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Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Think I'm Heading Up To Radford

And I don't even care for baked goods.

But that's beside the point.

The point:

"Virginia Baker Swamped With Business Since Telling Biden 'No!'”

Revulsion resulting from our watching what Biden and his best buddy have done to this country - coupled with the fact that Mr. "You Didn't Build That" harbors nothing but contempt for the producer class in this country - coupled with our need to be united with one another in this most dangerous hour - will bring that about.

Support those who stand up to the heavy hand of Washington. Get a cookie at Crumb and Get It.

It's that easy.  And that important.

Environmentalists Tying Themselves In Knots


This has nothing to do with windmills.  Though they're still trying to decide whether they're good for the environment or the worst thing since Dasani water bottles were invented.

Nope.  This one involves those plastic grocery bags that America's environmentalist nazis have gotten banned in liberal cities across this land because they prove to be an environmental nightmare.

Turns out, the alternative is an environmental nightmare too.

Someday these environmentalists are going to be recognized for the nightmares that they are and we'll ban them.  Once and for all time.

Back Then It Was Nuclear Annihilation

But then the Rooskies ran off.

So we turned to something else over which we could soil our undies.

And the environmentalist movement was born.

That's my working theory anyway.

So how's that workin' out for us?

George Will:
This began two generations ago, in 1972, when we were warned (by computer models developed at MIT) that we were doomed. We were supposed to be pretty much extinct by now, or at least miserable. We are neither. So, what went wrong?

That year begat “The Limits to Growth,” a book from the Club of Rome, which called itself “a project on the predicament of mankind.” It sold 12 million copies, staggered the New York Times (“one of the most important documents of our age”) and argued that economic growth was doomed by intractable scarcities. Bjorn Lomborg, the Danish academic and “skeptical environmentalist,” writing in Foreign Affairs, says it “helped send the world down a path of worrying obsessively about misguided remedies for minor problems while ignoring much greater concerns,” such as poverty, which only economic growth can ameliorate.

MIT’s models foresaw the collapse of civilization because of “nonrenewable resource depletion” and population growth. “In an age more innocent of and reverential toward computers,” Lomborg writes, “the reams of cool printouts gave the book’s argument an air of scientific authority and inevitability” that “seemed to banish any possibility of disagreement.” Then — as now, regarding climate change — respect for science was said to require reverential suspension of skepticism about scientific hypotheses.

The modelers missed something — human ingenuity in discovering, extracting and innovating. Which did not just appear after 1972.

Forty years after “The Limits to Growth” imparted momentum to environmentalism, that impulse now is often reduced to children indoctrinated to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Lomborg calls recycling “a feel-good gesture that provides little environmental benefit at a significant cost.” He says that “we pay tribute to the pagan god of token environmentalism by spending countless hours sorting, storing and collecting used paper, which, when combined with government subsidies, yields slightly lower-quality paper in order to secure a resource” — forests — “that was never threatened in the first place.”
When this environmentalist madness dissipates - and it will - never to raise its ugly head again - expect the perpetually frightened among us to conjure something else that will set the "open-minded" class aflutter. The growing menace of nighttime, or something.

The epitaph I want etched on the environmentalist movement's tombstone:

'We pay tribute to the pagan god of token environmentalism by spending countless hours sorting, storing and collecting used paper, which, when combined with government subsidies, yields slightly lower-quality paper in order to secure a resource' — forests — 'that was never threatened in the first place.'

Anyway, been there, done that, doing that, will do that.

They'll never stop.

Old Ladies Mix It Up

To me politics is a contact sport. So when a presumed Obama supporter spits on a Romney supporter who got in her face, but with no punches thrown - hey, we got us some meaningful interpersonal dialogue!

Yeah, it made for an uncomfortable moment. But all's well!

In Egypt the new ruling party is crucifying supporters of its political opponents.

Spitting? On a scale from one to ten ...

Obama's Plan Just Ain't Working

It was supposed to go like this:  The Democrat puts pressure on the Republican to release his tax returns so that his legions in the press could pounce on the bastard's wealth and perceived tax transgressions.  The Republican - as is always the case - relents, after steadfastly refusing to relent.  And the press dutifully pounces.

Only this time around ...

Romney nixes Obama bid for 5-year tax disclosure


And again and again and ...

Now what?  Write articles about the horrid unemployment picture in this country?



The Cold Hard Facts

You're big on wind and solar?

Does it matter that neither would be around if it weren't for massive government subsidies?

Even with subsidies, they amount to virtually nothing. 

From "The Energy Subsidy Tally" in today's Wall Street Journal:
The folks at the Institute for Energy Research used the Energy Department data to calculate a subsidy per unit of electricity produced. Per megawatt hour, natural gas, oil and coal received 64 cents, hydropower 82 cents, nuclear $3.14, wind $56.29 and solar a whopping $775.64.

So for every tax dollar that goes to coal, oil and natural gas, wind gets $88 and solar $1,212. After all the hype and dollars, in 2010 wind and solar combined for 2.3% of electric generation—2.3% for wind and 0% and a rounding error for solar. Renewables contributed 10.3% overall, though 6.2% is hydro. Some "investment."

