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Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama's Likable? Really?

I'm getting a bit tired of this:

Romney Policies May Trump Obama 'Likability'

I'm told that it's true that Barack Obama is considered - based on polls conducted by reputable pollsters - more "likable" than Mitt Romney.  One can't argue with the polls.  So I don't fault the narrative.

But I do find fault with those who were polled.

Let me ask you a question: If this aloof, inward, stone-faced guy is so likable, how is it we've never heard that he's ever had a friend?

Mentors, sure.  Dope smokin' buddies back in high school, yeah.

But in adulthood, has he ever had an actual friend?  A dude?  A buddy?

I say the man isn't likable at all.  He's distant.  Cold.  Unknowable.  A man in a gray marble toga, as was once said about another president long ago (and to prove that "likability" isn't what it's cracked up to be all of a sudden, that aloof and reserved president was one of the best we've ever had).

Obama's likable?  In truth, nobody knows enough about the guy to even make judgment.

One More Taboo Down, Two To Go

"It's nobody's business if two consenting adults want to marry."

As of today, you can scratch part of that:

Unprecedented civil union unites Brazilian trio

Okay, big deal.  If three - or more - consenting adults want to marry, who's business is it?

So who says they have to be consenting?

And who says they have to be adults?

But ... but ... but ...

Suppose They Really Believe Such Nonsense?

Leftist moonbat Katha Pollitt:

Women Who Love Republicans Who Hate Them

Republicans hate women?  Really?

One can only flinch at the idiocy.

Is Chris Matthews Losing It?

Seems so.  As Ed Morrissey is happy to point out:
Talk about your Rorschach moments. Condoleezza Rice gave a stirring speech that touched on the necessity of American engagement abroad, a need for education reform, and the true meaning of American exceptionalism. She talked about transcending a childhood in the Jim Crow era in Birmingham, Alabama to become her nation’s chief diplomat, and spoke hopefully of shaping the next generation for “greatness.” The speech was such a success that reporters on Twitter wondered whether it would serve as a springboard for a future presidential run.

But you know what Chris Matthews heard during this speech? Birthers screaming in anguish, or something.
I haven't the first clue as to what the idiot was thinking.

And They Don't Seem To Mind The Ridicule

Enough Said

"Paul Ryan’s performance was brilliant."