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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You, Massa

In lieu of doing anything to help create jobs, Senator Mark Warner brings Southwest Virginia a bucketload of welfare:

Warner touts $815K grant for music, arts & recreation-based tourism in Southwest Virginia

What's wrong with this picture?

You'll note the fact that the headline doesn't read:

Tourists bring $815,000 to Southwest Virginia.

Warner, ever the politician, explained his magnanimous gift of hard-earned taxpayer income that didn't come out of his pocket:

"What always bothered me was people would go to Asheville, N.C., and they developed a whole music culture, artisans, eco-tourism area.  And I always felt Southwest Virginia had better venues, and just as good of artisans, much better music."

Better venues?  What he chose to not mention was the fact that Asheville, North Carolina has (and had) something else that Southwest Virginia doesn't have:  Some guy named Vanderbilt and some hovel called Biltmore (the largest estate in America, ahem).  While we have abandoned coal mines and a whole lot of this:

Sure, we'll take another handout.  And we will tip our hat to the man who comes down here for a brief moment to tell us that he's there to help us in our hour centuries of need.  Before he heads back to the land of taxpayer-funded luxury.  And before we continue our unending yet fruitless search for employers.  A job.  Opportunity.  A future.

Yeah, we sure appreciate the welfare check.  It'll help us pay for the U-Haul that will be used to make the  move to another part of the country where Southwest Virginians might actually have a chance to find employment and succeed.

Because in the coalfields ...

... nothing has changed.

They're Becoming a Laughingstock

Hot Air captures the moment:

Stop?  Just as the Obama campaign is becoming its most sidesplitting entertaining?

Democrats Assemble ...

... to share in their common belief in nothing.

Witticism of the Day

From Instapundit:

"If 2008 was 'Hope and change,' then the hallmark of 2012 is 'Surprisingly ineffective, but dishonest.'"

How times have changed.

A Helpful Suggestion To The Democrats:

Yeah, it'll make you feel better about yourselves.  And it will get some of you laid.  But you really don't want to go there if your intention is to win the hearts and minds of America's independent voters.  Why?

"[I]f I were a moderate, centrist, eternally indecisive swing-voter in a critical state and I switched on the Democrat convention to find a bunch of speakers warning about the threat to your abortion rights I would find it a very curious priority in the summer of 2012."

What are the chief concerns of America's moderate, centrist eternally indecisive swing-voters today?

From a recent CNN poll (in .pdf format) (click on the image to enlarge it):

Over half of all Americans surveyed consider the economy to be their primary concern.  Followed by the federal budget deficit and "health care" (didn't Obama fix that already?).

Abortion, presumably, would fall into that "other" category at 2%.  Along with Martian invasion, swine flu pandemic, the looming possibility of a successful Roseanne Barr presidential bid, and the worldwide threat of a herpes outbreak.

And the Democrats want to make the issue the centerpiece of their convention?

As Romney and Ryan focus on that NUMBER ONE concern of the American people?

Be my guest.

Take a Pill, Babe

This is over-the-top silly.  Which allows for fun and merriment.  Let the ridicule commence:
Romney's 'birther' line is no joke
By Donna Brazile, CNN Contributor

(CNN) -- "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that I was born and raised."

With that comment to a crowd in Michigan, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney officially embraced the "birther" movement and touched off a firestorm of protest across the airwaves and internet.

Of course, those protesting didn't include his live audience or the extremists on the right. Nor, given Romney's embrace of Donald Trump, should we be surprised by this joke-that's-not-a-joke. Ari Melber of The Nation put it succinctly: "Jokes can be more revealing than talking points." [link]
For the love of God. Romney's quip, which drew a mild chuckle from all of America outside of Manhattan and Los Angeles (and the fever swamp that is Donna Brazille's brainpan), "touched off a firestorm of protest"? Really?

I'd say you need to take your meds, sweetheart. Now. And get a life.

A by-golly firestorm! That's even funnier than Romney's wisecrack.

By the way, where was Obama really born? The world wants to know.

* A friendly note from one pundit to another: If you're going to make a case that all of America erupted in a firestorm of indignation, don't quote a columnist for a far-left commie rag to make the case.  It just ain't gonna fly.

And If That Freaks 'Em Out ...

... a throw-away line in a Romney speech about Obama's supposed place of birth, imagine what this is doing to the liberal psyche in this country:

2016: Obama's America.

Actually, you don't have to imagine.  It's giving them runny poop.

Okay, not the most pleasant imagery.  But when the Depends fit ...

In Truth?

Romney makes birth certificate joke, media freaks [sic] out

This Isn't How It Comes Down In The Movies

I'm not saying I would have reacted any differently from the way the cops did in this incident.  But I'm not a trained professional either:

All nine bystanders wounded in Empire State shooting hit by police

Be careful out there.

Goes Along With His Fake 'Job Growth'

Obama has millions of fake Twitter followers

And fake hope and change.

And fake birth certificate.

And fake ...

Why Have Gun Sales Skyrocketed?

If you answered, Obama, you'd be right.

But it goes beyond his sorry liberal effort to restrict our freedoms.

It's the fact that Americans' attitudes toward guns have dramatically changed in recent years.

And everyone's getting in on the act.

Everyone, that is, except mayors of large cities in southeast New York.

He Took One Giant Leap For Mankind

He could have made millions off of his exploit.  Instead, he stayed out of of the limelight and shunned the media for decades.

What's inescapable, though?

He is legend:

Neil Armstrong, the first man to ever set foot on the moon, is dead at 82.