Zooming out for all energy, the Congressional Research Service did its own analysis of tax incentives last year. It found that in 2009 fossil fuels accounted for 78% of U.S. energy production but received only 12.6% of tax incentives. Renewables accounted for 11% of energy production but received 77% of the tax subsidies—and that understates the figure because it leaves out direct spending.
In order to make solar or wind viable, we'd need to invest all the money in the world. Here in the most indebted nation on the planet. Money that disappeared long ago.

It was a nice dream.

But, like all dreams, sooner or later one has to wake up and put it in its place.

A Biden Supporter Speaks

Unfortunately for him.

Jonathan Capehart, writing in today's Washington Post:

"Biden has been an asset to Obama and to the administration. He goes where the president can’t (figuratively and literally). He has that chummy nature that folks (and reporters) say is essential for politicians. More importantly, he has the foreign policy and Capitol Hill experience that have served this president well. So, while Biden might have had the worst week in Washington, it nowhere near warrants all this talk of immediate unemployment."

Okay, let's take it from the top:

"He goes where the president can’t (figuratively and literally)." 

Which could be said about any human being alive today in that same position.  He "goes."  Really?

"He has that chummy nature that folks (and reporters) say is essential for politicians."

Outside Washington and off the pages of the Washington Post Biden's "chummy nature" is viewed as being both condescending and stupid.  That "y'all" thing he does?  That ain't chummy.  It's fatuous.  And belittling.  And bizarre.

"He has the foreign policy and Capitol Hill experience that have served this president well."

No examples given.  No examples to be given.

But I might offer up this tidbit to suggest that Biden hasn't "served this president well."  Remember when he declared those in Afghanistan who were - and are - killing American soldiers and marines to "not be our enemy"?   Tell it to the Taliban, goofball.  That's the kind of foreign policy experience this Post scribe appreciates?

"So, while Biden might have had the worst week in Washington, it nowhere near warrants all this talk of immediate unemployment."

In fact Biden has had the worst three decades of any person in American history, starting in 1988 when he shared his family story - that was plagiarized right out of Neil Kinnock's family story.

And that's why those of us who want Obama gone want Biden to be there to the bitter end "serving the president well." 

Maybe Biden Will Do Us a Favor

And never come back to Virginia:
Who had the worst week in Washington? Vice President Biden.
By Chris Cilliza, Washington Post

Vice President Biden is an outlier in American politics: He speaks his mind, all of it. Sometimes that’s a good thing. But other times — like this past week — it can be a very bad thing.

Biden’s swing through Virginia was supposed to showcase his ability to reach rural, working-class voters. Instead, it turned into a mistake-riddled trip that wound up overtaking the national campaign story — and not in a good way for President Obama.

Biden’s slip-ups ranged from the merely comical (while in Virginia, he said the campaign was poised to win North Carolina) to the genuinely problematic. “They’re going to put y’all back in chains,” he said, describing banks’ presumed role in a Mitt Romney administration, to a crowd that included many African Americans.

Of course, given the momentum of the media cycle — Twitter! — it was already way too late to put Biden back in the bottle. The story du jour became whether the vice president’s flubs meant that he might be replaced on the ticket by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, a ridiculous proposition that, nonetheless, the White House had to formally knock back.

Vice President Biden, for letting “bad Joe” out, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something. [link]
It's not like his handlers weren't warned that he's an idiot.

He and they deserve everything they got this week.

And the campaign has only just begun.

'Just Say No To Biden'

From the Scott Lingamfelter for Lieutenant Governor campaign:

There are lots of ways to describe this word. But for me it's having the internal fortitude to say and do what isn't easy in order to take a stand for the greater good, particularly when it comes with personal and professional risk. In the military, the soldiers I served with depended on each other-and their leaders-to have the guts to do what was right even when it came at great costs.

We saw guts on display this week in Radford, Virginia with the actions of Chris McMurray, who, when approached by the advance team of Vice President (and national clown) Joe Biden to arrange a "drop by", declined the invitation.

Chris, who owns "Crumb and Get It", a small bakery (that he built), said "no thanks" to Biden's stage crew, sending a shock wave through the news media, who was abuzz with the audacity (guts) of a fellow who profoundly disagrees with the policies of President Obama and his Administration, including the Vice President who has attained national recognition as a blabber mouth.

Chris showed the kind of guts that we need in America, the kind of guts that says "no" to power, "no" to the media glare, and "no" to an Administration that is hard at work destroying the free enterprise system as we know it.

That's the kind of guts I admire and respect. More power to you, Chris. Let's hope many others across America stand up as you have when the Obama-Biden circus comes to town. Maybe they will have to settle for an event at the local community organizer's headquarters. That's something they may actually have built, certainly not a real business.

Elections matter, folks. Get out there and get busy. Volunteer for your local GOP committee, make calls, knock on doors, write letters, register conservatives to vote, and work as you never have to stand up for our Constitution, families, and small businesses. We can't afford another four years of Obama-Biden.

On to Victory!

Joe Biden, America's Greatest VEEP?

That's what these guys are sayin'. 

I think someone's playing with us here:

I don't get it. Why would the Republican Party be so supportive of Joe Biden in this reelection campaign?