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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will Biden Rescue The Trees?

Every Virginia Tech student will turn his/her attention to the most gripping issue facing America today when the Vice President of the United States blunders his way into Blacksburg to provide the campus population, as well as the American citizenry as a whole, his thoughts on the pressing issues of the day another gaffe or two.

The most beseeching issue facing us as a people?

A tree.

Will Joe Biden enter the fray?  Will he champion the cause that has rallied hundreds of students-with-mush-for-brains to stand up to tyranny and injustice?   Will his aid and comfort end the savagery and return life as we know it to something resembling normalcy?  Will Virginia Tech be whole once again?

Stay tuned.

Biden is rolling into Blacksburg right about now.

Gather up your popcorn and a ringside seat.  This should be a hoot.

Despicable. As Usual.

From the man who we're forced to accept as being the Vice President of the United States:
Vice President Joe Biden sparked a campaign commotion Tuesday, telling an audience in southern Virginia that included hundreds of black voters that Republican Mitt Romney wanted to put them "back in chains" by deregulating Wall Street. He later mocked Republican criticism over the remark while conceding he meant to use different words.

Campaigning in Danville, Biden said the Republican ticket wanted to "unchain Wall Street" by getting rid of regulations Obama signed into law two years ago. He added: "They're going to put y'all back in chains." [source]
For the love of God.

Biden Fosters Land Dispute ...

... between Virginia and North Carolina?

While in Danville, VIRGINIA yesterday - which is just minutes north of the Carolina line - our genius of a vice president ... well ... I guess he decided Danville should be south of the border:

“We can win North Carolina again!” says Biden… in Virginia

Remember, this dolt is just a heartbeat away from running what's left of this country.

A frightening prospect, if there ever was one.

Morgan Griffith Sends a Message To Biden

Our vile vice president visited Wytheville yesterday and was welcomed by a paltry crowd of 550 hopeless souls at Spiller Elementary School.  9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith paid his respects:

I want to welcome Vice President Joe Biden to Southern and Western Virginia. This is an excellent opportunity for him to clearly see the destructive impact his and President Obama’s policies are having on Southwest Virginia. He will not have to look far to see the damage caused by President Obama’s war on coal and assault on small business.” [source]

Not that Joe Biden is smart enough to understand the big words Mr. Griffith spoke.

Griffith's Extended Remarks

As submitted in the form of a press release:
"I want to welcome Vice President Joe Biden to Southern and Western Virginia. This is an excellent opportunity for him to clearly see the destructive impact his and President Obama's policies are having on Southwest Virginia. He will not have to look far to see the damage caused by President Obama's war on coal and assault on small business.

"Instead of helping Southwest Virginia workers, they have devastated the region's economy at a time when families are already struggling to make ends meet. It's not just coal country, either. Maybe the Vice President will drive through Martinsville and Bassett to see how the policies of this administration haven't helped a region that has the highest unemployment in the state.

"Instead of making speeches and holding photo-ops, I invite the Vice President to put politicking aside and join me to see the very real and very harsh human impact his and President Obama's policies have had. I want to introduce him to the people he and President Obama have put out of work, and show him the businesses that have failed because of their policies.

"Unfortunately, I suspect the Vice President would rather hold another made-for-media campaign event in order to try and maintain the farce that Southwest Virginians would somehow be better off with him and President Obama in office. Anyone who takes the time to look past the banners and bunting of that event will see it just isn't so, Joe.

"As Southwest Virginia's Congressman, I am keenly aware of the damage that has been done to the region's families by the Obama-Biden Administration. I have seen the damage they have caused to the coal industry, its workers and the businesses that survive by supporting coal mining. I have talked with the small business owners and farmers who have been hurt by this administration. I have listened to the moms and dads and grandparents who are worried about our spending crisis, and what kind of debt our children will have to repay.

"The families and businesses of Southwest Virginia will have a brighter future when President Obama and Vice President Obama are no longer in office come this January."
You tell 'em, Mr. Griffith. After what Biden and Obama have done to us, the Veep has a lot of nerve coming down here.

'We Love Joe Biden'

That's a quote attributed to one Jane Tate of Marion, Virginia.

And we wonder how it is such an idiot became the second most powerful man on the planet.

Romney Adopts A Solid Strategy

Take their recent words and actions and make them eat them:

"Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago."

Chicago.  Where Jeremiah Wright awaits with open arms.

The Electric Car Business Explained

There was a story told many years ago about the members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in the early Stalin years - those scientists who hadn't been found guilty of crimes against the state and sent off to Siberia, never to be seen again, anyway - getting together and, in a desperate effort, under impossible conditions, to keep their jobs and their heads, obtaining clandestinely copies of the American publication "Popular Science," copying verbatim the texts therein, and writing treatises that expounded on "astounding breakthrough discoveries" they'd made in their quests to propel the Motherland to new heights of international prestige and acclaim.  Discoveries that the decadent West could never have made.

