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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Poor Anthony

He gets no respect. Is this a portent? Go to the "Flaccavento for the 9th" site on Facebook and you'll find that the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia's "Fightin' 9th" has exactly ...

... one friend.

And that one "friend," unless he's changed his spots, ain't all that much of a friend either.  Alton Foley, for those who don't know the name, was campaign manager for Jeff Evans when he ran against Democrat Senator Roscoe Reynolds in 2007.

Oh, and he's a friend of mine too.

Poor Anthony.  Surely there are more "friends" in Southwest Virginia than this.

Or maybe ...

Words For The Ages

Nancy Pelosi: GOP is the ‘E. coli club’

Christ almighty.

Why Did This Have To Happen?

I can't remember why we're even there any more:

Afghan War Claims 40 U.S. Servicemen in July--Total Fatalities Now 1,954

So you know, our President said yesterday he's heartbroken over the murders that took place in Wisconsin the other day.

About as heartbroken as he is over the deaths of those 40 marines and soldiers he sent to die in Afghanistan last month for no reason.

"I think all of us recognize that these kinds of terrible tragic events are happening with too much regularity for us not to do some soul searching and to examine additional ways that we can reduce violence ..."


What If You Create a Business ...

... whose only purpose is to get money from the government?

Wouldn't that make Solyndra a welfare queen?

If so, what does that make Obama?

Democrats Come Out Against The Military

So, what else is new?

Obama Attempts To Suppress Ohio Military Vote

Where's the Attorney General when the men and women who are off in a foreign land fighting America's enemies need him?