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Monday, October 08, 2012

What's Missing In This Sentence?

The Roanoke Times editorial page is upset with the Republican-led House of Representatives.  Again.  This time because it couldn't come to an agreement over this:

Another victim of gridlock: Funding for Chesapeake Bay clean-up programs lapsed while House GOP leaders bickered.
Virginia Sens. Mark Warner and Jim Webb participated in bipartisan negotiations that led to passage of a 10-year, $969 billion farm bill that preserved bay cleanup as a priority while also saving taxpayers money through consolidating programs to increase efficiency.

But House Republican leaders were too busy bickering among themselves over how much to cut food stamps to consider the Senate farm bill.

That leaves farmers in the unsettling position of depending on support from a 1949 farm bill, the last permanent agriculture legislation passed by Congress. Suffice it to say, soybean farmers are out of luck.
I'm not sure how farmers being in an unsettling position has anything to do with Chesapeake Bay cleanup (did someone not proof this piece and suggest that the author stay on topic?).

In any case, what's missing from this cry for a new farm bill (and lament over a dastardly and uncaring GOP being to blame)?

It's a freaking three-quarters of a trillion dollar farm bill!  A freaking three-quarters of a trillion dollar farm bill that does nothing but line the pockets of wealthy farmers!  A freaking three-quarters of a trillion dollar farm bill in an era when millions of American non-farmers are unemployed and the government is flat broke!

You folks at the Times want a Chesapeake Bay cleanup bill?  Demand a freaking Chesapeake Bay cleanup bill!  We've had all the wasteful (freaking) farm bills this country can afford!

We're broke!  Freaking broke!  Get it through your thick skulls!  What was ain't no more!

My God.  Are we this far gone as a nation?

- - -

On a smaller note, this should never have been allowed to go to press either:

"But House Republican leaders were too busy bickering among themselves over how much to cut food stamps to consider the Senate farm bill."

The food stamp program, being under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture, was part of the farm bill.  It wasn't either/or.


Something's wrong.  We all know it.  We see it all around us.

Homes that have been on the market for years.  Friends, neighbors out of work.  With not a prayer of finding work.  Others  - fully trained, well-educated - not-so-proudly doing part-time tasks for minimum wage.  Still others doing the unthinkable - taking food stamps, as a last resort.  Factories everywhere shuttered.  Forever.  Here in Southwest Virginia, mines being shut down right and left. Prices skyrocketing.  Hopes crushed.

While Obama and the media celebrate a dramatic reduction in the unemployment rate last month (to a disgraceful 7.8%), the average American knows that it can't be right.  It's missing the mark.  There are too many people - millions upon millions - who are suffering.  And there are no real signs that it's going to get better.  If present course is maintained.

So, comes to us a political TV spot that encapsulates the mood of the nation, circa October, 2012.  In it, not a word is spoken.  One needn't be.  The feeling is expressed.  Profoundly.  Devastatingly.  Heartbreakingly.

"The Dinner Table":

A father who is out of work, who no longer has any sense of self-worth, and knows that he soon will not be able to provide for his family. A shame in his eyes that says, I'm so sorry. And a wife who looks to him with pleading eyes, wanting to know where they might get their next meal. And at her kids - apprehensively, appallingly - wondering what will happen to them.

What's going to happen to us?

7.8% unemployment and Barack Obama is jubilant.

The rest of America?

We're scared to death.

What's happening to our once great - and proud - country?

Paul Krugman: 'Truth About Jobs'

If only this Nobel winner knew what "truth" was.

See his latest dance around the truth here.

The latest jobs report released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has him declaring that "the U.S. employment picture [is] getting better."


"The eye-popping number from Friday’s report was a sudden drop in the unemployment rate to 7.8 percent from 8.1 percent ..."

That's a good thing, right?

Well, to a man who won the Nobel Prize in Economics it is.

But the truth?

The truth that Paul Krugman - oddly - left out?

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics report:

"The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) rose from 8.0 million in August to 8.6 million in September. These individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job."

That's right.  Of the 114,000 (net) jobs that were created last month, 572,000 (to be precise) were part-time.

That's not a typo.

Which means America lost a boatload of full-time jobs in September.

That, Paul, is the truth about jobs.

Another terrible month.  Of many now.

Odd that you left that out ... while you were being so ... truthful.

Good Luck With That

Are they grasping at straws or what?

With Biden Up Next to Debate, Obama’s Aides Plot Comeback

Dr. Doofus is going to turn the Obama campaign around?

This the dude they named a Gaffe-o-Meter after?

They're in worse trouble than we thought.

Liberals Are Idiots

Exhibit A.

An Omen

"Wednesday night's presidential debate in which Mitt Romney shellacked Barack Obama attracted the biggest audience since the debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan seven days before the 1980 election."

October, 1980.  We all know what happened after that.

Jimmy Carter was booted out of office and declared - by the press - to be one of the greatest presidents ever.

Thus, it will come to pass ...

Hillary Is Silent

But for how long?

How long will we accept silence from one of our employees with this to be dealt with?

State Department withdrew 16-member special forces team from Benghazi one month before 9/11/12 terrorist attack

We ask: Why?

In response: Silence.

Yet the paycheck we send her each month gets cashed ...

This Could Be Us

Especially if environmentalists like Tim Kaine gain full control:
California's Green Gas Shortages
Prices are spiking thanks to state mandates that will only get worse.
Wall Street Journal editorial

Californians are grumbling about a gas price spike, which state officials blame on disruptions in the supply chain. Actually, they're paying through the nozzle for their greener-than-thou government.

Gas prices in California have soared by 55 cents in a week to an historic high of $4.65 per gallon, about 84 cents higher than the national average.

This gas crisis is self-inflicted, like so many problems in the state. Because California's fuel regulations are the most stringent in the country, the state is isolated from other energy markets. Few refineries in the world can produce the unique reformulated gasoline blend that the state requires, and almost all are located in California.

A Boston Consulting Group study warns that the limited availability of biofuels that could shimmy under the carbon limbo stick could force five to seven more refineries to close. Midwest corn ethanol wouldn't qualify. If all of California's 2006 global warming law were implemented, the study estimates the cost of gas would increase by up to $2.70 per gallon. By the way, Californians are already paying up to 50% more for their electricity than the rest of the country thanks to their renewable-energy portfolio standard.

The cost of such environmental regulations, which is baked into everything Californians consume, is one more reason that jobs are leaking to other states. In related news, Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson says California is her model for the nation. [link] [emphasis mine]
What a mess. What a costly mess.

And Obama - and his ilk - want that mess to be us.