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Monday, September 03, 2012

It's Labor Day

You know what I'll be doing.

While organized labor takes the day off to sit on its collective ass, drink beer, and do nothing ...

... I'll be laboring.

Rick Boucher Got It Right

I think I once gave my former Democratic congressman credit for having done something right in the two decades he hung out in Washington.  Once.

That was his vote against NAFTA back in 1994.

Yeah, I know.  I'm supposed to be a "free trade" kinda guy.  But in the real world?

There ain't no such thing.

In the manufacturing/marketing/sales world, there are only advantages and disadvantages.  Nothing's "free."

That's why I've always favored limited, targeted tariffs.

Knowing all the while that we have certain advantages - especially here in Southwest Virginia - that Mexico doesn't.  Those being encapsulated in two words - RAW MATERIALS.

Our primary disadvantage?  The cost of labor.

What did we traditionally do to exploit the advantage and mitigate that disadvantage?

The tariff.

What did NAFTA do?  It eliminated trade barriers between Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

What has the net effect been on American manufacturing?

If there's been any, it's been negligible.

But how has it affected Southwest and Southside Virginia?

It was devastating.


Look at this chart showing manufacturing output from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Overall manufacturing output has not grown. But it hasn't declined.

It has, however, dramatically shifted. From textiles and furniture (and others) to tech-related industries.

Good for America?

At best, it was a wash.

Good for Southside and Southwest Virginia?

That plummeting red line is us.

Textile factory jobs are nearly all gone.  Furniture manufacturing is all but ceased.

Along with coal, these were our three primary economic drivers here (okay, we could include prison employment along with other government jobs).  And they have vanished.

Can NAFTA be blamed?

In part.

Along with what goes on in China and Indonesia and Honduras and ...

But they are not to be blamed.  They are simply exploiting their advantages.

Something we used to do.

As the coal industry hurtles its way toward bankruptcy - all thanks to Barack Obama (and fracking) - we're left with government checks.  Thank God for criminals and the need for prisons.

So, all things (provincial) considered, Rick Boucher - to his credit - got it right.  NAFTA was a bad deal for us.

We'll eventually make our way back.  Those raw materials are still there, ours for the taking.

Eventually ...

Who's The Racist?

As you may know, Republicans in recent weeks have been accused of being racists for uttering such words as "Chicago," and "angry," and that dastardly "golf."

My God.  You can't get any more racist than that.

Unless you look at the Democratic Party platform that is being adopted at the party convention in Charlotte*:
In the selection of each state’s at-large delegation, priority of consideration shall be given to African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and women, if such priority of consideration is needed to fulfill the affirmative action goals outlined in the state’s Delegate Selection Plan. Such remedial action is necessary in order to overcome the effects of past discrimination. Use of the at-large delegation to fulfill the plan’s affirmative action goals does not obviate the need for the state party to conduct outreach activities such as recruitment, education and training.
Race comes first. Racial preference will be the order of the day. Some races are more important than others. Members of certain races are to sit at the back of the bus. And speak when spoken to.

Yeah, those Republicans are a racist bunch.

(*DNC 2012 Delegate Selection Rules - page 6.)

Uh, Three Guesses

This about former White House "green czar," (and self-avowed commie) Van Jones and the Obama-administration-that-never-came-to-be is humorous:

"Van Jones, a former White House official whose background in grassroots organizing gave him a different perspective from those of officials who’d come from the Clinton administration, summed up the consternation felt by many Obama supporters. 'Who killed the hope?' Jones wondered. 'And what happened?'"

If only Obama had had "grassroots organizers" in his administration instead of those insiders from the Clinton years, all that hope would have been realized.

Only one problem.  Who is the numero uno "grassroots organizer" in the land?

Mr. Community Organizer himself.

Does that mean that Obama failed himself?

Himself and so many others.

Though this commie is too blind to see it.


Nothing more need be said.  Nor written:

On 'Face the Nation" Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-MD) Says that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago.

For the next three days, we're going to be told by the assembled masses in Charlotte that our primary concerns should be (a) abortion, (b) free condoms, (c) abortion, (d) illegal immigrants, (e) abortion, and (f) racism.

Oh.  And abortion.


Expect that to be Barack Obama's NUMBER ONE priority going forward.

As soon as he solves the real problems this country faces.  See (a) ... (b) ... (c) ... (d) ...

The Perfect Metaphor

The Empty Chair Presidency.

Timothy Dalrymple provides the biography of Barack Obama that the mainstream press refuses to countenance:
To everyone who has not consumed the Kool Aid, Barack Obama seems strikingly insubstantial. ”Senator Present” from Illinois became a U. S. Senator who was more interested in campaigning than legislating. Then he became an empty promise in the 2008 campaign, a micron-thin veneer of glitz and glamor over a hollow core, an empty screen onto which everyone projected their wishes.

President Obama has consistently been absent, more concerned about branding than leadership, with image and atmospherics than truly rallying the troops and harnessing our resources and solving our most pressing problems. He turned over the task of crafting solutions on the stimulus bill and the health care bill to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who predictably butchered it. He botched the budget compromise with John Boehner and withdrew from the process. When he thought that partisan gridlock in Congress might make him look bad, rather than forging into the gridlock and navigating a way forward he withdrew to the White House and played over 100 rounds of golf.
As the country's unemployment and underemployment problems worsened, as personal wealth and household income declined, as the national debt soared beyond catastrophic, as the Democrats were running amok in Congress passing onerous regulation after burdensome regulation, not to mention that awful monstrosity that will forever be called ObamaCare, Barry was off campaigning. Or golfing. Or collecting Peace Prizes. Or preening.

Never governing.

His is - was - the Empty Chair Presidency.

And we are the worse for it.

What A Novel Idea

Why didn't Willy Sutton think of this?

The prime minister of Spain wants the Eurozone to come up with a new lending instrument that will allow his country to borrow even more money that will never be paid back.

What genius!

Is He Blind?

A key figure in the news media doesn't think there's any bias to be found in the news media.

This from a key figure in the news media who had once been chief of staff to a Democratic member of Congress.

A key figure in the news media who had once been on the Michael Dukakis for president campaign.

A key figure in the news media who had once worked for Democrat Richard Gephart.

A key figure in the news media who had once been communications director for the Bill Clinton for president campaign.

A key figure in the news media who had once been White House Communications Director under Bill Clinton.

A key figure in the news media who had once been Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy in the Clinton White House.

You might wonder, at this point, what qualified George Stephanopoulos to be a key figure in the news media, since he had no background in journalism whatsoever.

He qualified to be a member of the media because he was chief of staff to a Democrat and a campaign worker for a Democrat and a communications director for a Democrat and ...

No.  There's no bias in the media.


Mother Of Fallen Hero Speaks Up

Bill Clinton talking about the possible consequences for the president had he messed up the Osama bin Ladin raid: "The downside would have been horrible for him."

Says the mother of a Navy Seal who experienced the maximum downside to war: Gimme a break:

"How out of touch can a human being be?"

"How completely out of touch."

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

Sign of the Times

Believe me, you don't want to go there:

U-Haul with equipment for Biden event stolen in Detroit

The rule is, for those who haven't lived there, don't take anything into the city that you ever hope to see again.  Especially a nice car.  Or a U-haul.

Of course, in Biden's case, the stuff he had stolen probably didn't belong to him, so what does he care?