Discoveries that the decadent West could, in fact, read about any given day by picking up a copy of the "source material" from the local newsstand.

For the price of 15¢, you too could have been making earth-shattering discoveries as a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.  If you were good at copying printed text.

What does that have to do with the electric car business, USA, circa 2012?

Like the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1936 wasn't about science, the electric car business today is not about cars.  Or technological advancement.  Or fuel economy.  Or the environment.

It's about those in the business working desperately to stave off the inevitable and save themselves from extinction.

That's how it is that the most "prestigious" electric car manufacturer on earth can make an automobile that sometimes won't run, and catches fire when it does, and still finds itself continuing to survive.

It's all about the money.

As long as Obama continues to pour cash into this losing proposition, to the tune of billions and counting, a la  The great Stalin!, those heavily invested will continue to do what they do.

If poorly.

It worked then.  It works today.

And You Wonder Why He Never Talks About Afghanistan

Obama Has Attended, On Average, One Fundraiser Every 60 Hours While Running for Reelection

Meanwhile, in a God-forsaken land far, far away, 109,000 brave men and women - our country's best and brightest - are fighting and dying in a war that has no purpose.  And no end.

The best explanation anyone can give for the "mission" such as it is?

We're there so that we can leave.

By the way, Obama will be attending a fundraiser in Iowa today.

For the love of God.

This Is How You Counter-Punch

So Obama and his media try to make a case out of Paul Ryan offering budget solutions to the ever-worsening Medicare crisis, labeling it, somehow, a radical, right-wing attempt to destroy seniors' health care.

In response, a devastating fusillade from the Romney campaign:

We go from "Romney is going to cut Medicare" to OBAMA HAS CUT MEDICARE BY $716 BILLION!

It doesn't get better than that.

I'm a Huge Fan Of Gabby Douglas ...

... because of the way she carries herself and because she seems to be a really good person who hasn't let fame go to her head.

So I'd never expect her to tell Michelle Obama to stick her rude, meddling, inappropriate head up her fat ass.

I'd do it.  But I'm no Gabby Douglas.

Think Matthews Isn't Frightened?

You bet he is.  Paul Ryan ain't Joe Biden.  And Chris Matthews knows it:

Ridiculous Chris Matthews: Paul Ryan May Be 'Worse' Than Quayle, 'More Trouble' Than Eagleton

I'd suggest that that was a nice try on his part.  But it is - really - pathetic.

Paul Ryan will run circles around Barack Obama and his doofus of a vice president, a prospect that has Chris Matthews soiling his Depends.

I'm liking Ryan more every day.

Sometimes The Law Escapes Me

Here's a new one on me.  According to CNN a 90-year-old man living in Australia has gained a reprieve from the highest court in the land from being extradited to his native Hungary.  The man, Charles Zentai, is wanted by the Hungarian government for a "war crime" dating back to 1944 that involved the murder of a Jew.

Why did the Australian court block extradition?  

"In a 5-1 decision, the court ruled that Zentai could not be extradited because 'war crime' did not exist as a legal offence [sic] in Hungary in 1944, according to Australian media reports."

Well, of course there was no "legal offense" in Hungary in 1944 that would have applied. As part of Adolf Hitler's Axis, Hungary, like the rest of that part of the world, was, in itself, one big war crime.

According to The War Against the Jews, between 450,000 and 606,000 Hungarian Jews were systematically rounded up and sent to their deaths in Auschwitz by the Nazis between 1944 and 1945.  With the acquiescence of the Hungarian government.  Killing Jews wasn't a war crime there.  It was a way of life.

Unless I'm missing something, by the reasoning of the Australian court, Adolf Hitler himself couldn't be tried today for "war crimes" because Germany, back when, didn't have a law on the books that forbade his exterminating 7,000,000 human beings because of their religious/ethnic background.


Didn't The Soviets Go Through This?

Obama Promises 'Shared Prosperity' But Delivers Shared Misery

By the way, where are those Soviets today?

Something Obama Will Never Understand

Romney: 'I Don't Give the Bus Driver the Credit' for Kid Making Honor Roll

Just Think What Obama Could Do With Twice That Amount

Oh.  Wait.  What's 2 X 0?

Rural Utilities Create Zero Jobs Despite $47 Million in Stimulus Funding


No matter.  I'm still full of hope and change.  Despite the math, I think, given $94 million, Obama could create ...

... one job next time around.

Ouch. The Truth Hits Home.

I wanted to take offense at this headline ...

Government Motors: Obama's British Leyland

... because I once, many years ago, owned a car manufactured by British Leyland.

But then I realized - that car was a piece of shit.

As is my Government Motors Chevy Equinox today.

Point made; point accepted.