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Monday, September 10, 2012

Laugher Of The Day

The Roanoke Times editorial page this morning all but endorses (this may come as a shock) Barack Obama for President of the United States.  With this from "Two takes on government"

"The policies Obama embraced last week in his acceptance speech were neither grandiose nor daring. Instead, they reflected the leadership style that has characterized his first term in the White House, pragmatic and reasonable, if sometimes too hesitant. He wants to recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers, expand the influence of community colleges through job training programs for 2 million workers, double exports and cut college tuition inflation in half."

Obama's been pragmatic and reasonable.  Right.

Well, I'll give him this: he didn't promise to close Guantanamo.  Again.  Nor did he promise to bring unemployment down to 5.6%.  Again.  Nor to keep lobbyists out of his administration.  Again.  Nor to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first four years in office.  Again.  Nor to repeal reinstate repeal reinstate repeal the Bush tax cuts.  Nor to provide the most transparent administration in history.  Nor to provide a health care delivery system that would be (1) cheaper and (2) better for (3) all than the one we had before he destroyed it.

Nor to make the rise of the oceans begin to slow, and our planet begin to heal.  Again.

No.  No grandiose promises (that he flat ignored last time around) this time around.

He came up with a whole new set of promises that he's going to ignore.  And the Roanoke Times is all giddy over them.

So I have a few questions.

Obama "wants to recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers"? How's a president go about doing that?

He wants to "expand the influence of community colleges through job training programs for 2 million workers"? How's he go about that? Make another speech?  And, with 23 million fully trained Americans either unemployed or underemployed, what good is it?

"Double exports"? Actually, that's one promise he already tossed out. How's that workin' out?

"Cut college tuition inflation in half"? Does anyone buy that horse shit?  And how many of us even care?

I'm going out on a limb here and suggest that had Barack Obama promised that change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, that we are the ones we've been waiting for, that we are the change that we seek, the Roanoke Times would eat it up and ask for more.


The Coalfields To Tim Kaine:

Your cynical effort to have it both ways is hereby declared NONSENSE:
The Democrats' Single Least Credible Idea: An 'All of the Above' Energy Plan
By Jordan Weissman, The Atlantic

Ever since his last State of the Union address, President Obama has relied on four short words to describe his administration's energy policy: "all of the above." Should we rely on fossil fuels or renewables? Yes, says the White House.

That sentiment is now enshrined in the Democratic party platform that was officially adopted in Charlotte Monday night. "We can move towards a sustainable energy-independent future if we harness all of America's great natural resources," the document states. "That means an all-of-the-above approach to developing America's many energy resources, including wind, solar, biofuels, geothermal, hydropower, nuclear, oil, clean coal, and natural gas."

It's a nice sounding thought. But in light of the Obama administration's environmental policies, it's sort of nonsense.

The problem is coal, which would have to play at least some role in an all-of-the-above energy strategy.

There are certainly those who would like to see coal simply dwindle away over time. But it draws into question why the administration is bothering to invest billions into a technology while simultaneously doing its best to make it economically irrelevant. Because as of now, "all of the above" is really on track to mean "everything, except for coal." [link]
So which is it, Tim? Is Obama's plan to make coal economically irrelevant your plan as well?

I don't expect a straight answer. But I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't give the people of the coalfields that trademark sneer while you're lying to them. They don't deserve it.

The Coalfields Will Decide The Election

Four more years of the last four years and there'll be nobody working there.  That's why it's so important to get out the vote in Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Tazewell, and Wise counties.  The future of Southwest Virginia is at stake.

And let the message go forth: You and your brethren in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky may very well make the difference in November:
Coal: Obama's Kryptonite
By Jim Ellis, The American Thinker

In a presidential election that appears headed for a photo finish, it may be coal that transforms itself into political black gold for Republican nominee Mitt Romney and into kryptonite for President Barack Obama. While the president's economic policies have devastated several industries, it is the coal producers who are strategically located and have the opportunity and ability to become a real force in this campaign.

The main reason behind the mineral's potential election-determining power is that most of the coal-producing voters reside in traditionally Democratic counties and precincts. Ohio and Virginia, and possibly Pennsylvania, are potentially so electorally close that either candidate losing a significant share of his own party's vote could cost him that particular state and thereby the White House itself. Therefore, the fundamental unanswered question is whether President Obama can neutralize some of his past actions in the critical energy-producing states. This becomes especially difficult when fully comprehending that Obama's Cap & Trade legislation has already proven itself politically lethal to Democrats.

You will remember that the president's very first major legislative initiative attempted to make Cap & Trade the law of the land. This so-called "energy equalization" concept is economically devastating to coal-producing regions, and most of the local congressmen who supported the measure were summarily dismissed from office during the midterm election. Obama's bill passed the House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but Majority Leader Harry Reid couldn't muster enough support among his Senate colleagues to even hold a vote.

In the subsequent 2010 election, coal-producing states such as West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania defeated a combined thirteen congressional Democrats -- an event that led the way to Republicans recapturing the House majority. Of this baker's dozen of losing members, nine voted for Cap & Trade. West Virginia Rep. Alan Mollohan, a 28-year senior member, lost badly in the Democratic primary directly after supporting C&T. Virginia's Rick Boucher, another "yes" vote on the controversial legislation, who was also first elected in 1982 and served in a key position on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, lost to a Republican in the general election.

