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Friday, September 07, 2012

We Heard It All Before

Like I said yesterday, before Obama's speech:

He promises to make more promises ...

The NRA Doesn't Feel The Love For Tim Kaine

I knew America's premier gun rights lobbying group was opposed to the candidacy of Tim Kaine for Senate here in Virginia.  But for some reason I was surprised to find that it had scored the Democrat with an 'F' rating.

That would have required a good bit of work on his part to achieve that distinction.

Here's the NRA on Tim Kaine:

I think I shall vote against him. I value my Constitutional rights.

Which Bill Clinton To Believe?

One of them's a liar.  That's for sure.

Do we believe the Bill Clinton who gave that rousing speech in defense of Barack Obama on Wednesday night or do we believe the Bill Clinton who thought - just a few, short years ago - that Obama was a sham?

You decide:

One of 'em's lyin'. And I think we all know which one.

Says a Guy Who's Not Standing In The Unemployment Line

Nicholas Kristof:

"With that in mind, let me offer a first-term report card for Obama. ECONOMY: B"

He's right, of course, if you don't consider the millions of Americans who are long-term unemployed, and the millions more who are woefully underemployed, and the fact that, of the jobs Obama brags about "creating," over half are part-time and another huge percentage is made up of temp jobs.

In other words, if you ignore all reality, Obama's done a swell job.

Why Every Gun Owner Should Vote

Because the enemy is still out there:

"Dianne Feinstein announced Wednesday that she’s re-entering the battle over gun control during her keynote speech to the California delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

"She promised California delegates she’d return to Congress to reintroduce 'an updated assault weapons bill.'

Feinstein, and the scum she associates with, are just biding their time. Waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. Just as she and they did when Clinton was president.

Be vigilant. Stand guard. Vote.

Why Do Democrats Fear Their Message?

Why do they go out of their way to censor the content of conservative talk radio?

I think we've won the battle in the arena of ideas.  They're just fighting a frenzied delaying action.

Chalk one up to We the People.

Idiocy You Never Heard At The GOP Convention

Remember the gal who wants other people to pay for her consequence-free orgasms?

From her mouth to your monitor:

Sandra Fluke: Paul Ryan 'Would Allow Pregnant Women to Die in Our Emergency Rooms'

Sure he would.

Good grief.  Who let this bimbo out of the asylum?