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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama's War On Coal Will Continue

Did anyone expect otherwise?

The latest:
EPA Replacement for Al ‘Crucify Them’ Armendariz May Also Target Coal
Lachlan Markay, The Foundry

President Obama has picked New Mexico’s former top environmental enforcement official to head up the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region Six, which includes much of the American south.

Ron Curry, a professor at the University of New Mexico and former secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department, will succeed Al Armedariz, who stepped down as Region Six administrator after video surfaced of him comparing his enforcement philosophy against oil and gas companies to Roman crucifixions.

While Curry has not been as flamboyant in his distaste for coal, he has spearheaded a high profile effort to close a coal-fired power plant in New Mexico.

Only a few months into the Obama presidency, the EPA announced it would retroactively revoke a permit for the Desert Rock plant near Farmington, NM. Curry had led the charge against Desert Rock, boasting of his efforts in a 2009 interview with an environmental group in Texas.

Curry and other opponents of the project said “EPA had cut corners in issuing the permit,” but the those in favor of plant construction blasted the move as an unprecedented overreach by the new administration.

Hit hardest was the Navajo Nation, on whose land the plant was slated to be built, and who had banked on the additional revenue from power sales that the plant would have brought.

Curry’s record on coal power caught the attention of Senate Environment and Public Works ranking member Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who exposed the video that led to Armedariz’s resignation.

“While I look forward to learning more about Mr. Curry, various public comments attributed to him raise concerns,” Inhofe said in a news release. Specifically, he added, “Mr. Curry has in the past expressed pride over shutting down coal fired power plants in New Mexico.” [link]
The war on coal won't stop. Until those who are willing to sacrifice American jobs in the name of planet healing are driven into exile.

What say we drive them into exile?

It's this simple: Vote. November 6.

More On The Crumbling Electric Car Industry

You knew it would come to this.  Had it not been for massive infusions of our tax dollars, this outcome would have come to pass long ago:

"This week, the world's largest carmaker said electric cars are a joke, and a congressional report said federal subsidies are a waste. You'd think that would shock President Obama out of his electric car fantasy."

It won't, of course.  In part because it ain't Obama's money being blown on this idiocy.  It's ours.

And, too, his stance on electric cars and "saving the planet" and such horse shit gets him a permanent gig on "The View."

So expect the running joke to continue.  Expect Obama to continue to pour tax dollars into this never-ending waste of time.

And expect the whole pipe dream to collapse some day after he and his kind are gone.

How Do You Argue With This?

I suppose, if Obama can be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having done nothing to deserve it, this "achievement can be bestowed upon him as well:
Newsweek: Obama In Top 10 of Presidents Since Teddy Roosevelt
By Matt Vespa, NewsBusters

Despite having failed to stop let alone reverse the rising of the seas, Barack Obama has made Newsweek’s newest ten best presidents list, which gives readers a top ten of the chief executives since 1900. Newsweek, whose list unsurprisingly is dominated by liberal Democrats, gave this justification for selecting Obama in a caption in a photo slide:

"Picking a sitting president in a tally of the best is tricky – history hasn’t had time to put things in a more sober context. But the historic election of America’s first black president cannot be ignored. That a man whose ancestors included a slave could become the leader of a nation founded to some extent in slavery is as much an achievement for the country as it is a marker for Obama himself. Whether Obama stays or goes, his standing, as a fundamentally groundbreaking president will remain." [link]
Got that?

Obama, according to the really deep thinkers at Newsweek, is one of the greatest presidents in the last hundred years because his skin is dark.

Because his skin is dark.

There are no words ...

How a Cover-Up Is Adopted

Three days after the 9/11 attack on our Benghazi consulate, the terrorist attack that resulted in the murders of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya,  with mounting questions being asked by the American people as to just how the tragedy could have been allowed to happen, we got this - on September 14 - in response from the Obama administration:
The State Department told reporters Friday afternoon that it won't answer any more questions about the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans until the investigation into the incident is complete.

"I'm going to frustrate all of you, infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened -- not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it -- until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that's its got," State Department spokeswoman Victorian Nuland told reporters late Friday afternoon.

All aspects of the attack, including what led up to it, its causes, the identity of the perpetrators, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Amb. Chris Stevens and the other three Americans,are off limits for reporters.
A deferral. Hillary pushed it all off on the FBI. That "we don't want to interfere with an ongoing investigation" ploy.

Now, two weeks later?
Sources: 15 days after Benghazi attack, FBI still investigating from afar
By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- More than two weeks after four Americans -- including the U.S. ambassador to Libya -- were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, FBI agents have not yet been granted access to investigate in the eastern Libyan city, and the crime scene has not been secured, sources said.

"They've gotten as far as Tripoli now, but they've never gotten to Benghazi," CNN National Security Analyst Fran Townsend said Wednesday, citing senior law enforcement officials.

Last Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that an FBI team had reached Libya earlier in the week.

