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Monday, August 13, 2012

Is Flaccavento a Fascist?

It's like walking through a mine field when one brings up the word fascism.  It means so many different things to so many people.  And it's usually personified by this guy's mug:

But if one understands the true meaning of the word fascism, at least as it relates to economics, one gains a better understanding of the relationship that liberal Democrats wish to cultivate between our government and every aspect of commercial enterprise.  That relationship?

"Fascism advocates a state-controlled and regulated mixed economy; the principal economic goal of fascism is to achieve national autarky [i.e., economic independence as a national policy] to secure national independence, through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.  It promotes regulated private enterprise and private property contingent whenever beneficial to the nation and state enterprise and state property whenever necessary to protect its interests.  At the same time, fascists are hostile to financial capital, plutocracy, and 'the power of money'".  [source]

One might argue that today's fascists are more inclined to promote "one-world" government as opposed to nationalism  (one-world government being a kind of nationalism on steroids), but the rest fits the core values emanating from Obama's Democratic Party, 2012.

Which brings us to Anthony Flaccavento, Democratic candidate, 9th Congressional District.

I'll let him speak for himself.  From Anthony Flaccavento for Congress.  See if it doesn't relate to the above:
[G]etting to the root causes of poverty is much more challenging. It will take a sustained commitment to building an economy that works for ordinary people, not just the well-to-do. This will be my focus in Washington, as it has been in southwest Virginia for many years. My top priorities in this area will be:

1. Creating good jobs through investment in small- to mid-sized businesses, manufacturing and entrepreneurship, enabling existing companies to expand and new companies to flourish.

2. Focusing on the real job creators – local businesses, family farms, independent banks and credit unions and the working- and middle-class households that support them – with investment, infrastructure development and regulations appropriate to their scale.

3. Renewed commitment to both academic and vocational education that will enable people from all walks of life to create or find jobs, particularly in newly emerging sectors such as energy efficiency, sustainable farming, tourism and hospitality, and many more.

4. Protecting Social Security and Medicare, as they are essential to keeping senior citizens out of poverty, and finding ways to make health care more affordable and accessible for everyone.

5. Partnership with community-based organizations and local governments who are on the front lines of fighting poverty, to invest in programs that build local wealth, revitalize our downtowns and help people help themselves. Many highly effective initiatives are already underway in our district – microloans for women, self-help home ownership, the Grow Appalachia gardening project – but are chronically underfunded.

Some in Congress contend that we simply do not have money for these things. They seem to believe that tax breaks for the rich are a better use of public funds than investment in ordinary people and local communities. They are wrong. From my experience, I know that these investments work, making our communities stronger, our economies more vital and saving us money in the long run. And I know it’s the right thing to do.
One might ask how much all that will cost? But one needn't waste his breath asking Flaccavento. As long as there's still a rich guy wandering around, there's money to be seized and redirected toward that which Flaccavento and his allies deem worthy.  See "fascists are hostile to financial capital, plutocracy ...'"  See Solyndra.

But what about the fact that so many small business owners find themselves in that top tax bracket that the likes of Flaccavento (and Obama) want to savage?  See above: "[Fascism]  promotes regulated private enterprise and private property contingent whenever beneficial to the nation and state enterprise and state property whenever necessary to protect its interests."

In other words, tough shit.  He intends to pick winners and losers and those small business owners just get in the way.  Their sacrifice is for the greater good.  The greater good being the interests of the state.

And on a personal note, having been working within the corporate universe my entire adult life, I take issue with this, his intention to form a ... "Partnership with community-based organizations and local governments who [sic] are on the front lines of fighting poverty,  to invest in programs that ..."

Earth to Flaccavento: Community-based organizations and local governments are not on the front lines of fighting poverty, Wal-Mart is.  Community-based organizations and local governments are simply in the business of sustaining those in poverty.  With a check.  Wal-Mart offers employment.  Opportunity to succeed.  A career.  And the chance to contribute.  The challenge to give back.  And health benefits to boot.

From a corporate type to the guy who wants to tax me out of existence so that he can write more checks to sustain the wretched conditions of the poor (how many more checks can his kind write before they realize the error of their ways?):  I've hired and promoted hundreds of people in my lifetime.  Many of whom have gone on to hire and promote on their own.  Many of whom are successful today.  Some of whom, because they succeeded, are targets for your wealth seizure intentions.

The difference between you and me?  I create wealth.  You intend to destroy it.

My bottom line: Go back to playing farmer.  And keep your hands out of my wallet.  I and other capitalists around this country have work to do.  And we don't need any more fascists like you interfering with the monumental task of turning this country around that is at hand.

A 'Green' Mind Is An Empty Mind

Hey. when you environmentalists figure out what in the hell it is you want, let the rest of us know:

"Two environmental groups in April filed suit to block an energy project they said would seriously harm the local ecosystem. It wasn't a coal plant, or an oil refinery, or a nuclear reactor. It was a wind farm — the very sort of "clean" energy environmentalists champion as an alternative to dirty traditional supplies."

