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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Upside To The Muslim Protests

You could have predicted this.  Muslims around the world are so mad at Americans that they are piling into the streets and are slaughtering each other:

"Reports say at least 20 people have died as demonstrations against an anti-Islam video erupted across Pakistan, a day after protesters tried to storm the US embassy in the capital, Islamabad.

"Tens of thousands of Pakistanis took to the streets across the country after the government called an impromptu public holiday to let people protest under the banner of 'Love the Prophet Day.'"

Love The Prophet. Hate America.  Kill A Fellow Muslim.

Works for me.

Where's Hillary?

Will she be denouncing this blatant attack on religion?

A veteran’s memorial in the form of a “peace cross” in Bladensburg, Md., has come under criticism by the American Humanist Association, which has said the memorial is a “religious symbol” on public land and that the government “should not be in the business of promoting religion.”

Don't hold your breath.

Amen, Brutha

We Need A Startup President Who Knows How Jobs Are Created


One wonders if there are any meaningful prerequisites for one becoming an MSNBC show host.

I'm thinking not:

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Laughably Insists Democrats Didn't Control Congress for Two Years of Obama Term

Uh ... what?

"Alice, technically it wasn’t the first two years it was for only several months because of the ongoing political races that were still taking place – you know that right. It wasn’t for a full two years."

Technically, Thomas, you're an idiot.

'Yes We Can.' No He Can't.

Obama has learned his lesson.  The hard way.  He knows he can't deliver:

It's too bad the country had to pay such a terrible price for his on-the-job instruction.

'Obama At The Bat'

This is very well done.  And hits a home run ...

It complements "The Empty Chair" assessment of our ... greatest ... president ... ever.

Quote of the Day

More on "The Empty Chair" theme, from Wesley Pruden:
The American Embassy in Pakistan battens down under siege. The prime minister of Iraq, thought to be an American ally, beats the dead horse on which the infamous video rides.

Protests and demonstrations shut down a U.S. Consulate in Indonesia. Crowds in Afghanistan chant “death to America” (when they aren’t killing American soldiers.)

But serenity is the rule in Washington. The president prefers life in his bubble, where he can survey the world as he imagines it is, eager to hear another speech, rather than the world as it really is, full of bad people on their way to the mosque and keen to kill, maim and dismember Americans to please Allah.

If only Israel would behave and the First Amendment disappear. Peace and love would envelop us all.
If only there weren't bad people doing bad things - here and abroad - what a wonderful president Mr. Magic would be.