"In fairness to the secretary, it may be that she wanted to be coy about where they were in Libya for security concerns. That's understandable. But the fact is, it's not clear they've been in Libya for very long," Townsend said on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°."

"They had difficulty, and we understand there was some bureaucratic infighting between the FBI and Justice Department on the one hand, and the State Department on the other, and so it took them longer than they would have liked to get into country. They've now gotten there. But they still are unable to get permission to go to Benghazi."

FBI agents have made a request through the U.S. State Department for the crime scene to be secured, Townsend said, but that has not happened. [link]
In fact, nothing's happened.

And nothing's going to happen.

As was planned all along.

We're simply being jerked around.

Until election day.

When Obama can forget this "bump in the road" and go back to saving the planet and do his shtick on "The View", and Hillary can retire and "move on to other pursuits."

And what of the Benghazi debacle?

Good luck getting any information out of that bunch.

Meanwhile, four murdered Americans are dead and buried.

You knew it would come to this.

- - -

So what have we learned from sources outside our own stonewalling government?

It isn't pretty.  But it explains why Hillary and her boss refuse to talk about it:
The Libya Debacle: The more we learn, the more Benghazi looks like a gross security failure.
Wall Street Journal editorial

None of the initial explanations offered by the White House and State Department since the assault on the Benghazi consulate has held up. First the Administration blamed protests provoked by an amateurish anti-Islam clip posted on YouTube. Cue Susan Rice, the U.N. Ambassador and leading candidate for Secretary of State in a second Obama term: "What happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction . . . as a consequence of the video, that people gathered outside the embassy and then it grew very violent."

Administration officials also maintained that the diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt, the site of the first attacks this September 11, were properly defended and that the U.S. had no reason to prepare for any attack. "The office of the director of National Intelligence has said we have no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in Benghazi was planned or imminent," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week, calling the security measures in place there "robust."

Cell phone video footage and witness testimony from Benghazi soon undercut the Administration trope of an angry march "hijacked" by a few bad people. As it turned out, the assault was well-coordinated, with fighters armed with guns, RPGs and diesel canisters, which were used to set the buildings on fire. Ambassador Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation. Briefing Congress, the Administration changed its story and said the attacks were pre-planned and linked to al Qaeda.

You'd think this admission would focus attention on why the compound was so vulnerable to begin with. But the Administration wants to avoid this conversation. The removal of all staff from Benghazi, including a large component of intelligence officers, would also seem to hinder their ability to investigate the attacks and bring the killers to justice.

Journalists have stayed on the case, however, and their reporting is filling in the Administration's holes. On Friday, our WSJ colleagues showed that starting in spring, U.S. intelligence had been worried about radical militias in eastern Libya. These armed groups helped topple Moammar Ghadhafi last year but weren't demobilized as a new government has slowly found its legs. As we've noted since last winter, the waning of American and European interest in Libya could have dangerous consequences.

Deteriorating security was no secret. On April 10, for example, an explosive device was thrown at a convoy carrying U.N. envoy Ian Martin. On June 6, an improvised explosive device exploded outside the U.S. consulate. In late August, State warned American citizens who were planning to travel to Libya about the threat of assassinations and car bombings.

Despite all this, U.S. diplomatic missions had minimal security. Officials told the Journal that the Administration put too much faith in weak Libyan police and military forces. The night of the Benghazi attack, four lightly armed Libyans and five American security offices were on duty. The complex lacked smoke-protection masks and fire extinguishers. Neither the consulate in Benghazi nor the embassy in Tripoli were guarded by U.S. Marines, whose deployment to Libya wasn't a priority.

Rummaging through the Benghazi compound, a CNN reporter found a seven-page notebook belonging to Ambassador Stevens. According to the network, the diary said he was concerned about the "never-ending" security threats in Benghazi and wrote that he was on an al Qaeda hit list. In deference to the family's wishes, CNN didn't quote directly from the diary and didn't divulge any private information in it.

His worries are newsworthy, however, and can inform America's response. But Mrs. Clinton's long-time and closest media adviser chose to attack CNN. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines called the network's conduct "disgusting." He then deployed words not fit for a family newspaper in an exchange with a reporter for the Web site BuzzFeed. Mr. Reines may wish to protect his boss's legacy for her 2016 Presidential run, but that won't be enhanced by the appearance of a cover-up.

Imagine the uproar if, barely a month before Election Day, the Bush Administration had responded to a terrorist strike—on Sept. 11 no less—in this fashion. Obfuscating about what happened. Refusing to acknowledge that clear security warnings were apparently ignored. Then trying to shoot the messengers who bring these inconvenient truths to light in order to talk about anything but a stunning and deadly attack on U.S. sovereign territory.

Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi in a terrorist attack that evidence suggests should have been anticipated and might have been stopped. Rather than accept responsibility, the Administration has tried to stonewall and blame others. Congress should call hearings to hold someone accountable for this debacle. [link]
Shameful beyond words.