For the love of God.  Make it stop.

The Tea Party Epitaphs Are A Tad Premature

I get a bewildering number of emails each day from sundry Tea Party organizations and affiliated individuals, many of them seeking cash donations for the cause. So I chuckle when I read some dumbass Democrat talking about how "the party is over."

In fact?
The Morphing of the Tea Party
By Lee Cary, American thinker

The Tea Party movement morphed from protest signs to campaign signs. That's how a Texas Tea Party activist succinctly put it when I asked him what's become of the movement. He said, "We put down our protest signs, and picked up campaign signs."

He said that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's victory lap after passing Obamacare was a "wake-up call." It signaled that mass demonstrations would not bring significant changes. Change would only come through the ballot box.

Hearing the call, the Tea Party vacated the town squares and hit the streets where it began organizing for the long-term.

It was always a grassroots phenomenon, so no territorial shift was required. And since it enjoyed little, or no, support from established GOP county structures, it didn't need to ask permission from the local GOP leadership, or accept its judgment as authoritative. [link]
Ask former Senators Robert Bennett and Richard Lugar about that last part.  Key word being former.

And ask presumptive Texas Senator Ted Cruz about how organized and effective the Tea Party is right down to its local bases of operation.

And on that last matter, ask the unions in Wisconsin about local organization.  Where once they were the masters of the grassroots, last year they were overwhelmed by a much more powerful machine.  And the rest is history.

No, the Tea Party is dead only in the dreams of those who have had it their way in this country for decades.  Decades spent driving this country to the precipice.

We the People are once again taking charge.  As that saying goes, you can help us lead, you can follow, or - if neither - get out of the way.

How They Do Cling To Their Worldview

In the case of America's black activists, that worldview consists of a white world and a black put-upon minority. Despite all the evidence that that paradigm no longer exists.

This is sad.  Such a waste of potential talent:

Ex-Washington Post Columnist Slams NBC's Bob Costas for Insisting Olympic Race Barriers 'Have Long Been Down'

Those barriers are down.  They've been down for decades.  But there's no convincing the racialists among us.  Hatred exists all around them.  Apartheid.  Bigotry.  Color barriers.  The never-ending nightmare that is America.


Let's rejoice in the fact that this poor creature is an "ex-" Washington Post columnist.

Now, on to a post in the Obama White House?

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