Will Mitt Romney receive the unified support of the normally Democratic coal constituency? Or can the president find some way to redeem himself with these people and rebound? The answers to these two key questions, to be revealed just weeks from now, could well define the outcome of the presidential election and put the nation on a decided new course for the next four years. The coal potential, along with synergy coming from other single and multi-issue groups, underscores that the final determining factors in this election campaign have yet to occur. [link]
How ironic it would be if Obama's effort to bankrupt the coal industry destroyed his presidency. How delightfully ironic.

But the only way that hope becomes a reality is if every coal miner - and every coal miner's son, daughter, father, mother, uncle, and spouse gets to the polls in November.

Coal may very well be the deciding issue in 2012.

Turn 'em on. Turn him out. Keep hope alive.

Say What?

I saw this on Politico and my eyebrows went up:

"From Day One of this Congress, Democrats focused on growing the middle class and moving our economy forward. From cutting taxes for ... Yet ever since Barack Obama took office, Republicans have done little but obstruct and delay."


Then I looked to see who it was that wrote this pile of blarney.

Turns out, it was tossed out by the one man who has done more than anyone else in Washington to obstruct reforms and delay the inevitable crash.

Democrat Harry Reid.

It takes balls.

What The Election Means

I think it is most telling that the Democrats and the media in this country are agreed that, as soon as ObamaCare kicks in to its fullest, and benefits start flowing to the masses, to the tune of billions, that ObamaCare - and Democrat prospects for the future - will be highly praised and supported by the American people.  And the Democratic Party will predominate for decades.

How it's all ever paid for be damned.

That's why ...

One party recognizes the need for change. The other is doubling down on dreams the nation simply cannot afford. That's the message from the conventions.

You could hear it in every Charlotte convention speech.  We are going to give you so much more free stuff.  You're going to love it.

The sad truth is, with Obama leading in the polls right now, they may get the chance to love it.

For a short while.

And then the walls come tumbling down.

And they'll stand amid the ruins and wonder how all their fun came to an end.

- - -

In what may be a futile attempt at providing a reality check:

Real Americans ill-served by Democrats' fantasies

All that free stuff was fun while it lasted.

But it's over.

One way or another, it's over.

They just don't know it yet.

I Don't Do Football But ...

... did the entire Green Bay Packers offensive line miss the bus to Lambeau yesterday?

That's all I'm sayin'.

The Media & The Pressing Issues Of The Day

Good God:

Norah O’Donnell Scolds Ryan: Misstating Your Marathon Time Is Like Gore’s Bogus Internet Claim

23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, the average wage in this country is plummeting, home values have cratered, and this troll is concerned about the time it took the Republican vice presidential candidate to run a race 22 years ago.

Hopeless.  Absolutely hopeless.

A Phenomenon

Considering the fact that the mainstream press has done its best to ignore it:

'2016: Obama's America' Now No. 2 Ever in Political Documentary Genre

I haven't seen it.  But it's on my Netflix list.

- - -

A phenomenon indeed.  While "2016: Obama's America" continues to rack up big numbers at the box office, overall ...

Movies suffer worst box-office slump in a decade

Netflix, Red Box, and tired retread scripts will have that effect.

As Long As Government Continues To Grow ...

... CBS Tells Panel of Undecided Voters 'Tax Increases Are Inevitable'

More On The Democratic Freak Show

Otherwise known as the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

R.  Emmett Tyrrell was there and reports:
the Democrats milling about on the floor have interesting faces. There are the hard-faced union types, mostly men, and they are angry. There are the feminists, the race hustlers, and the other vested interests: environmentalists, consumerists, school teachers — the kind of people that we at The American Spectator call practitioners of Masked Politics. They claim a special fervor for the environment, the consumer, for children, that sort of thing. Yet behind their Masks, they are standard issue Big Government meddlers.

Then there are the poor souls who compose the Democratic base. They are the voters to whom the Democratic Super PACs direct their mendacious messages. They get fired up upon hearing that the Republican candidate Mitt Romney has killed a woman, probably more than one. They really believe Romney is a felon, probably a misdemeanant too, and he put his dog on the roof of his car or vice versa. They believe that the legendary 1 percent of the income earners who pay 35-40 percent of income taxes should, out of fairness, pay more. In fact, they believe that this legendary 1 percent can carry the entire burden of Obamacare, Social Security and a few other entitlements along the way. We call these galoots the moron vote. I have watched them on the floor of the convention. They are highly excitable. They wear funny red, white, and blue outfits, patriotic hats and glasses. They are perfect dupes.

Toby Harnden, the perceptive British journalist who covers America for the "MailOnline," has been traveling with the president and says things are different from 2008. The crowds are smaller. "There is a sullenness, even resentment, that was not present in 2008. Ask an Obama supporter," Harnden writes, "about their man, and as often as not you will get a few words about him and then a demeaning attack on Romney and Ryan." Moreover, Harnden has noted that something else has changed; "Obama tends to look emptily past rather than at his audiences. It's as if the light in his eyes has gone out." It will take a lot of morons this year to light up his sad eyes. [link]
An odd bunch they are. Easily duped. Interminably resentful. Splenetic. Self-interested. Unaware and uncaring about the country's future. And then there's abortion. And God. Or not.

Odd bunch indeed.

Four More Years! Four More Years!

The Obama recovery is rapidly descending into the Obama recession