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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ah, Those Champions Of Free Speech

The Roanoke Times editorial page is foursquare opposed to banning books.

See "Pick up a banned book at the library."

Unless it's the Bible.

See "Take down the Ten Commandments."

But ... but ... but ...

Amusing if nothing else.

For The Love Of God

You think college campuses aren't detached from the real world?

While people are slaughtering one another in Syria, as the global financial problem worsens, as drug lords in Mexico murder innocent civilians by the hundreds, while the Middle East goes up in flames fueled by Islamist hate, as our national debt rockets out of sight, starving children in Mali, floods in Bangladesh, malaria raging in Niger, nuclear armageddon threatened by Iran and North Korea, health care costs, gas prices, rising poverty, declining job prospects, Spain, Portugal, Greece ...

... a handful of old people in Blacksburg - with nothing better to do - and not giving two shits about any of the above - has decided that the most pressing issue facing the planet is the root system emanating from a clump of trees on the Virginia Tech campus that are threatened by cars parking on the grass above ground.

See "Stadium Woods backers arrested during protest."

"Root compaction."  The scourge of the 21st century.

I hereby give up all hope that humanity is capable of saving itself from extinction. 

Coal Miners Bitchslap Obama

Everyone in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia saw the TV ad.  The one where Obama alleged that miners in Ohio were forced to attend a Romney rally without pay.

Turns out?

It's a pack of lies.

From "Miners Ask President Obama To Stop the ‘Absolute Lies’" in the Wheeling Intelligencer:
Coal miners at the American Energy Corp. Century Mine said they want President Barack Obama to stop what they term "the war on coal" - and to stop spreading "mistruths" about them.

Miners gathered Friday afternoon to express their opposition to Obama's energy and environmental policies, which they believe threaten their jobs. Miner Mitch Miracle read aloud a letter the miners mailed to Obama that outlines some of their concerns.

The miners said Obama's campaign team is running ads filled with "blatantly false" statements about the miners regarding their participation in Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's August campaign stop at the Century Mine. These ads assert that the miners were forced to attend the event by the mine's owner, Robert Murray.

"There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, mostly started by a local 'shock jock' radio host," the miners' letter to Obama states. "Why would you (Obama) lie about the 500 working miners who have signed this letter? We, the employees of the Century Mine would request you immediately stop these false ads."

In response to the assertion some have made about the miners being forced to appear with Romney, the miners made several points on Friday:

- No employee was forced to attend the event.

- There were no attendance records taken for hourly employees.

- There were absolutely no penalties or reprimands to those who did not attend.

- Due to security concerns for the Romney campaign, there was a list for transportation purposes.

- They were "honored" to host Romney at the mine.

As for anyone who claims the miners were forced to attend, those on-site Friday said these assertions probably came from "discharged or disgruntled former employees."


In Response To Stephanie Cutter's Charge ...

... that Mitt Romney has "politicized" the Benghazi disaster, Mark Steyn offers this :

"You want 'politicization'? Secretary Clinton linked the YouTube video to the murder of her colleagues even as the four caskets lay alongside her at Andrews Air Force Base – even though she had known for days that it had nothing to do with it. It's weird enough that politicians now give campaign speeches to returning coffins. But to conscript your 'friend's' corpse as a straight man for some third-rate electoral opportunism is surely as shriveled and worthless as 'politicization' gets."

Maybe This Is The Problem

(a) Obama on 'Letterman': What were the funniest bits?

(b) In Radio Interview With Miami DJ, President Obama Weighs in on Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj, Biden Shaving His Head, and ...

(c) White House: Obama and Biden were never aware of requests for more Benghazi security


White House To America:

You need to talk to the Secretary of State about the Benghazi disaster.

Head. Platter.

It's for the greater good.

- - -

Ann Althouse:

They October-surprised themselves.

As The Push For Global Climate Taxes Fades ...

... the push for global internet taxes starts up:

US ambassador: Internet fee proposal gaining momentum

They'll never quit.


The Cheshire Biden

This seems to be the image that is settling in after the bizarre performance turned in by Joe Biden in the debate the other night:

"A grin with a body behind it," as Clint Eastwood put it at the Republican National Convention:

So you know, Biden is adored by the hard-left.

Speaks volumes.

As Jobs Flee California ...

... Californians work to make jobs flee even faster:

"On Jan. 1, it will become the first state in the nation to charge industries across the economy for the greenhouse gases they emit. Under the system, known as “cap and trade,” the state will set an overall ceiling on those emissions and assign allowable emission amounts for individual polluters. A portion of these so-called allowances will be allocated to utilities, manufacturers and others; the remainder will be auctioned off."

The kind of stuff only an idiot or a liberal could believe:

"Over time, the number of allowances issued by the state will be reduced, which should force a reduction in emissions."

While true, that reduction in emissions will only come about as an indirect consequence of there being no business - industrial or commercial - activity there that is capable of generating emissions.  Business will have  packed its bags and moved to Texas.

Goal achieved, right fellas?

The looming economic collapse couldn't come to a more deserving bunch.

How Humiliating It Must Be Sometimes ...

... to be a self-respecting black man or woman in this country.  To have to put up with the shame of being considered - by government - to be less intelligent than everyone else.

From the Sunshine State:

"The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race.

"On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent."

The purpose is to give African-American children the chance to achieve ... something.

In effect?

They're all considered less smart.

In truth?

The only thing achieved is ignominy.

For the love of God.

The Heart Bleeds

Are we now supposed to feel sorry for the schmuck?

New Obama ad: Few presidents have faced so many challenges

One assumes he thought it would be all Nobel Peace Prizes and rainbows.

Didn't he volunteer for the gig?  Didn't he tell us he was up to the challenge?

Does this mean he's changed his mind?