For the love of God.

For Crying Out Loud

Environmentalists, egged on by the Roanoke Times editorial staff, are tying themselves in knots over a large handful of trees on the Virginia Tech campus.  Those shouldn't be cut down but that one should ...

While Rome burns.

Without Doubt

The quote of the day comes from George Will:

"Romney’s selection of a running mate was, in method and outcome, presidential. It underscores how little in the last four years merits that adjective."

To contrast Romney's "presidential" decision with Obama's approach to the job of being our leader think no further than the shameful Joe Soptic scandal.

It would be nice to have a president in the office of president once again.

If This Is Any Indication ...

Over 10,000 greet Romney and Ryan in High Point, NC

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan address huge crowd in Waukesha [Wisconsin]

"At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full.”

Keep hope alive.

Democrats Are So Stupid

How about a big-city mayor - a Democrat - who finds a gun safety program to be "anti-safety"?


Washington Mayor Vincent Gray would prefer that citizens wielding guns in his city not know the first thing about safety.

I'm filing that in the YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP folder.

Who Would Have Guessed?

This is probably an accurate assumption on someone's part:

Behind the scenes, Romney wanted Ryan

Hold the presses!

Headline of the Day

Scores of women mysteriously appear at Romney/Ryan rally, Andrea Mitchell stumped

Caption of the Day

From Hot Air:

Honestly, I'm going to miss her when the Democrats finally fire her for being such a world-class ditze.

Lament The Work Of Simple Minds

I've been involved with training programs for many years.  And even I don't know what this means:

"In an apparent attempt to pin blame anywhere but on the Obama administration for the rising unemployment rate, a USA Today item currently carried at Newsmax's MoneyNews.com web site opens by claiming that 'Companies across the country are cutting training programs for new employees, broadening the divide between workers with skills needed to compete in today's economy and those left out, pushing up unemployment rates in the process.'"

Cutting training programs is causing unemployment to worsen?  Is he nuts?  That's the silliest thing I've ever read.

Earth to Forrest Jones: Could it be that America's corporations find there to be less need to train new hires because there is a wealth of talented and fully trained people - by the millions - currently standing idle in those unemployment lines that Barack Obama has created?

How To Stretch a Storyline

I found this headline to be a bit remarkable:

Olympics 2012: Summer Games end with key victory for women

Why is that remarkable?

Because the "victory for women" came in women's basketball.

Of course it was a "victory for women."  They were the only human beings there.


Venezuela plans a 'guerrilla army' against US invasion

How Times Have Changed

They say Americans have gotten a lot fatter over the years.  This may be proof.

An advertisement in Time magazine, November 9, 1942:
when you're tired

After hard work or play -
head for a Guinness!  You'll
enjoy that famous Guinness fla-
vour.  Dry, clean-bitter, refresh-
ing.  Some people "stout" their
beer with it!  Guiness is nourish-
ing, invigorating - good if you're
underweight.  Also at bedtime.

● ● ●

malt beverage, Guinness Stout has
been brewed since 1759 in Dublin,
Ireland.  Matures over a year in
oak vats and in Bottle until con-
sumed; retains active yeasts - its
natural goodness.

Guiness is good if you're underweight.
And it's good for your health!

Yeah, times sure have changed.

They Ask. I Answer.

The New York Times:

What Are Paul Ryan’s Chances of Becoming President?

Hey, at least he was born in the U.S..  That used to count for something.

Things You Didn't Know About Mitt Romney

I received this via email.  Contrast the story with that of the Obamas, who got rich when Barack siphoned taxpayer money to a hospital in Chicago where his wife held a meaningless job that - lo and behold! - drew down an astronomical salary:
In July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared. She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy. Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was.

Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay's daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search.

He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone that Bain did business with in New York, and asked them to help find his friend's missing daughter.

Romney's accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could -- including prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless people, -- anyone.

That day, their hunt made the evening news, which featured photos of the girl and the Bain employees searching for her. As a result, a teenage boy phoned in, asked if there was a reward, and then hung up abruptly. The NYPD traced the call to a house in New Jersey, where they found the girl in the basement, shivering and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy overdose. Doctors later said the girl might not have survived another day.

Romney's former partner credits Mitt Romney with saving his daughter's life, saying, "It was the most amazing thing, and I'll never forget this to the day I die."

So, here's my epiphany: Mitt Romney simply can't help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn't do it for self-aggrandizement, or for personal gain. He does it because that's just how he's wired.

Many people are unaware of the fact that when Romney was asked by his old employer, Bill Bain, to come back to Bain & Company as CEO to rescue the firm from bankruptcy, Romney left Bain Capital to work at Bain & Company for an annual salary of one dollar.

When Romney went to the rescue of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, he accepted no salary for three years, and would not use an expense account. He also accepted no salary as Governor of Massachusetts.
Contrasted with the Obama story, I'll take the Bain Capital guy any day.

Good Luck With That

Syrian rebels call for no-fly zone