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Sunday, October 07, 2012

God Help Us

I have no doubt that these guys - writing in this morning's Roanoke Times - are right:

Only engaged and enlightened citizens will save us

But then I watch stuff like this ...

... and realize that all hope may be lost.

Please, for the love of God, may all you engaged and enlightened citizens save us from Obama supporters.

There Are Always A Few

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
-- Helen Keller --

She must have known these dudes:

Smile.  Food stamps await.

Obama Has Proven Himself To Be A Naif

Over and over again.

Noun: Naïf nah-EEF
1. A naive or inexperienced person

Does that fully describe Barack Obama?

Not according to the Roanoke Times editorial staff.

From "Platitudes and broken promises":

"Obama has proven to be anything but the naif that Republicans like to conjure, but his pragmatism has at times morphed into more troubling behavior. He has willingly used assassination drones against terrorists overseas, for example. He put aside his 2008 campaign promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp."

One could easily argue that Obama's promise to close Guantanamo - only to be startled when the real world smacked him upside the head and he changed his mind (the essence of naïveté) - is the best example one could come up with to prove that he was a naïf going in, with no proof that anything's changed all these years later.

But better yet, how about a one-word argument that supports the notion that he's a Naïf Extraordinaire?


Or, if pictures speak a thousand words ...

Obscured by his ass stuck in the air is a suppliant President of the United States bowing before a Muslim potentate.

Noun: Naïf naif
1. A naive or inexperienced person
2. Barack Hussein Obama

A Thrill A Minute

Question: Would you walk across the street to be a part of this exciting event?

Massachusetts mayors rally for Obama in Roanoke

Such the "rally" it must have been.

They came; they imbued.

And then they went back to the land of high taxes and funny accents.

And Southwest Virginia was the better for the supreme beatitude instilled upon the local community that transcended all time and consciousness.

Some municipal employees from the land of fruits and nuts took the time to come down here and set us straight.

Gosh.  Thanks.

Michelle Obama Is Happy

Local public schools are feeding giving children leaves and twigs for lunch.  And a pile of it is being tossed in the trash.

Southwest Virginia schools dealing with heaping helping of government regulation

In the name of nutrition.


Words Well Writ

Dealing with Obama's keen razor-sharp wit, here's Mark Steyn:

"Even the president mocked Romney for 'finally getting tough on Big Bird' — not in the debate, of course, where such dazzling twinkle-toed repartee might have helped, but a mere 24 hours later, once the rapid-response team had directed his speechwriters to craft a line, fly it out to a campaign rally, and load it into the prompter, he did deliver it without mishap."

"Sesame Nation," National Review, October 6, 2012

Not George Bush?

Team Obama Blames John Kerry For Debate  Loss

No, it couldn't have been Obama's fault.  He's black.

Why Hasn't Hillary Been Fired?

She's either hopelessly incompetent or up to her eyeballs in a cover-up.

In either case, she did America wrong.

Why has she not been called to account?

I Was Sweating This One

It could have gone either way.

The NRA has endorsed the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president.

May he not disappoint.

We May Be Down

But we ain't out.

We're still, by God, the land of the free and the home of the brave.  And the only beacon of liberty on the planet.

Madison Rising will take it from here.  With The Star Spangled Banner like you've never heard it:

Keep it alive. We are the last, best hope of earth.

I Get A Big Kick Out Of This

Liberals who denounce Mitt Romney's economic turnaround plan because it would add to the deficit.

Like they've ever cared about the federal deficit.

See "Idiot’s Delight" in the New York Times.

And be amused.

- - -

So you know:

This genius's response?

But Mitt Romney abused his dog!  And he's going to cut off funding to Big Bird!

Such clowns.

Bill Clinton Had It Right

Back when his wife was running for president.  Referring to candidate Barack Obama and all his promises of hope and change:

"Give me a break.  This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."

Why didn't the American people take his word for it and save themselves mountains of grief?

They could have prevented the fairy tale nightmare.  Instead, it is upon us.

George Allen Picks Up A Newspaper Endoresement

From the Winchester [Virginia] Star yesterday:

In the Senate: The clear choice is George Allen

"The choice in this campaign is clear. On the major issues of the day — jobs and the economy, the size of government and man’s relation to it, America’s future energy course, and political philosophy — George Allen wins."

The choice couldn't be any clearer.  The failed policies of the past or a vibrant future full of possibilities.

I'm for dumping the horrid past and heading into that great beyond.